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NEWS: 10 Manga Publishers to Boycott Tokyo Anime Fair (Updated)
Kadokawa Shoten, Shueisha, Kodansha, Shogakukan among them
Win a Trip to Japan with Pop Japan Travel, Aniplex and ANN
This is it! Two chances to win a trip to Japan! Watch Oreimo and togainu no chi ~Bloody Curs~ to find out how.
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Tuesday, December 14th, 2010
Angel Beats Band's Last 2 CD Singles Rank #2, #3 (Updated)
Each sells 35,000; "Chance no Junban" is AKB48's 5th #1 single in 1 year
[ full article |
2 hours, 39 minutes ago - 2010-12-14 01:20 EST
Monday, December 13th, 2010
Daily Video: K-On Voice Minako Kotobuki's Sharp Ad
Oreimo's "irony" opening theme song by ClariS used in Sharp's media tablet promo
[ full article |
4 hours, 3 minutes ago - 2010-12-13 23:57 EST
Chi's Sweet Home Manga's Free Papercrafts Posted
Jigsaw puzzle, mini book, sumo-wrestling cat game from original Japanese release
[ full article |
4 hours, 11 minutes ago - 2010-12-13 23:49 EST
Japanese Rocker Hyde Plays Himself in Bakuman
L'Arc-en-Ciel/Vamps band member also rewrites "Get up" in Japanese for anime
[ full article |
4 hours, 22 minutes ago - 2010-12-13 23:38 EST
Redline Wins Audience Award at LA Animation Fest
Sara Pocock's "7th" also wins; Oblivion wins Jury's First Mention at Expotoons
[ full article |
5 hours, 3 minutes ago - 2010-12-13 22:57 EST
Japanese Box Office, December 4-5
Space Battleship Yamato, Bleach: Jigoku-hen open at #1, #3
[ full article |
6 hours, 29 minutes ago - 2010-12-13 21:30 EST
live action
Daily Briefs
• 1st Live-Action Gantz Film's U.S. Theaters Listed
• U.S. Supreme Court Deadlocks on 1st-Sale Doctrine Case
• AKB48's Atsuko Maeda Stars in Moshidora Film Next June
[ discuss
| permalink |
7 hours, 36 minutes ago - 2010-12-13 20:24 EST
Manga UK Cancels Future FMA: Brotherhood Blu-ray Discs
Cites disappointing sales for parts 1 2; other BD releases are still "solid"
[ full article |
9 hours, 30 minutes ago - 2010-12-13 18:30 EST
Aniplex USA Adds Kara no Kyoukai - the Garden of sinners
English-subbed BD box with bonus chapter to ship on February 8
[ full article |
18 hours, 39 seconds ago - 2010-12-13 10:00 EST
Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Anime, Manga Revealed
Anime to premiere next spring; Kazuki Takahashi creates original story, designs
[ full article |
23 hours, 48 minutes ago - 2010-12-13 04:12 EST
Tokyo's Youth Ordinance Bill Approved by Committee (Updated)
Formal vote by full assembly on Wednesday
[ full article |
1 day, 39 minutes ago - 2010-12-13 03:21 EST
Sunday, December 12th, 2010
Kodansha USA Adds Phoenix Wright, Monster Hunter, Deltora Quest
Also: Mardock Scramble, Animal Land, Bloody Monday, Cage of Eden, former Del Rey titles
[ full article |
1 day, 12 hours ago - 2010-12-12 15:48 EST
Japan's Animation TV Ranking, November 29-December 5
Veterinarian Dolittle, Stitch!, Pocket Monsters, Mainichi Kaasan on top-10 charts
[ full article |
1 day, 15 hours ago - 2010-12-12 12:36 EST
Saturday, December 11th, 2010
Newspaper: Production Begins on New Yamato Show, Film
Shoji Nishizaki appears at service for his father, Yamato producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki
[ full article |
2 days, 13 hours ago - 2010-12-11 14:11 EST
Tokyo's Youth Ordinance Bill Committee Vote on Monday
Full assembly to vote on Wednesday; Nico Nico Douga to host panel today
[ full article |
2 days, 14 hours ago - 2010-12-11 13:34 EST
Biglobe's Top 10 Anime Songs of 2010
Mayoi Neko Overrun! tops list, K-ON!! takes 4 slots
[ full article |
2 days, 22 hours ago - 2010-12-11 05:18 EST
Friday, December 10th, 2010
Akihabara's 'Pedestrians' Paradise' to Return in January
Weekly tradition of removing cars from roads ended after 2008 stabbings; return delayed from May
[ full article |
3 days, 6 hours ago - 2010-12-10 21:49 EST
Daily Briefs
• Crunchyroll Channel Added to Roku Streaming Device
• Evangelion: 2.0's Canadian Run Dated for January 20
• Kinokuniya NYC Hosts Event with Kodansha, Vertical
[ discuss
| permalink |
3 days, 6 hours ago - 2010-12-10 21:42 EST
New York Times Manga Best Seller List, November 29-December 5
Naruto, Tsubasa, new Spice Wolf, Hetalia, Alice in the Country of Hearts, Black Butler, new K-ON!, new Maid Sama!, Maximum Ride, Bakuman.
[ full article |
3 days, 6 hours ago - 2010-12-10 21:25 EST
Higashino's Boys-Love Manga Gets Simultaneous Release
Hyper Loving a Maniac released digitally in English, Japanese in same week
[ full article |
3 days, 10 hours ago - 2010-12-10 17:09 EST
Daily Video: Haruhi Suzumiya PS3/PSP Game Teaser
Sequel to Haruhi film supervised by film's staff; new computer-animated footage added
[ full article |
3 days, 11 hours ago - 2010-12-10 16:58 EST
Ad Parodies Japan on Climate Change with Spirited Away
Citizen's group runs newspaper ad to criticize Japan's stance during climate summit
[ full article |
3 days, 15 hours ago - 2010-12-10 13:00 EST
15-Meter Orange Gundam Lookalike Rises in China
Statue to be decorated with Christmas lights; creator Yoshiyuki Tomino spoke at China
[ full article |
3 days, 15 hours ago - 2010-12-10 12:29 EST
Hana-Saku Iroha, Fractale Anime Promo Videos Streamed (Updated)
Hana-Saku Iroha to debut next spring; Fractale to debut on January 13
[ full article |
3 days, 16 hours ago - 2010-12-10 11:24 EST
Usavich Season 4, Fujilog TV CG Anime Debut in Spring
Usavich on MTV Japan in March; Fujilog on TV Saitama in April
[ full article |
3 days, 17 hours ago - 2010-12-10 10:53 EST
Thursday, December 9th, 2010
Japan's Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking, November 29-December 9
1st Nanoha film sells 7,000; Katanagatari, Shin Koihime†Musō rank in top 20
[ full article |
4 days, 7 hours ago - 2010-12-09 20:12 EST
North American Anime, Manga Releases: December 5-11 (Updated)
Kamisama Kiss, volume of international manga anime essays released
[ full article |
4 days, 9 hours ago - 2010-12-09 18:18 EST
Noragaki, Puella Magi Madoka Magica Promos Streamed
Norageki! prison escape OVA on January 22; Madoka Magica magical girl show on January 6
[ full article |
4 days, 14 hours ago - 2010-12-09 13:09 EST
Freezing BD/DVDs to Include OVAs as Video Extras
"Hajikechau! Dokidoki Trouble Freezing" in all 6 volumes
[ full article |
4 days, 16 hours ago - 2010-12-09 11:57 EST
Aniplex, A-1 Pictures Launch Anohana Project Anime (Update 2)
Website features puzzles with info on anime presents as prizes
[ full article |
4 days, 16 hours ago - 2010-12-09 11:36 EST
More news from December 2010
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Recent Press Releases
Dec 13
MangaGamer Announces Da Capo 2 for Christmas Release
Dec 13
Action-Packed 'GANTZ' Hits Big Screens Nationwide in One-Night World Premiere
Dec 13
Anison Unison to be Hosted by All-Con 2011
Dec 13
Aniplex of America Tends to "the Garden of sinners" with Blu-ray Disc Box Release on February 8th, 2011
Dec 13
Anime Records Offers Free Download Ticket for Christmas
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Recent Reviews
Kaleido Star DVD Season 1Perhaps it's heavy-handed, but few series argue as powerfully for the dogged pursuit of dreams, and fewer still as entertainingly.
Our Home's Fox Deity Sub.DVD 1The wonder of Our Home's Fox Deity is that it somehow makes its dismal premise not just painless, but thoroughly pleasant.
Naruto Shippūden DVD Box Set 4Still too ponderous and serious for its own good, but with enough mega-important developments that it doesn't matter so much anymore.
Rental Magica Sub.DVD Collection 2For all its apparently good qualities, this just isn't a good show. It wasn't when its first half had us counting clichés to stay awake, and it isn't now, even as it nears something like a climax.
Taisho Baseball Girls DVDThis series about middle school girls in 1925 Japan forming their own baseball team does offer some period social commentary, but that is incidental to its focus on being a light, cute, and often humorous fish-out-of-water piece. While hardly meaty, it is a pleasant, palate-cleansing diversion.

Bleach DVD 31Aside from the essential first episode, you can think of this volume as one of those throwaway Bleach movies. Same self-contained plot, same recycled character byplay, same disposable entertainment.
Super Gals DVD Complete CollectionSuper Gals is kind of a relic from a bygone era. It had its moment in the spotlight, and even though it's still enjoyable now, it's lost some of its dazzle over the years.
Spice Wolf GN 3The first story arc concludes and the second one begins, with an interlude chapter focusing on new character Nora in between. Although this adaptation does change up some details and offer a little new material, it is still the least of the three versions of the story.
Strawberry Panic [Omnibus] GNThere's no doubt that the unresolved ending and lack of actual substantial romance will leave some readers cold but there's still something to be said for a collection of cliches written well enough to work as nicely as this does.
Space Battleship Yamato (Live-Action 2010)This is a thoroughly modernized adaptation, one that hits the gas pedal right out of the gate and doesn't stop for a moment, unashamed to just try and entertain the hell out of you. Thankfully, it does exactly that.

more reviews...

Random Fun
Linebarrels of Iron DVD Part 1A student is given control of a powerful robot only to prove as callously cruel as his opponents in this messy, ugly and mercurial mecha offering from Gonzo.

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