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Brain's wiring: More network than pyramid?Better displays aheadGondwana supercontinent underwent massive shift during Cambrian explosionScientists discover oldest evidence of stone tool use and meat-eating among human ancestorsResearchers discover protein that shuttles RNA into cell mitochondriaThe salp: Nature's near-perfect little engine just got betterFor the first time ever, scientists watch an atom's electrons moving in real timeHopkins Applied Physics Lab Awarded DARPA Funding to Test Thought-Controlled Prosthetic Limb SystemFor pandas, there is a mountain high enough, there is a valley low enoughNanowick at heart of new system to cool 'power electronics'What plant genes tell us about crop domesticationA warmer future for watersportsGene discovery may lead to new varieties of soybean plantsBaby swimmers have better balanceA lab rat - created in the labMarked for Life: Tattoo Matching Software to Identify SuspectsResearchers harness viruses to split waterScientists discover quantum fingerprints of chaos
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Making sense of space dust: Researchers explore solar system's origins (8/13/2010)The chemical breakdown of minerals that may be lurking in space dust soon will be available to scientists around the world.
... Full ArticleAmbitious survey spots stellar nurseries (8/12/2010)Astronomers scanning the skies as part of ESO's VISTA Magellanic Cloud survey have now obtained a spectacular picture of the Tarantula Nebula in our neighboring galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud. This panoramic near-infrared view captures the nebula itself in great detail as well as the rich surrounding area of sky. The image was obtained at the start of a very ambitious survey of our neighboring galaxies, the Magellanic Clouds, and their environment. ... Full ArticleMimicking the moon's surface in the basement (8/11/2010)A team of scientists used an ion beam in a basement room at Los Alamos National Laboratory to simulate solar winds on the surface of the moon. The table-top simulation helped confirm that the moon is inherently dry. ... Full ArticleTaking the twinkle out of the night sky (8/10/2010)A team of astronomers at the University of Arizona has developed a technique that allows them to switch off star twinkling over a wide field of view, enabling Earth-based telescopes to obtain images as crisp as those taken with the Hubble Space Telescope -- and much more quickly. ... Full ArticleSecond M-Class Flare in 10 days, and nearly ALL NASA data has been censored (8/10/2010)A large storm was unleashed towards the Earth on August 10th. It could arrive in 2-4 days. Worst of all though is that once again, NASA is censoring the data. This time they are more thorough though, and have removed nearly all public data about the sun for the last 10 to 18 hours. ... Full ArticleStereo camera selected for Mars mission (8/9/2010)The UA's High Resolution Stereo Color Imager was selected as one of five instruments for the first joint mission to Mars by NASA and the European Space Agency. HiSCI is designed to uncover interactions between the Red Planet's surface and atmosphere. ... Full Article
Seeing a stellar explosion in 3-D (8/8/2010)Astronomers using ESO's Very Large Telescope have for the first time obtained a 3-D view of the distribution of the innermost material expelled by a recently exploded star. The original blast was not only powerful, according to the new results. It was also more concentrated in one particular direction. This is a strong indication that the supernova must have been very turbulent, supporting the most recent computer models. ... Full ArticlePhysicist gets $2.4 million NSF grant to improve optics to see more of sun (8/8/2010)Philip R. Goode, Ph.D., distinguished professor of physics at NJIT and director of Big Bear Solar Observatory in California, has received a three-year, $2.4 million National Science Foundation grant to improve the optics at BBSO. ... Full ArticleDiscovery of Saturn's auroral heartbeat (8/7/2010)Space researchers illuminate "one of the most perplexing puzzles in planetary science." ... Full ArticleFrom stone age to space age (8/6/2010)The UNESCO World Heritage Committee, at its 34th session in Brasília, Brazil, has, for the first time, endorsed a study in science heritage. The thematic study on the Heritage Sites of Astronomy and Archaeoastronomy, prepared within the framework of the International Year of Astronomy 2009, presents an overall vision of astronomical heritage and attempts to identify some of the most outstanding examples that are of significance to everyone. ... Full Article1 great force leaves its mark across the solar system: large meteorite impacts (8/5/2010)Some fifty years after the emergence of impact cratering studies as a distinct discipline within the geosciences, impact cratering is now recognized as a fundamental process contributing to the formation and evolution of all bodies in the Solar System. In the tradition of previous Geological Society of America Large Meteorite Impacts and Planetary Evolution Special Papers, this updated volume relates new discoveries of possible impact structures and confirmation of others. ... Full ArticleInstruments selected for Mars (8/4/2010)ESA and NASA have selected the scientific instruments for their first joint Mars mission. Scheduled for 2016, it will study the chemical makeup of the martian atmosphere, including methane. Discovered in 2003, methane could point to life on the Red Planet. ... Full ArticleSolar Storm still going strong, waiting for second CME to hit (8/4/2010)The solar storm launched at the Earth on August 1st is hitting us with a strength of Kp5, down from Kp6. ... Full ArticleSecond CME begins impacting Earths Ionosphere (8/4/2010)The current solar storm has kicked it into high gear again, with the Kp index increasing from Kp4 to Kp6. ... Full ArticleBrown dwarf found orbiting a young sun-like star (8/3/2010)Astronomers have imaged a very young brown dwarf, or failed star, in a tight orbit around a young nearby sun-like star. The discovery is expected to shed light on the early stages of solar system formation. ... Full Article
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Making sense of space dust: Researchers explore solar system's originsAmbitious survey spots stellar nurseriesMimicking the moon's surface in the basementTaking the twinkle out of the night skySecond M-Class Flare in 10 days, and nearly ALL NASA data has been censoredStereo camera selected for Mars missionSeeing a stellar explosion in 3-DPhysicist gets $2.4 million NSF grant to improve optics to see more of sunDiscovery of Saturn's auroral heartbeatFrom stone age to space age1 great force leaves its mark across the solar system: large meteorite impactsInstruments selected for MarsSolar Storm still going strong, waiting for second CME to hitSecond CME begins impacting Earths IonosphereBrown dwarf found orbiting a young sun-like star
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