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Title: FemDom Spanking Video Store Home Page
Description:FemDom Spanking
Keywords:Spanking, femdom, femdom spanking, female domination
FemDom Spanking Video Store Home Page
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May 28!Brand New Video FemDom F/f Producer AddedSpanking Bare Butts!!!
Spanking Bare Butts LezDom F/f Spanking!
May 14Three New Videos From Miss ZoePlus Three New From Red BadgerClick The Pics To Go Directly There
Zoe Annoyed!Double Tea Slurp
Zoe-More Annoyed!How Very Dare You!
Spy vs SpyCounter Espionage
Amy Teaches NatashaMarriage Guidance
Strict As Ever Miss AmyBudget Spanking-Finale
Miss Morigan HelSick Note
Feb 21Four New Fm Spanking Videos Added!
Miss AmritaThe Camera's eye
Miss AmritaGambler's Remedy!
Miss Zoe AmyRude Neighbor
Miss ZoeSpanking Sisters Hubby
Jan 21Six New Fm Spanking Videos Added!
Miss JodieSpanked or Fired
Miss JoanneSent To Bed!
Miss KazOwned By Princess Kaz
Miss ZoeHow Very Dare You!
Miss ZoeShe Is Your Boss
Miss ZoeNaughty Uncle-Haughty Niece Now HQ
Nov 15Three New Fm Spanking Videos Added!
Miss ZoeStupid Student
Zoe's Real Life Sister-NatashaYou Do It When I Say!
Miss JoanneStrict Lady In Charge
Strict Zoe-Sent To His Room
Miss Amy Spanks Her Dad!
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New Mistress! Miss Willow
Welcome to FemDom Spanking Video StoreTotally New Design. Great NavigationRelated FemDom Products-ReviewsEZ To Navigate or Find AnythingIntroducing High Quality Discipline VideosDo you belong in this picture?Your Spanking is Just A Few Clicks Away
For those males (and females) who know their place in this world is at the superior feet of a strict woman or, where they have been naughty, over her knees, we bring you the FemDom Spanking Store.
At this site you will find an ever expanding range of the sexiest Domestic FemDom spanking movies available anywhere from true dominant women, fully comfortable with their absolute authority over any naughty boy or girl in their charge. The spankings are hard and fast and the attitude is firm as a steel girder! Irritate the women who spank in this site and you will be holding your butt in a sling for a long time to come!
Search here for video producers such as Red Badger,Miss Chloes Slipper, Dana Specht, Sterntime,Strict Women,Clare Fonda and more! New providers welcome, and we have one coming soon in fact.
Introducing HQ
As time evolves you will see this HQ symbol on more and more of our femdom spanking videos. These are High Quality, Full Screen and can be viewed at 1x or 2x zoom with sparkling clarity. They are NOT High Def, but are excellent quality. We have upgraded all our equipment so that we can bring better femdom videos to you.
All new additions from Red Badger will be HQ, and we are also going back and redoing many of them. . Also new female domination and particularly femdom spanking videos from Strict Mistress Zoe and Strict Women will be HQ. Anybody who has bought a video in the past, as well as henceforth, and finds it has been upgraded to HQ, can contact us and we will give you a free copy of the same spanking new video in HQ.
You can find the videos that are in this format the fastest by searching in the search window above for HQ Video Right now as of the store's redesign, there are few, but as the days and weeks pass, you will find more HQ FemDom Spanking Videos added regularly.
So do not worry now, if you see a video you like, buy it, it may get upgraded in the future and you can get a free copy if so. Our FemDom spanking videos of the past are still and always have been very good quality, because they were rendered in half size, which allowed for higher bandwidth-768KB/sec. Now the new format can do better, with full size and we have increased HQ bandwidth to 1MB/sec.
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