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Title:Free stock pictures & high res photos. Architecture photos & cave photos!
Description:Welcome to free stock pictures gallery! AvePhotos offers wide choice of high res photos. ########################~Author-Photos~###########################
Free stock pictures high res photos. Architecture photos cave photos!
Hello friends. Welcome to our free author pictures portal. On this site you can find many various high resolution photos. There are variegated free animal photography, splendid architecture photos, mysterious cave photos of the Crimea, many free flower images, beautiful free rose photos, greatly landscape pics and wonderful photos of nature. They all absolutely free for downloading. All photos presents in high resolution (1600x1200).
Animal photos
Architecture photos
Cave photos
Flower photos
Landscape photos
Nature photos
Panorama photos
How to make photos online, what is the Stock Photo and Micro Stocks.
Stock photo - is buying/selling high-quality photos in high resolution. On the one hand, photographers, on the other magazines, advertising agencies and just aesthetes who want to hang at home printing beautiful images of good quality. The mediators - the so-called photo stocks  - sites that are the link between the photographers and people interested in their work.
May not need to seek personal photographers and conclude with treaties, photographers do not need to go, whom to sell their photos, everything happens automatically. Photos uploaded to the site, and interested people are buying them there, for which the photographer gets his reward.
Some photographers (most interesting, often unprofessional) manage to make several thousand dollars on Stock photo, although it certainly will have to work and golden mountains just no promises. But it attracts passivity income, the same image can be sold tens to hundreds of times without your participation
What you need to start selling photos online?
It is desirable to have a good camera because photos brought high standards, but especially not in art, a technical sense. Typically, the photo stocks has the minimum requirements for megapixels, which vary from case to case, but it is certainly not less than the 4 megapixel camera. It also requires the absence of noise, the normal focus, the sharpness of the image.
You must register in one or more sites. By the way, with the option of signing up at all main photo stocks has the right to existence and it is desirable because no one is prohibited to sell photos elsewhere, but that does not or will not Buy one, can accept and buy in another. Major photo stocks: Shutterstock, IstockPhoto, Dreamstime and Fotolia.
Some sites need to confirm their identities and take the test. This requires Shutterstock and Istockphoto, is the biggest monsters in this business with the largest number of customers and they have every reason to monitor the quality of the photographs. To confirm the identity they are asked to download ID.
What photos in demand and which are not?
Perhaps, it is to say a few words about what needed photos for photo stocks and their clients, and what is not. First and foremost want pictures on the following subjects: business, people, success, health, sports, photography subject, objects on a white background. And that's what nobody wants: flowers, cats, dogs, view from the porthole of aircraft wood. However, there are always exceptions and if such a timber, which makes exclaim, then it might Buy a few thousand times.
Animal photos
Architecture photos
Cave photos
Flower photos
Landscape photos
Panorama photos
Nature photos
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