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Title:Best Credit Card Offers | 0% APR Applications
Description:Credit Card Depot features instant credit card offers and 0% APR credit cards. Compare 0% credit card applications and apply for a credit card online.
Keywords:credit card, credit card offers, 0 apr, 0 apr credit cards, best credit card, credit card applications, instant credit card
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Credit Card Depot Inc Blog
Welcome to Credit Card Depot!
For the past 5 years, Credit Card Depot Inc has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers find new credit cards. We list vital information on current 0% APR credit cards from MasterCard reg; and Visa reg; as well as credit card offers from Discover reg; and American Express reg;. At our site, you can find money saving 0% APR balance transfer deals or rewards credit cards that can help you earn cashback when you use your credit card. When you find the right credit card offer, simply fill out the secure online credit card application hosted on the respective card issuer's website. Should you have any questions or comments about selecting a new credit card, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for choosing Credit Card Depot and have a great day!
Warm Regards
Jeffrey Weber
Credit Card Depot, Inc.
Best 0% APR Credit Card Offers
Citi reg; Platinum Select reg; MasterCard reg;
Highlight: Our pick for the best credit card offer provides a 0% interest rate on both purchases and balance transfers for 6 Months as well as a low long term interest rate starting As Low As 11.99%(V).
As Low As 11.99%(V)
6 Months
American DreamCard MasterCard
Highlight: Excellent choice for consumers with fair or average credit. Offers a lottery style rewards program. This card may come with no annual fee or a fee of $39 or $59, based on a review of your credit.
As Low As 14.99%
$0*, $39, $59
Discover reg; More (SM) Card
Highlight: This low APR credit card offer provides consumers with excellent credit a 0% interest rate on purchases and balance transfers for 6 months*.
6 Months*
Understanding Credit Card Applications
Credit card companies have been generating a lot of headlines lately, and not the type they'd like. While increased regulation over how credit card offers are marketed to consumers will make the process of choosing a credit card simpler in the future, for the time being, understanding credit card applications still requires due diligence. Here, we will look at the key elements you should examine before applying for a credit card online.
Without question, the most important element of a credit card offer is the long term interest rate. This is the APR our balances are charged once 0% honeymoons end. Unfortunately, most credit cards offer multiple interest rates for the same cards. These tiered or range bound APRs can be a bit confusing, especially since the lowest APR is generally the advertised APR. Essentially, credit cards that offer tiered rates will offer three interest rates. The lowest APR will be for consumers with the best credit and the highest APR will be for those who just meet approval criteria.
With tiered interest rates, a consumer who does not qualify for the lowest interest rate will be given the second rate offered. Oftentimes, this can be 4% higher than the lowest advertised rate. Unfortunately, the difference between getting the lowest rate and the second rate could theoretically come down to 1 point on your credit score.
The better alternative to tiered pricing is range pricing. Credit card offers with range pricing, such as those from Discover, charge consumers interest rates between, for example, 11.99% and 18.99%. If an applicant doesn't qualify for a 11.99% APR, they may be offered an 11.24% APR. For most consumers seeking a low long term interest rate, these are the best credit cards offers.
0% APR credit cards often have pricing tiers as well. Applicants with the best credit will be given 0% interest rates for 1 year, while those who barely qualify will be given 0% rates for as little as three or six months. Because you will not know your long term interest rate or the length of your 0% APR when you apply, it is particularly important to wait until your credit card arrives in the mail before initiating balance transfers. I can only imagine how many consumers transferred balances online expecting a 0% APR for 1 year, only to find out they've been given a 0% APR for three or six months. The thought is sickening. (Credit Card Application Tip: Discover offers the full advertised 0% interest rate period to all approved applicants.)
While long term interest rates and the lengths of 0% APR deals are the most important factors to consider when you apply for a credit card online, other factors such as rewards, annual fees, late fees, cash advance fees, and over-the-limit fees should also be taken into consideration. Generally, credit card rewards should be considered a perk and nothing more. Unless you pay your balance in full every month, stick to cash back rewards programs that charge no annual fees. As to the rest of the fees, please avoid them at all costs. Credit card companies love fees and use events such as late payments or exceeded credit limits to raise interest rates into the high 20 percents. Simply use your credit card wisely and you won't have to worry about them.
Lastly, when trying to find the best credit card, remember that the best credit card for some people may not be the best credit card for you. Select a credit card that fits your credit card usage style and credit profile. If you carry balances from month to month, seek out a low apr credit card that offers a 0% APR. If you pay your bill in full every month, look for a card with a lucrative rewards program. Ultimately, the best credit card is the one that costs you the least money to use. Hopefully, you can find such a card here.
Credit Card Depot Features Applications for 0% APR Credit Cards from:
Discover reg; 0% APR Credit Card Offers: Discover reg; credit card offers provide consumers with low interest rates, cash back rewards, and long term 0% interest rates on purchases and balance transfers.
American Express reg; Credit Card Offers: American Express reg; credit cards offer consumers some of the most comprehensive credit card rewards programs available. From their top notch Membership Rewards program to hotel, retail and airline rewards credit cards, this company provides high spending consumers with opportunities to cash in on their purchases.
CitiBank reg; Credit Card Applications: CitiBank reg; credit card offers are probably the most straightforward offers on the market. Citi credit cards offer 0% interest rates on purchases and balance transfers for 6 Months and low long term interest rates.
Recent Credit Card Articles
Credit Card Depot Turns 5!
From the CEO: Credit Card Depot turned 5 in January and we'd like to thank all of our past visitors for helping us provide them with insights and tools to help them save money. While we're not exactly sure how much we've helped people save with 0% credit cards and other special 0% interest deals, if the average visitor to Credit Card Depot transferred only $1000 to a 0% credit card, we estimate that we've helped our visitors save over $7,000,000 in interest since we first came online. I'm very proud to have helped put so much money in the pockets of our visitors, and I look forward to continuing to help people save money. Thanks for stopping by and, as always, have a great day!
Finding the Best Credit Card Offer
If you're not using a 0% APR credit card, you're probably paying a much higher interest rate than you were a few years ago. And, if the credit card market continues on its current path, you may not be able to access 0% interest rates much longer. Learn more about 0 APR credit card offers and find out how to select the best credit card for your lifestyle.
0% APR Credit Cards: Get One While You Card
Most of us have thrown out a few hundred 0% APR credit card applications during the past few years. For a while, it was nearly impossible to open up the mailbox without receiving at least one credit card solicitation. Recently, those once annoying offers have all but disappeared. And, while there is still an abundance of 0% credit cards on the internet, these offers may soon disappear as well.
0% APR Credit Card Offers: When a 0% APR for 1 Year is a 0% APR for 3 Months
It isn't hard to find a 0% APR credit card offer that advertises a 0% interest rate for 1 year. However, many credit card companies are now slipping a little trick in the fine print by advertising a 0% APR for "up to" 1 year, but granting applicants with average and even good credit a 0% rate that only lasts for 3 or 6 months. Learn more about how to get a 0% APR for a full year.
Credit Card Depot's Balance Transfer Website
Due to strong visitor interest in balance transfer credit cards, Credit Card Depot Inc has launched a companion website, At Smart Balance Transfers, consumers can compare current balance transfer offers from all the leading banks before applying online. Additionally, Smart Balance Transfers features in depth articles as well as a balance transfer calculator designed to help consumers make the best balance transfer decision. To learn more about balance transfer credit cards, visit Smart Balance Transfers.
Gas Cash Back Credit Cardsa
Gas credit cards issued by Exxon Mobile, Sunoco, Conoco Phillips, Chevron Texaco or Shell may save you a few extra cents at the pump, but gas station credit cards aren't usually a great deal for most consumers. Learn more about gas credit cards.
Cash Advance Credit Cards: You Should Know About These Costs
Thinking about taking a cash advance from your credit card? Be careful. Interest rates on cash advances can be nearly double standard rates. If that's not enough to make you think twice, cash advance fees are steadily rising, with some companies now charging 4%. And when you pay your credit card balances, the money you send in goes to the balance with the lowest interest rate, not cash advance interest rate. Learn more about cash advance credit cards.
Instant Approval Credit Cards
Much has changed with regards to instant approval credit cards since they first appeared online a decade ago. Back then, getting instantly approved for a new credit card meant you would get your card number and have the ability to start spending immediately. Today, even credit cards that advertise themselves as instant won't be available for use for at least a week. Find out why instant credit cards aren't what they used to be.
copy; 2004-2009, Credit Card Depot Inc.
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