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Admin Name........... Greg Shields

Admin Address........ 12100 Brisben Place

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Admin Address........ Cincinnati

Admin Address........ 45249

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Admin Address........ UNITED STATES

Admin Email.......... gregshields_2000

Admin Phone.......... 513-469-1083

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Title:GPS Vehicle Tracking, Spy Gear, Wireless Spy Camera DVR
Description:GPS vehicle tracking, Spy Equipment: The best in video surveillance equipment and gear, hidden cameras, security cameras, GPS vehicle and car tracking equipment.
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GPS Vehicle Tracking, Spy Gear, Wireless Spy Camera DVR
Spy equipment, video surveillance equipment. GPS vehicle tracking.
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Video Surveillance Equipment, Spy Equipment, GPS Vehicle Tracking, Phone Recorders, Keystroke Loggers, And More.
Welcome to Aaron Gregory GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems amp; Spy Gear. We offer a wide selection of GPS vehicle tracking systems, affordable phone conversation recording equipment, keystroke loggers, Diasonic digital voice recorders, hidden wireless spy camera DVR's, dash cam in-car cameras, and covert GPS fleet vehicle tracking systems for businesses and more. If you have any questions regarding our spy equipment products, please feel free to call us toll free at any time. Whether you are trying to catch a cheating spouse, monitor a dishonest employee, keep an eye on the nanny or track a vehicle or fleet of vehicles for your business, we probably have what you are looking for.
GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems (Live Real-Time amp; Historical)
ProTrak Ranger LIVE GPS Vehicle Tracking System. Monitor a vehicle every 30 seconds from your computer. See Real-time and historical data...
ProFleet X5 Real-Time GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking System. Ideal for businesses tracking multiple vehicles. Live GPS fleet vehicle tracking system demo...
ProScout Historical Logger GPS Vehicle Tracking System. Catch a cheating spouse, monitor a teen driver, follow an employee. Never any monthly fees or activation charges for passive vehicle tracking devices...
Super TrackStick GPS Historical Vehicle Tracking System. See where your teen, spouse or employee has been. No software. Watch the videos...
Watch GPS Vehicle Tracking System Spy Gear Videos Here
Digital Voice Recorders - Digital Phone Recorder Spy Gear
Digital Voice Recorders by Diasonic. Use to record phone conversations or carry in a shirt pocket. Up to 500 hours of high quality digital voice recording...
Dempa USB Digital Audio Recorder is voice activated, records in crystal clear stereo and includes a universal cell phone recording adaptor. Plugs directly into USB port for easy...
Men's Wristwatch Digital Voice Recorder with software and USB cable allows the user to covertly save digital audio recordings as MP3 files on your PC. Nine hours of high quality digital voice recording...
Ladies Wristwatch Digital Voice Recorder with software and USB allows you to save your digital audio recordings as MP3 files on your PC. Nine hours of high quality...
SpoofCard - Fake your caller ID, Change your voice, Record your calls
Faking Your Caller ID Is Simple
Do you want to change the caller ID that appears on the person's phone that you called? The SpoofCard allows you to make their phone display any fake number that you create.
Changing Your Voice Is Easy
Are you worried that the person that you are calling will recognize your voice? A great SpoofCard feature gives you the ability to realistically change how your voice sounds!
Keep A Record Of Your Calls
Now that you have changed your number and your voice, SpoofCard gives you the option to record all calls that you make to anyone. Keep these recordings for your records of who said what. Amazing!
Try SpoofCard Free!
Phone Recorders amp; Keystroke Loggers
Caller ID Cassette Phone Recorder spy gear plugs directly into any phone jack with date/time stamp to track recorded phone calls...
Eight Hour Multi-Line Cassette Phone Recorder spy gear is voice-activated. Ideal for monitoring phone calls in the home or office when you're away...
Basic Five Hour Cassette Phone Conversation Recording Device spy gear plugs directly into any empty phone jack in the home. Automatic start and stop. Simple...
64k Keystroke Logger spy gear saves 32 full pages of typing. Allows you to see passwords, chats, search, - keystroke logger spy gear saves everything...
KeyShark Keystroke Logger plugs directly into the back of the computer into the keyboard port. No software to load, records every keystroke that they typed. Shows you all computer activity, email...
128k Keystroke Logger Spy Gear saves 64 full pages of typing. Plug into the back of the computer tower and the keystroke logger spy gear will capture every word...
Spy Cobra USB Keystroke Logger computer spy gear is ideal for monitoring keystrokes and websites visited. The tutorial video shows how the Spy Cobra USB keystroke logger spy gear works...
Spy Cobra USB Keystroke Logger Video
Computer Spy Software
SniperSpy Remote Computer Spy Software: If your are concerned about how other people are using your computer when you're not there, now there is a simple solution to monitor the activity on your PC. The SniperSpy computer spy software gives you the power to watch your computer like a TV from another...
Ace Spy Computer Spy Software will record and then send you a variety of computer activity. Now, you can read the emails, IM's sent and received, chat room conversations and all of the websites that they frequent and more. The best computer spy software you can find for the price!
SpyAnywhere Web-Driven Remote Computer Spy Software lets you covertly watch your computer from anywhere in the world. Not only can you see and save a user's keystroke live, but you can also take over the PC alltogether. Any windows that are open can be manipulated to your desire. Follow the user in real time as they surf the web, compose emails and more...
Realtime-Spy Computer Spy Software: Do you want to spy on a computer but don't have access to install software? No problem. This program lets you covertly deploy the software from any remote location. Once it is installed, you can access private records and activity from anywhere. The PC...
Spy Agent Computer Spy Software is the probably one of the best solutions for anyone who wants to perform covert surveillance on a computer. The features include keystroke logging, viewing downloads, keeping a history of all web pages visited. Want to follow the user into a chatroom and observe? Now you can...
SpySure Computer Spy Software captures and saves visited websites, chatrooms, emails sent and recieved. Nobody will know that this spy computer monitoring software is installed onto the...
SpyAgent and SpyAnywhere Suite is two great computer spy software programs bundled together for one discounted price. Get the remote computer monitoring features from the SpyAnywhere, and the activity logging features of the SpyAgent. Everything you need for complete covert...
Keystroke Spy: Complete stealth computer logging spyware. Don't want to install a keystroke logger on the back of your computer? No worries! Install this stealth keystroke computer spy software and see...
Wireless Hidden Spy Camera DVR System Spy Gear
Weatherproof Birdfeeder Wireless Hidden Spy Cam DVR is motion activated and runs up to one year on a single charge. Watch to see the great quality of this spy cam DVR...
Teddy Bear Wireless Hidden Spy Camera DVR is the next phase of spy cameras. Battery operated and motion-activated, this spy camera DVR will run up to one...
.000 Lux Night Vision Weather Radio Wireless Hidden Spy Cam DVR features high-res imaging and records up to 160 hours. Watch the sample video of this spy camera DVR to see the clarity for yourself.
Wireless Tissue Box Hidden Spy Camera DVR features motion-activation and high-resolution crystal clear video. Special lithium-ion battery lets this spy cam DVR last up to one...
Atomic Clock Wireless Hidden Spy
Camera DVR system is motion activated and runs up to one year on a single charge. No need for wires or power cords...
Wireless Wall Clock Hidden Spy Camera DVR system no longer requires a power cord. This new spy camera DVR is motion activated and runs...
Hidden Wireless Spy Camera DVR System disguised as a pair of books. Nothing to plug in! The books contain a totally hidden spy camera and DVR with lithium...
MicroEyes Wireless Spy Camera DVR is the size of a ping-pong ball and is completely self-contained. Great high-resolution, motion-activated spy camera DVR system...
Mantle Clock Hidden Wireless Spy Camera DVR System is available with a color or low-light b amp;w camera. As with all of our spy cameras DVR systems, the mantle clock records up to 160 hours of video and will last up to one year on a single lithium-ion...
SecureShot Boom Box Wireless Spy Cam DVR System features a radio and CD player. Contained within is our newest SecureShot motion-activated spy camera DVR system...
Mini Wireless Spy Cam Set with DVR Receiver for covert spy camera surveillance and DVR recording. No need any more for extra wires or plugging into a VCR. Easiest spy cam DVR set available...
LCD Setup Monitor for use with all wired and wireless hidden spy camera DVR's. High-res color monitor for simple instal of your spy camera DVR system...
Night Vision Ionizer Hidden Wireless Spy Cam DVR features .000 lux camera for stealth recording in total darkness. See the sample video of our Ionizer spy cam DVR to view...
Photo Frame Clock Radio Wireless Hidden Spy Camera DVR looks great in any office or home. Record up to 160 hours of video on this hidden spy camera DVR system...
iPod Docking Station with built-in hidden wireless spy camera DVR is fully functional and supports up to a 32Gb SD card for 160 hours of spy camera DVR recording of motion-activated high-res video!
New Nanny Cam Clock Radio Wireless Hidden Spy Camera DVR is the latest in covert hidden spy camera gear. Forget the receiver and VCR, this spy camera clock radio has the DVR and SD card slot built right in!
Night Vision .000 Lux iPod Docking Station Hidden Wireless Spy Camera DVR System is motion-activated and contains two cameras - one for day, one for night. This iPod dock spy camera DVR system...
Night Vision .000 Lux Clock Radio Wirelesss Spy Camera DVR System allows you to see crystal clear video in total darkness. This is the only spy camera DVR system that records 30 frames per second...
New! Dash Cam In-Car Camera System features audio, high-resolution video and built-in DVR. The dash cam in-car camera system lets you record the street view or the interior view of the vehicle. Great for buses, taxi...
Spy Sunglasses Set with Button Camera and Pocket DVR for covert body-worn surveillance applications. The spy sunglasses come with three lenses and the DVR features 2Gb internal memory...
Internet Live-View Pinhole Spy Cam Set with Audio allows you to watch and hear your home or business live online from any computer, Live online demo shows you exactly...
Cam Stick Pro Tiny Video Spy Cam DVR is the size of a thumb and records up to five hours of hi-res video and audio on an 8Gb SD card. atch the video of this tiny spy cam DVR...
Wireless Spy Camera DVR Info Videos
Phone Bug Detectors, Frequency Counters
amp; Counter Surveillance Spy Gear
JM-20 Pro High-Gain Bug Detector covers frequency range from 1MHz to 6GHz for sweeping of wireless listening devices and video images. Features ultra sensitive five section LED bar graph...
JM-20F High-Gain Bug Detector features ultra-sensitive 16 section bar graph and 10 digit liquid crystal display. Micro-processor makes sweeping for transmitters fast and easy...
Wireless Camera Hunter Hidden Spy Camera Detector lets you locate multiple hidden cameras in any environment. The wireless spy camera detector scans all....
SL-100 Phone Tap Detector will detect any phone taps on your phone line, de-activate those taps that were detected and prevent any future efforts to tap the phone line...
Spy Camera Finder Wireless Hidden Spy Camera Detector can be used in any home, office, hotel room or bathroom that may contain a hidden spy camera. Simply hold...
CMS-15 Professional Counter Surveillance System for the serious investigator. Used by law enforcement and private investigators, this counter surveillance / counter measures set is ideal for...
Covert Spy Gear Listening Devices amp; Spy Microphones
ProExtreme Acoustic Leakage Probe Spy Microphone will allow you to hear audio through walls with the amazing super-sensor pickup. the special amplifier...
DetectEar Parabolic Spy Microphone listening device audio surveillance kit features a 3-band equalizer and allows you to hear up to 300 yards away...
Super Ear Audio Surveillance Sound Enhancer will boost your hearing with 50 decibels of sound gain. Included headphones allow the user to listen in on...
Sound Pro Shotgun Spy Microphone features a background noise filter switch and output jack for your recording device...
Pen-Activated Voice Recorder will automatically begin recording when the pen is removed and will stop recording upon replacement. Keep in a shirt pocket for discreet covert voice recording applications....
Please call us if you have any questions or need help finding the spy gear device, keystroke logger, spy camera DVR or GPS vehicle tracking system that's right for you!
Cincinnati Downtown Hotel Service | Cincy Chic
Welcome to Aaron Gregory Vehicle Tracking Spy Equipment, your source for vehicle tracking, phone recorder, nanny cam, keystroke recorder, wireless spy camera and more!
When you call, you speak directly with me, Greg Shields, the owner of the company. If you have ANY questions about our products or wish to discreetly order by phone, you can always speak with me directly by dialing toll-free 1-877-249-3570.
Shopping on the Internet with Yahoo! Shopping is safe and easy. For your security convenience, we accept payment through VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. If you wish to pay by check or money order, please contact us for instructions.
Greg Shields, Owner
Aaron Gregory Vehicle Tracking Spy Equipment,
Mt. Washington, Ohio, USA 1-877-249-3570
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