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Posted on 15 Aug 2010 by Soilin (Doujin Admin)
The doujin gallery
So I guess you guys were pretty annoyed because it was closed right? Well it was necessary and now a little bit more then a week later I present to you to opening of the doujin gallery in upto a day (depends on sabby reading the news :p)I've finished off the slack that my staff failed to do, a whopping 2000 doujins and up have been viewed and taken care of properly by me and in the end some help of fail to make sure it was done today (thank you fail)meanwhile Bluh is back to sorting the gallery so we can start cleaning it up finally so you have no worries about pointless pages and empty doujins anymore, I'll start with that soon again as well, but excuse me today as I can't see a doujin anymore right now .br /Hopefully we can keep bringing good news to all of you EDIT: if you find ANY lolicon anywher be it normal gallery or doujin gallery report it here:
Posted on 02 Aug 2010 by SabbyKat
Let's clear this up!
So, let me lay down my 'evil plan' for HOK and our continued dominance of the world, shall we!UPDATEThe Doujin Gallery is CLOSED until the staff can get through it, and ensure it is lolicon free! It will be up as soon as the lazy slack off Soilin finishes it, instead of ranting and arguing with under age idiots on the shoutbox! :)Also, Donation status should be ready anytime now! If we get lucky, we might, MIGHT just survive all of this...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LoliconcenteruLolicon is toast, history, gone, bye bye! We are removing it from ALL galleries.Now, what will we do with it after? Well... depending on our advertisers, we have two ideas at this moment (which doesn't involve a complex cookie erasing scheme of logins and not logins).#1 We setup the 'Donation System'. The System is simply put, a system which gives anyone who donates, a slurry of perks (not limiting content/galleries), such as downloading Doujins in full, access to FOK and the other soon to be Overkills before normal users, improved Forum Privledges, perks in our new game we are creating behind the scene, and of course, access to Flat chested (Shhhh) content in the galleries!#2 We will allow users to post flat chested images on the forums by their own discretion, allowing them a far less organized method of getting their 'fix' of flat chested content.Now, the Donation System IS restricting Lolicon, but for one reason. See, advertisers don't want that seen to the public, or where their advertisements are. Donators don't see advertisements, at all, thus removing all the issues with them while still giving you lot your flat chested content for a freaking DOLLAR (1$) a month, not counting all the other perks, and knowing you're helping us kick ass and grow!Lolicon content is gone... for now. We'll decide on what to do in the shorter future...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FOK or HOk? Which is it?!centeruWell, FOK is a Niche community. Yet HOK has been branded an 'outlaw' by advertisers, they won't forgive us for having Loli, and thus, we can't get our advertisers back ever again...Yet I can rebuild HOK with a new look, a new name. We have the resources, we have the money to make it stronger, faster, better... more Hentai... like. :PMy goal at this time, is to keep HOK up for 2 more months, and pray to the lords enough of our users donate (even if it's 50 damn cents!), to cover the cost of 'rebirthing' HOK. Now, many of you (aka the 5 of you who read the news) may ask 'why should we care then?! It's not worth it!', but we plan to change a lot of HOK too after this rebirth, besides advertisers being back, and our donation system being up, we are going to setup a schedule to have updates role out once or twice per week (even if only a handful of pictures), Forums will be rebirthed, the Galleries will be improved and made additions too... we will be Terminator: The Return of the Pervert. ;)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~... I'll finish this tomorrow, I'm too fucking tired from all of this -.-;Again, those who wish to donate (even if it's a PENNY), please sign up at: and set yourself up! You decide our fate, my faithful Community...To further clarify, we are awaiting donation acceptance (they verify we're clean before allowing donations), soon as this is done we will post all the info to donate, including tons more info about the 'donation system' and its rewards as of date!

Posted on 30 Jul 2010 by SabbyKat
Ha... hahahaha!
When it rains, it pours!!!AOK is ruined. Manga idiots are going on a crusade to fuck us over from even making the site.Simple story short, they are going after any site which hosts scanned manga and sueing them for a helluva lot of money (if they refuse and try to be robin hood), and in turn, means AOK can't even come into existence.HOK (after a month waiting for a mother fucking reply), was dropped from advertisers due to the Lolicon content. We're shit out of luck.SO! No sites, no advertisers... YAY!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Our Options!centeruWe have some options left, believe it or not. So below, I will list them and their details! PLEASE VOTE ON THE POLL (points to the right) ON WHICH OPTION YOU LIKE/WOULD SUPPORT FULLY!A) Option A, is we setup Furry Overkill. This would have to be run by DONATIONS, likely the subscription based donation system. Once we grow to a large size, we could likely seek out advertisers as well to help complement our needs! (HOK could return with sufficient donations as well)B) IF, IFFFFF we are allowed to return to our crappy advertisers by REMOVING ALL LOLICON CONTENT FROM THE SITE, we could support HOK once again with damaged reputation.We could enable Lolicon to be viewable by donators (as they would have no advertisements displayed, thus, not offending advertisers).C) we let the 'anime crusade' die down in a year or two, and try to work with publishers on some manner of pay to view system for anime... a terrible system I don't want to fucking touch. .Now, to clarify on some things.Furry Overkill, when it is released, will be MUCH more community oriented then HOK ever was. We will focus on user run galleries for artists, forums will be moderated and encouraged to be used, etc etc etc etc etc.Just... I dunno. I'm confused, upset, and so pissed off I just ripped the cupboard off my kitchen in a fit of rage . I'll try to make a clearer post tomorrow...
Posted on 29 Jul 2010 by SabbyKat
Thought it might help if I update you guys on the Donation situation!Simple story, is that we are awaiting our site to be 'approved' to accept donations. It should take 1-3 days, and we're at day fucking 8... -.- So I just yelled at them, and hopefully we'll be accepted soon!We will be using for our donations. They are nearly identical to paypal with superior services (including allowing adult content donations!), so please, if you wish to donate go sign up and get your bank/whatever setup! :)Not to mention they are rapidly replacing Paypal, who are a bunch of corrupt communist fuckheads. Need proof? Look at megaupload for example, huge site now using Alertpay.SO GET SIGNED UP, AND START THROWING YOUR PENNIES AT ME!!Fun stat: If all our users who visit each month donated a QUARTER of a PENNY (0.25 of a penny), we could make over 2500$ a month, 10x our server cost. If everyone donated a single penny, we could make a whopping 10,000$ USD a month! x.x!!this post will be revamped when donations are available, as well as possible ETA on AOK.
Posted on 09 Jul 2010 by SabbyKat
It's over, Game over man, game the fuck over! We're screwed, man!
Sigh... and of course, with major positives, always come worse negatives.Simply put, all our advertisers has decided to, without reason, fuck us in the ass and tell us to go die in a fire. With this second advertiser gone, there are ZERO stable adult advertisement companies we are able to work with, thus, we have 0 revenue per month, and are making a 200$ USD debt every single month, one of which I can never afford to pay for.And no, Donations can't make up 200$ every single month, in the past that had been proven time and time again, where a single user saved our asses while 100,000+ other selfish (or poor) users ignored our plea.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What Now? Now, this is kind of the end. Unless a miracle happens, this is game over. Game the fuck ova... for HOK at least, and only for now.Well! All's not lost, we are a phoenix! From the ashes we will be reborn, though down a different route...We will launch AOK as our priority. The 'clean' advertisement market is absolutely MASSIVE compared to the adult one (especially for Hentai!). Using AOK until we can 'slip' HOK back onto our server, and relaunch it with AOK's financial stability, better then ever!You may groan and go 'oh yay, another shitty anime site'... but you can compare it to HOK (which is still lacking due to staff! Got so much content to add .).br /Our plans now are to have streaming (and downloadable, eventually) anime episodes, EVERY manga in existence, including keeping up to date with manga's as they release on a day to day basis, every kind of music and song from anime you can image, image galleries... you get the idea. We'll have it all.SOOO........ yea. Still hoping to figure something out, but it's looking bleak.Edit: Anyone interested in saying their mind, you can do so here HEREurl
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