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Cromosoft Technologies Technologies EIRL

Cromosoft Technologies

Arica 103

Arequipa, Arequipa None




Created on 10-11-2003

Expires on 10-11-2011

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Cromosoft N/A

Phone: 9538806

E-mail: keylogger

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Namesecure Inc.

Phone: 570-708-8418


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Title:Cromosoft Technologies - Software & Services
Description:Cromosoft Technologies - Software & Services;WinSession Logger, Facil HelpDEsk, PErsonalized Email sender
Keywords:Cromosoft Technologies - Software & Services,WinSesion Logger
Cromosoft Technologies - Software amp; Services
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Cromosoft Technologies - Software amp; Services
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There are no translations available.WinSession Logger 4.8This is Advanced Keylogger surveillance, Keystrokes Recorder, it registers every activity on your PC to encrypted logs. The Keylogger allows you to secretly track all activities from all computer users and automatically receive logs to a desire e-mail/FTP/HTTP. Creates a invisible installer using other exe in seconds. WinSession Logger is an economic solution for monitoring Windows computers, it’s reports are delivered by email, FTP, web or Lan.REPORTS viewer The same graphic interface used to update configuration allows you to watch logs exploring a folder with logs, displays images in an automated slide show, exported to JPG,BMP, search text, etc. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSMicrosoft Windows XP/2000/Vista, ANSI not UNICODE charset.An Administrator account, to install and change configuration.Internet Explorer 8 (registered version works with versions 6 and 7) , Netscape( higher to version 6) , Firefox 3, Mozilla, or OperaSMTP account including SMTP TLS or other data for sending logs by FTP, Web, LANDownload Now | Register Now | Brochure Keystroke logging is the practice of logging the keys struck on a computer keyboard, typically in a covert manner. Keystroke logging can be done by using a special software (keylogger software). Using a keylogger you will get answers. Records images and text by using an advanced keylogger. You will know what others are doing at their computers, is ideal for use at home or at your office. Special FeaturesCaptures all keystrokes pressedCaptures All Web sites visited (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape and Opera.Captures all clicks of mouse inside a window opened in a selective way.Captures every text/image clipboard itemCaptures Screen Shots with zoom, and more!Logs delivery by via email, FTP, WWW and LAN.Logs of several computers (office) will include identification. Invisible installer using the packager.ADVANTAGES FOR YOUThe Lowest cost for a software keylogger with these features.Free updates, request it at HelpDesk “I have been looking for the right Help Desk software for a while now and was lucky enough to come across yours. You should be charging ten times what you charge for this product ( not that I am complaining ) because it has everything I would ever think I would need in a support type solution. The software is easy to use, bug-free, and the emails make it into my inbox without going to Spam for Outlook and Gmail! Please let me know when you create new software, I want it!Best Regards Edward Jamison CEO,Jamison Law Group FeaturesQuick User Signup and optional email validation before of activating account.Unlimited departments and urgency levels.Tickets are sent of 3 ways: web interface, web form,and email also file attachment.Integrated HTML editor to create clear and intuitives answers.Tickets tracking by using it's number and a special code (only for tickets created by form or email )Reports: How many tickets were attended today, this moneth, departments with more tickets, response time, etc.Tracking of actions on a ticket.Email notifications with responses and SMS Templates for notifications.Translation to your languaje by changing text files.Tickets search.History of staff members and their actions.Base of articles with comments.Canned replies for tickets.Internal responses for tickets (invisible for end users)Tickets assignations.Online Demo | Buy SecuritySome installations of Facil HelpDesk could have vulnerabilities XSS,LFI, enable ModSecurity, disable comments at the articles base and update to Facil HelpDesk 2.6 ¿What is Facil HelpDesk? Facil HelpDesk is an customer support management system or help desk software for web sites, based in tickets, enabling users to track and manage their support requests faster, include articles with comments, email validation for registration, departments, basic reports, etc. This web help desk based in PHP is used worldwide: Colombia, India, EEUU, Brasil, etc.100% FlexibleAfter your purchase, you get it's PHP source code, PHP is one of the 5 more popular programming languages used in the world, it’s maintenance is simplified and you can adapt: colours, templates, reports, etc. Manipulating a few of tables you will get your personalized reports by SQL or data mining, without using complex relationships. Requirements.Web server at your LAN o Internet, PHP 5, library GD2, Mysql 5. Running at Linux, Unix or Windows.Email accounts for sending notifications (SMTP),by port 25 o with TLS (port 465, or personalized), POP3 accounts (used for function email to ticket).7MB of storage at your web server.Cron Jobs of Linux or equivalent(used for function email to ticket). .Internet browser with Javascript como Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3, etc.Updates Free updates during 6 months and basic support by email. After this time you can receive updates at a very special price.We care about our customers. When you buy our software, you get support. We offer help with our software through e-mail, web, online and by MSN.
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