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Title:Child Discipline with Love
Description:Love is the best way for child disciplining. Harsh methods are not only ineffective in long run but also harmful for the child behavior. Only love can do it right.
Keywords:child disciplining, child behavior discipline, parent child discipline
Child Discipline with Love
Child Disciplining with Love
Worried about Child disciplining?
Clicking to this site shows that you are concerned about child disciplining. Well, any sensitive parent would be.
#8220Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children;
now I have six children, and no theories. #8221
- John Wilmotb
Almost every other day, we notice something new in our kids' behavior that keeps bothering us.
Most of us keep discussing these issues with friends and relatives.
Some read parenting books, attend parenting classes ... and some even consult Psychologists or Psychiatrists.
I have been a practicing lawyer dealing with family matters and juvenile delinquency matters for last 18 years,
and have closely seen the most defiant and spoilt kids who not only suffer themselves but and also make their parents suffer like hell for them.
On the other hand I have also come across kids who not only survived most adverse conditions but did something outstanding as well.
How and why does that happen?
How are some kids conditioned to survive all adversities while most others fails in most advantageous circumstances?
Well, the answer lies somewhere inside the child's mind only. How is the child's mind programmed determines his future.
Love and Child disciplining
You can read child's mind only when you are attuned to his point of view. And that happens only when you love him.
Love has tremendous power.
I love kids and find myself comfortable with them. Playing and spending time with them amuses me. And kids love me too.
Most of the times, I am able to get the kids do what I want them to do.
It happens because I am passionate about kids and they can sense my love for them.
I believe it is love, and only love, that can work wonders with the children.
If you think emotions have nothing to do with our perception of discipline in children,
read the celebrated article Father Forgets
by W. Livingston Larned.
This article was first published several decades ago.
Since then it has been published several times in well known books and magazines including 'Readers Digest'.
The famous author Dele Carnegie found it worth inserting it in his best seller ‘How to win friends and influence People’.
I would like you to read this article before finding indiscipline in your children and much before reading any further on child disciplining.
Child disciplining: How to do it?
Parenting child is challenging at all stages of child development, right from handling toddler temper tantrums to wondering how to discipline teenagers.
Raising kids becomes more challenging in a stepfamily, single parent family or a divorce affected family.
So, how to discipline a child? Parents keep trying all sorts of old and new ways to discipline a child.
In fact, it doesn’t take a Doctorate Degree on child disciplining to do it.
What it needs is … some common sense with some more patience and lots of unconditional love, that’s it.
And it’s never too soon to begin.
By beginning with toddler discipline, we are better at disciplining kids,
which makes us ready for the most challenging teen discipline.
Here are some parenting tips, how to instructions, and creative discipline techniques
to help a parent develop a creative parenting style which ensures positive discipline at home.
Understanding the correct meaning of
Child discipline.
Learning child behavior management
in an easy way.
Effective communication with children-
Improve parent child communication. Talk to the kids so they will listen
and listen so they will talk.
How to criticize
or argue
with children so they are not hurt.
Child behavior modification by
motivating children to repeat desirable behavior and building self-esteem.
Replacing emotional child abuse, spanking or any other kind of
corporal punishment
with constructive behavior consequences.
Anger management- children who have angry parents are more likely to behave in an aggressive and violent manner.
Learn how to forgive and other simple anger management techniques and teach them to your children as well.
How to best utilize behavior contracts and chore charts with children.
Find out if your child suffers from some behavior disorders, like
attention deficit disorder (ADD)
and many more, and deal with the situation accordingly.
And most importantly, do all above without raising your voice and blood pressure.
Need some more parenting help to discipline child? Explore this site. You’ll find sensitive advice for parents on various relevant issues and many other parenting resources here.
Watch child disciplining videos nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp
child discipline Blog nbsp
Your Child disciplining story
Remember your childhood days when your parents asked you to go to sleep and you used to read funny comics instead?
Do you have an interesting story about children and discipline from your childhood or parenthood? Why not to share it with the whole world?
Upload your child disciplining story, parenting article, picture, poem, quotea
or whatever you think is relevant to the theme of this site.
And don't forget to send a picture if you have one related to your story. We'll review it and publish it on our website so that the whole world can read and watch it.
Have fun while disciplining children.
child discipline with
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