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Title:It Find Health
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It Find Health
It Find Health
Health: Diet amp; Fitness, Mind amp; Mood, Longevity, Conditions #8230;
Are ATV #8217;s too Dangerous for Kids?
An ATV is not a toy and is a machine that should be respected and taken seriously, or the potential for injury is great.
It is true that many ATV injuries occur every year, especially with children.
When children do not wear protective gear, are not supervised, and do not ride in a safe manner, the potential for injury is great.
However, with the proper precautions the chances for injury are greatly reduced.
ATV #8217;s are not too dangerous for children, providing that you and your child take the necessary safety precautions.
If your child does not have the right attitude towards ATV #8217;s, they do not wear safety gear, and are not supervised while riding, then yes, an ATV is too dangerous for them.
But, if you plan on teaching your child safe driving practices, have them wear safety gear, and supervise them, an ATV can be a safe and enjoyable pastime.
One of the most important things you can do to keep your child safe on an ATV is to teach them safety practices and give them the right attitude about ATV #8217;s.
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July 24th, 2009 | Posted in acid-reflux | No Comments
Tips for Choosing an Organic Food Store to Shop At
If you have just recently decided to switch to organic foods, you may be looking for the best places to shop at.
After all, it is no secret that organic foods can sometimes be difficult and costly to buy.
With that being said, organic food consumption has increased in popularity over the past few years, as more individuals worry about their health.
This means that you may have a number of different options when looking to buy organic foods.
If you do have a number of different options, when looking to buy organic foods, you may be wondering which option is best for you.
For example, if you have two local, natural food stores, you may be wondering which one is actually best for you to shop at.
When choosing an organic food store to shop at, there are a number of important points that you will want to keep in mind.
Price should play an important role in choosing an organic food store.
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July 22nd, 2009 | Posted in acid-reflux | No Comments
Insulin To Treat Diabetes
When someone has Type I diabetes, which used to be referred to as Juvenile Diabetes, insulin is the natural treatment.
In this case, a person does not produce any insulin and insulin must be injected in order for the patient to survive.
Just as there are many different types of oral medications to treat Type II diabetes, there are also many different options when it comes to insulin to treat diabetes.
Years ago, insulin was derived from animals and injected by a needle.
Patients often needed multiple insulin injections throughout the day.
There were problems with the insulin derived from beef and pork and many patients developed a resistance to the insulin after a period of time.
In 1977, modern technology in the treatment of diabetes took a giant leap as human insulin was cloned.
Today, insulin to treat diabetes is human insulin and is much more effective than insulin used in the past.
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July 22nd, 2009 | Posted in acid-reflux | No Comments
The Perks of Travel Nursing
Travel nursing is nursing that allows a nurse to work for a few months in one hospital before moving on to another hospital that is in a different part of the country.
Hospitals and medical facility #8217;s use travel nurses because they feel that they can benefit from the travel nurses expertise, to help get a new facility up and running, and to act as a mentor for a novice staff.
But why would anybody become a travel nurse.
A huge reason nurses pursue travel nursing careers is the money.
Travel nurses make significantly more money per hour then their contemporaries who work in just one hospital.
Travel nurses do not get paid directly by the hospital they are working for.
Typically the travel nursing agency collects and hands out the travel nurses salary.
Travel nurses love traveling.
Through their jobs they can not only visit different parts of the country they can actually live and work in various parts of the country.
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July 21st, 2009 | Posted in low-cholesterol | No Comments
Meal Planning for an Active Diabetic
Physical activity is recommended for any person to stay healthy.
But for a diabetic it now only increases energy levels and can help maintain an ideal body weight it also helps to control blood sugars.
But an active diabetic needs to take extra care and precautions to ensure they are getting enough fuel for their body so their blood sugars do not drop dangerously low known as hypoglycemia.
The amount you exercise is going to determine how much you are going to eat on your diabetic meal plan.
The more physically active you are the higher your nutritional requirements and the higher your risk is for developing hypoglycemia.
The best practice when you are just starting out is to monitor your blood sugars before and after working out and during if you feel it is necessary.
It is important to listen to your body and stop if you are feeling light-headed or are experiencing any of the other signs associated with low blood sugar.
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July 20th, 2009 | Posted in Superfoods | No Comments
Bipolar II Disorder
Bipolar II is related to Bipolar I, but it differs in one major aspect.
While Bipolar I has extreme manic and depressive states, Bipolar II has the deep depression, but never goes into full-blown mania.
The highs of this type of bipolar disorder aren #8217;t quite as high, but they are high enough to make the individual notice the downswings more.
This form of bipolar disorder can be just as trying on the individual as Bipolar I.
The highs of bipolar two are called a hypomanic manic episode.
Hypomania is essentially a very revved up state of great productivity and quickness.
When hypomanic, you talk fast, walk fast, think fast, pretty much do everything else fast.
You become upbeat, enthusiastic, relentlessly optimistic and confident.
Major depressive episode is essentially just a fancy word for depression.
When you have a major depressive episode, you #8217;re severely depressed.
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July 20th, 2009 | Posted in Health | No Comments
Appropriate Eating Habits Before Competitions
As athletes work to prepare for competitions and tournaments, it is very important that nutritional needs be met.
This includes both in eating habits, what is consumed, and when it is eaten.
The old saying that you should not eat before swimming is a very real concern for athletes regardless of which sport they are involved in.
In order to allow the body to fully convert the good foods that you are eating into energy it needs time.
The amount of time it needs varies depending on the exact foods that you are eating but the process is certainly not instant.
In order to achieve the best results it is ideal if you break up your eating habits before competitions and try to limit the amount of food that you are eating right before engaging in sports.
For example, if you are going to be running track at 10a.
you should not eat anything after 9:30a.
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July 19th, 2009 | Posted in Sports | No Comments
Learn how to talk to your kids
Every parent dreads being asked questions by their children that they arent ready to answer.
Learn how to talk to your kids and develop the relationship that you will need when they get older.
There are some basic guidelines that parents can follow to talk better to their children.
Here are a few.
When your child asks a question, find out why they are asking before you go into a long winded explanation.
Sometimes we misunderstand what they are asking.
I had a daughter ask me what a certain word meant.
I went on and tried to tactfully explain this word.
After I finished, she mentioned that she saw the word in the name of a lotion I had, and just wondered what it meant.
I could have come up with a much simpler answer if I would have understood the question.
Allow your kids to have an opinion and express it.
Try not to make them feel like their opinion is less valuable because you know more than they do.
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July 19th, 2009 | Posted in Health | No Comments
Psychoanalyzing in Healing the Hidden Self
Sometimes you have to dig up bones by self-inducing thoughts, actions, reactions and more into your self to analyze these thoughts and actions.
By doing so, you will often discover hidden messages in the subliminal mind that will lead you to discovery of self.
Dont get me wrong, psychoanalyzing is a painstaking process that will take a great deal of your time to complete only a few items you will need to work through the healing process.
However, the longer you stick with it and apply effort, the faster results you will see.
How do I use psychoanalyzing practices for self-healing? We all have the ability to analyze.
Some peoples analyzing skills have expanded further than others have, yet we all have this ability.
If you are undeveloped, the first step to using this strategy is to develop your self-examining abilities.
You will need this ability to study, investigate, scrutinize, and consider what you learn.
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July 19th, 2009 | Posted in feng-shui | No Comments
I Remember My Lasik Procedure
I guess I am one of the #8220;old hands #8221; in any Lasik online forum, in that I had my procedure more than three years ago now.
I have noticed that most of the posting are from people whose Lasik vision correction was recent and did not go according to plan.
I thought I might give my perspective on my Lasik adventure.
First, let me start with my current vision situation, and then work backwards to the point before Lasik where I couldn #8217;t get around without a guide dog (no, just kidding, but it seems like such a different world from where I am now).
Three years after Lasik, I have better than 20/20 vision in one eye, and 20/40 in the other eye.
For those of you not familiar with Lasik, the procedure does not guarantee that everyone will end up with perfect vision.
Most competent Lasik surgeons will take time to explain what realistic expectations for the surgery are, in that vision is noticeably improved but not guaranteed to remove any dependence on glasses or contacts.
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July 19th, 2009 | Posted in acid-reflux | No Comments
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Are ATV #8217;s too Dangerous for Kids?
Tips for Choosing an Organic Food Store to Shop At
Insulin To Treat Diabetes
The Perks of Travel Nursing
Meal Planning for an Active Diabetic
Bipolar II Disorder
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Psychoanalyzing in Healing the Hidden Self
I Remember My Lasik Procedure
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