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Title:Tulip Painting,Rooster Painting,Flower Paintings,Nursery Wall Art,Animal Art,Whimsical French Country Decor,Flower Painting Black White Grey,Beach Painting,Still Life,Brooke Howie
Description:tulip painting,shroomyz ceramic garden art,nursery wall art,sunflower painting,flowers in a vase painting,beach painting,rooster decor,animal art painting,watercolor painting,fantasy art,charcoal drawing
Keywords:tulip painting,shroomyz ceramic garden art,nursery wall art,sunflower painting,flowers in a vase painting,beach painting,rooster decor,animal art painting,watercolor painting,fantasy art,charcoal drawing
Tulip Painting,Rooster Painting,Flower Paintings,Nursery Wall Art,Animal Art,Whimsical French Country Decor,Flower Painting Black White Grey,Beach Painting,Still Life,Brooke Howie
Tulip Painting,Shroomyz Ceramic Garden Art,Red Flower Painting, Nursery Wall Art, Sunflower Painting, Flowers in a Vase Paintings, Beach Paintings,Rooster Decor Animal Art, Watercolor Paintings,Fantasy Art,Whimsical Art,Charcoal Drawings
We feature paintings by local artists Brooke Howie, Galina Shif, Russ Wagner, and Holly Wojahn, specializing in small-size paintings in vibrant colors. New: Ceramic Art
Order Online 24 Hours A Day,7 Days A Week,365 Days A YearFONT
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Shroomyz, Ceramic Garden Art. Garden Mushrooms
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Whimsical Art - French Waiter Series - Salon De The
Flower Bouquet in Yellow Red by Brooke Howie, 8" x 10"
Shroomyz - Ceramic Garden Art - Large - 16"
Tulip Painting: Black, White Grey Tulips by Russ Wagner
Whimsical Art - Still Life with Books and Apples
Watercolor Fantasy Art: Fall Cat
Tulip Painting, Shroomyz Ceramic Garden Art, Nursery Wall Art,Sunflower Painting, Flowers in a Vase Paintings, Flower Bouquet Painting, Beach Painting, Rooster Paintings, Rooster Decor and Animal Art Paintings, Watercolor Paintings and Fantasy Art, Whimsical Art (French Chef, Bistro Waiter, French Countryside Still Lifes and the Women of France), Charcoal Drawings and Bedroom Art
Our latest Gallery Addition:Watercolor Paintings and Fantasy ArtbyGalina Shifp
Incredibly Colorful, Detailed and Just Plain Awesome!

Thank You For VisitingArt Online By Connyfontcenteristrong
Our specialty is finding small-size art in vibrant colors created by local artists we personally met.We specialize in small paintings (and sometimes big paintings). We feel that no matter how big or small your home is, there is always room for one more beautiful work of art.We like small paintings because no matter how small your home is - it deserves at least one beautiful original painting. Adding just one piece of original artwork such as one of our French Bistro Waiter cafe art and, voila, your home can feel like the French Countryside or the French Riviera.
We currently feature five art themes: Flower Paintings ranging in size from 8" x 8" up to 48", Nursery Wall Art (cute litte artwork in different themes that are sure to attract a baby's eyes)strong, Beach Art Paintings (square, between 4" and 5", ready to hang), Animal Art, Still Lifes, Rooster Paintings, Fantasy Art Watercolor Paintings and a variety of Whimsical Art Work featuring french cafe and bistro art themes.
The vibrant colors of Russ Wagner's Tulip Painting lightens up any room. No need to get real flowers when you have this beautiful Flower Painting which looks like real Flowers in a Vase. We recently received permission from Russ Wagner to feature his latest Tulip Painting: a stunning artwork in black, white and grey.
Another style of painting is Brooke Howie's acrylic original Sunflower Paintinga and her Mixed Flower Bouquet.Brooke Howie's Nursery Wall Art Paintings are simply cute, suitable for a child's room, a summer house or any other place where you want to create a vision of beach, sun and vacation. We list these paintings in our Beach Painting section and in our Nursery Wall Art section.a
When we added Galina Shif's Fantasy Watercolor Paintings, we had no idea how popular they would become.
Each watercolor painting is available as an original and as a affordable print. We love these very detailed and intricate paintings. Each painting depicts a scene from our very own Walnut Creek or San Francisco.
Holly Wojahn is the most recent artist to join our gallery. Ms. Wojahn's expertise is Whimsical Art.
Drawing her inspiration from her life in Paris, the French Riviera, and the French Countryside, Ms. Wojahn has created a beautiful series of bistro and French chef art as well as French countryside still lifes that are just plain cute.
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Questions? Please email us at customerservice [at] artbyconny [dot] com or call us at (925) 698-2270.
We look forward to hearing from you.
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French Bistro - Watch the French Waiter in Action: Whimsical Art - French Waiter Series by Holly Wojahn
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