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Feit, Harold dwknight


81 MacKay St

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Feit, Harold dwknight


81 MacKay St

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia B2H3H5



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Title:Depthstrike Entertainment
Depthstrike Entertainment
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Depthstrike Entertainment.
Primary host for and a BT tracker for several open-source and freeware applications.
Contact Us if you need a BT tracker for a release. Please note that we do not restrict ourselves to software releases. If you have questions about wether or not your release would be permitted on our trackers, contact us first rather than assume that we would not track it.
News (Taken from our forums):
Problems That Have Come Up.View/Add Comments
Posted on January 20 2010 01:37:39 GMT -0400 by DreadWingKnight
Due to problems that have come up with the operation of the central system, there may be sporadic downtime this week.One of the hard drives is misbehaving and needs to be put in its place properly. Additionally, I intend to attempt to add another hard drive to it so that more storage is available.
New Torrentbuild Version Live.View/Add Comments
Posted on September 19 2009 18:43:01 GMT -0400 by DreadWingKnight
After a few years of inactivity, I've finally hit up working on TorrentBuild again.Two big things this version:Fixed torrent generation with tiger enabled on files between 2GB and 4GBAdded support for nested foldersWEEEEEEEEEE And remember to only use the current version.
Annoying Financial State.View/Add Comments
Posted on August 28 2009 17:03:35 GMT -0400 by DreadWingKnight
Looking at my balance sheets and all that, I'm in a VERY bad state.Donations are coming in at a trickle.Advertising is paying out about half as often as it did.My job isn't paying everything I need it to.So yeah, I'm basically going to be flat broke VERY soon.Donations are accepted at to help me get everything paid for, but I'm not sure it's going to be enough unless I can get like a thousand dollars in short order.Bleh.
Semi-planned Outage - Week Of Feb 17, 2009View/Add Comments
Posted on February 17 2009 14:58:24 GMT -0400 by DreadWingKnight
There is a semi-planned outage for the primary server while we install kernel updates and additional hard drives.The estimated downtime for this process is less than 2 hours, but complications may arise.
Tracker Outage - October 11-12 2008View/Add Comments
Posted on October 11 2008 22:50:13 GMT -0400 by DreadWingKnight
Because someone thought it funny to mass-repost a group's entire release history, the central system was placed under significantly more strain than it was capable of handling.Because of this, I decided to null the server's services for several hours to let the heat die off.Steps have been taken to deal with this in the future.
Updates To The Central System.View/Add Comments
Posted on July 15 2008 11:04:56 GMT -0400 by DreadWingKnight
Ok, the changes that have happened recently to the central system:MySQL server has been moved due to hardware failure on the MySQL serverMail Server moved for the same reasonMain webserver set to limit users to 3 connections per IP. Too many people DoSing the system with needless floods of requests.Main server has lost one of the secondary hard drives. Data will be recovered later.
System Maintainence - Week Of March 1, 2008View/Add Comments
Posted on March 01 2008 15:39:14 GMT -0400 by DreadWingKnight
I'm finally getting around to the second stage of the system maintainence I started in December with the reorganization of hard drives. The final hard drive move will happen sometime this weekend, and should only have a few minutes worth of downtime.
System Maintainence - Week Of December 26, 2007View/Add Comments
Posted on December 26 2007 09:55:36 GMT -0400 by DreadWingKnight
There will be several downtimes during the week of December 26, 2007 while modifications are made to the central system's hardware.Sorry for any problems this causes.
It Seems The E-mail Spammers Are Just Not That Bright.View/Add Comments
Posted on August 10 2007 11:48:20 GMT -0400 by DreadWingKnight
I know that some of you might be getting the latest run of greeting card spam.Those of you spammers who are trying to get me with it are simply wasting your time and bandwidth on a dead end. I'm smarter than that.
Computer Failure.View/Add Comments
Posted on July 06 2007 20:51:33 GMT -0400 by DreadWingKnight
As of about 8:30PM Atlantic time today, the main system I use for my development and other production, as well as my personal work has stopped functioning.I'm not sure how long it'll take to get it working, but with a replacement pricetag of over $4000, I can't even pretend that I can afford the repair bill.Donations can be made at the usual spot
DreadWingKnight's Personal Blog (Opens in a new window)
All donators who donate over 5 USD will be added to the main page (and will have their real/nickname displayed upon request, otherwise the donation will be displayed anonymously)
Recent Donators
DonationDateDonator NameDonationAmount
April 10, 2008Anonymous (with a cute note)$20.00 US
January 25, 2008Anonymous$10.00 US
September 18, 2007Anonymous$20.00 US
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June 18, 2007Anonymous$10.00 US
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June 3, 2006Anonymous$10.00 US
May 11, 2006External Revenue Sources$19.59 US
April 7, 2006Anonymous$10.00 US
March 30, 2006Anonymous$5.00 US
Current Donation Progress
Subscriptions get applied to regular maintainence first, then to individual components.
One-time donations get applied to individual components first, then to regular maintainence.
100 USDRegular maintainence (August 2008).
96 USD Remaining
85 USDDomain renewal, 2008.
78 USD Remaining
100 USDRegular maintainence (July 2008).
100 USD Remaining
100 USDRegular maintainence (June 2008).
100 USD Remaining
100 USDReplacement router for central cluster.
0 USD Remaining
200 USDNew Battery Backup for Primary Server
0 USD Remaining
Utilities and applications currently being developed by Depthstrike Entertainment:
Torrent Private Flag Adder
TorrentBuild - Torrent Maker
Webseed Adder/Editor
CBTT - Official tracker software of Depthstrike Entertainment.
Hosted Projects:
ABC - Another BitTorrent Client Open Source BitTorrent Client - Hosting Torrents
BNBT - C++ BitTorrent Tracker Open Source BitTorrent tracker - Hosting website and forums
µTorrent Freeware micro-sized BitTorrent client - Hosting Torrents
Depthstrike Entertainment/ Opensource/Freeware Download Mirror Site
Tor Full site mirror and torrents
Primary System: Athlon XP 2000+ with 512MB of RAM and a 40GB HDD.
Slackware 10.2 with Athlon optimized kernel
GCC 3.4.5 - Athlon optimized
Apache 2.0.55
PHP 5.1.5
Current CBTT
Hosting Core-Tracker of the EAD Tracker network
Hosted on Bellnexxia Bandwidth
Tracker Systems:
Secondary system: Virtual Dedicated. CBTT based software. Cogent bandwidth
Contact Depthstrike Entertainment/Enlist-a-Distro
Enlist-a-Distro primary IRC channel
Enlist-a-Distro secondary IRC channel
Enlist-a-Distro Staff E-mail
Depthstrike Entertainment/ Wiki
Depthstrike Entertainment/ Forums
Depthstrike Entertainment Jabber Server

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