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Title:Doctor P. Body's Learning/Fun Center of medical information for kids with safety and health topics: nutrition, hygiene, drugs/alcohol and fun pages of activities
Description:Doctor P. Body's LearningFun Center for children's health education is where popular health topics are made simple. Making medical information fun and easy to understand for kids. Health education support materials on various health topics including asthma, diabetes, eye conditions like pink eye and why you need glasses, scoliosis and shotsimmunizations as well as regular check-ups at the doctor's office.
Keywords:pediatrics, children's health education, medical information, pamphlets, resources, P. Body, body, nutrition, safety, hygiene, kids health, health information for kids, drugs, alcohol, activities, booklets, Meditrends, first aid, health topics in simple terms, simple guides, community health outreach, support materials, wellness initiative, patient education, educational resources, fun pages, coloring pages, first aide, crime prevention, child safety, strangers, stranger danger, burns, cuts, bleeding, broken bones, fire, fire safety, fire safety tips, stop drop and roll, poison prevention, poisonous plants, chemicals, insects and animals, stings and bites, traffic safety, safety tips, seat belts, walking, hygiene, cleanliness, personal hygiene, clean living habits, drug abuse, substance abuse, addiction, drugs and alcohol, nutrition, basic food groups, healthy eating habits, sweets, bread rice and cereal, meat poultry and fish, milk yogurt and cheese, vegetables, fruits, school nurse supply
Doctor P. Body's Learning/Fun Center of medical information for kids with safety and health topics: nutrition, hygiene, drugs/alcohol and fun pages of activities
Welcome to Dr.
P. Body's Learning/Fun Center!!
Dr. P. Body and
his friends will help you find out all kinds of interesting things about health
and safety.
We are happy to
supply health information for kids in simple terms.
Explore and enjoy!
Choose from the links located to
the left.
Professionals amp; Educators:
Please view the Health Education
section for the Doctor P. Body series of children's health education materials
that are currently available for purchase. All samples are available in PDF
format. You'll find popular titles with basic medical information explained
in simple terms for children such as All About Asthma, What it Means to
Have Diabetes, Why You Need Glasses, Why Shots Aren't so Bad (childhood
immunization guide), What is Pink Eye?, What is Scoliosis? and A
Visit to the Doctor's Office. It is our mission to provide quality support
materials for wellness initiatives as well as community health outreach programs
at reasonable prices while donating a percentage of profits to national organizations
related to the various conditions that we cover. Pediatrician's offices and
school nurses may also find that these booklets are a great patient education
resource for easy-to-understand medical information.
MediTrends is Now offering licenses to reproduce Doctor P. Body
pamphlets on your own*, with FREE business logo/name imprint included!
Make copies when you need them!
3 volume pricing options to suit your needs.
Fees for each booklet are as follows:
1 to 999 copies - $150
1,000 to 2,499 copies - $250
2,500 copies or more - $400
FAX your purchase order
to 1-716-438-9878.
Or fill-in our digital
form on-line.
Licenses may be held by businesses or facilities only and an agent
of the business or facility must sign one copy for MediTrends to keep
on file. This option is not for private or personal users.
*The license is for reproduction rights in one location only and needs
to be renewed on a yearly basis.
We are very happy
you have chosen to visit our site!
Health information for kids is what we are all about! Doctor
P. Body's Learning/Fun Center is where popular children's health education
topics are made simple. Making medical information fun and easy is our goal.
Our site is broken down into the following categories:
Safety - Child safety topics that are covered
Fire safety - giving
fire safety tips including how to stop, drop and roll!
Traffic safety - gives
safety tips on walking in and around your neighborhood (pedestrian safety),
school bus rules when riding and when waiting for the bus, and tips
for kids on how to ride safely in a car.
Sports safety - safety tips
for kids about bike riding, playground rules, safety gear/protective
First aid - covers basic first
aid information for accidents and injuries including wounds, burns,
cuts, bleeding, and broken bones. This page also explains common dangers
such as guns/firearms (gun safety) and rules to follow for swimming
(water safety)
Poisons - gives poison
prevention tips and explains the different ways that poisons can get
into your body. Examples of the different forms that poisons can come
in like chemicals, plants, insects and animals (stings and bites) are
shown and explained.
Strangers - explains ways to
prevent being hurt by strangers or by someone you know (crime prevention).
Basic rules for child safety and stranger danger are covered.
Nutrition - The basic
food groups (bread, cereal, rice and pasta; fruits; vegetables; milk,
yogurt and cheese; meat, fish and poultry; oils, fats and sweets) are
shown as levels in the Food Pyramid and are used to explain healthy eating
Drugs and Alcohol - Facts about drugs and alcohol
are explained in simple terms to help you understand what it means when
you hear terms like addiction (drug addiction and alcohol addiction) and
drug or alcohol abuse (substance abuse). Examples of the things that can
happen to your body and mind are covered to stress why you should just
say no!
Hygiene - tells what quot;hygiene quot;
means and explains the importance of having clean living habits such as
getting plenty of rest, exercising, washing your hands, eating the right
foods, taking a bath and brushing your teeth (personal hygiene and dental
hygiene). You'll learn how cleanliness keeps you special and healthy!
Activities - full of fun pages and coloring
pages for kids to print and color with awards and other activities. Activity
pages are used to review the health and safety information found within
our web site.
Health Education - as described
above, this section contains resources for patient education materials.
Our current medical information list includes topics on asthma, diabetes,
pink eye, why you need glasses, scoliosis, shots/immunizations and regular
check-ups at the doctor's office. All items in this section are available
for purchase and samples are available for viewing in pdf format, so visit
the Health Education page today! This section will be helpful to pediatric
health professionals, educators and school nurses.
A Comment from MediTrends
is dedicated to providing a lasting impression on children to help them have
fun learning about health and safety by providing medical information in simple
terms. This site is for information purposes only and AT NO TIME
should any information contained within our pages be used as a substitue for
actual medical advice or treatment by a trained professional.
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This site is a member of WebRing.
To browse visit
us with questions or comments about this web site.
Copyright © 2000 MediTrends
This site is best experienced with Internet Explorer
5 or higher and Netscape Navigator 6 or higher




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