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Title:Myspace Layouts | 2.0 Layouts | Default | Graphics | Backgrounds
Description:Hot-lyts serves free MySpace layouts, Myspace 2.0 layouts, Tumblr themes, MySpace backgrounds and MySpace codes even facebook symbols. We update daily!
Keywords:2.0 layouts, myspace layouts, backgrounds, myspace graphics, quotes, twitter backgrounds, facebook symbols, tumblr themes, formspring backgrounds, codes, youtube designs, tagalog graphics, cute stuff, graphics, blogger templates, photoshop tutorials, tumblr codes, nice graphics
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July 13th, 2010
Read and like facebook quotes status and pages @ Facebookcrash, click here!
Fierce cheetah printFierce cheetah print background .. Layout added 9 days ago
Wild heartsWild hearts background .. Layout added 9 days ago
Music skullsMusic skulls background .. Layout added 12 days ago
Cute animal printCute animal print background .. Layout added 12 days ago
in lovein love background .. Layout added 2 weeks ago
colorful polka dotscolorful polka dots background .. Layout added 2 weeks ago
small big peace signsmall big peace sign background .. Layout added 2 weeks ago
Kiss meKiss me layout .. Layout added 12 days ago
Don't you feel the summerDon't you feel the sum layout .. Layout added 3 weeks ago
Summer collage photographySummer collage photogr layout .. Layout added 3 weeks ago
Love me or hate meLove me or hate me layout .. Layout added 3 weeks ago
Cute animal printCute animal print layout .. Layout added 4 weeks ago
Quick News
July 6, 2010 raquo; New Tumblr background style have been added!
Since Twilight Eclipse is coming so soon, we made a pack of layouts, graphics and eclipse quotes for it. We also added 10 new animal print backgrounds and 5 summer backgrounds for myspace, twitter and formspring :) Check them out!
June 6, 2010 raquo; Scene backgrounds and patterns including brass knuckles, hello kitty amp; diamond have just been added! Check out the sidebar for link. Fathers day is almost there, you should not forget to greet your dad! Leave them a comment with fathers day comments
May 21, 2010 raquo; It's been a productive day today! We've added new backgrounds such as music backgrounds, vampire layouts (vampire diaries and twilight), cupcake layouts and more! Check them out in backgrounds section. Page graphics have been added too!
May 11, 2010 raquo; Check for new twitter backgrounds. Lots of new twitter layouts have been added.
April 24, 2010 raquo; New 1.0 and 2.0 myspace layouts have been added. We're currently fixing the backgrounds and tumblr layouts. Stay tuned!
April 11, 2010 raquo; First zebra print Tumblr layout has been added! More coming soon!
April 2, 2010 raquo; 318 backgrounds have been added under animal print, black and white, yummy and flashing categories.
April 1, 2010 raquo; Backgrounds are now available online. They can be used for myspace layouts and 2.0 profiles with different styles. Twitter, Tumblr even Youtube designs and Formspring themes soon to be added.
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