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Title:Wedding Jewellery Blog - Latest News, Offers and Product Releases
Description:Check out our blog for all the latest news, special offers and product releases, as well as tips and info about weddings and wedding jewellery.
Wedding Jewellery Blog - Latest News, Offers and Product Releases
Jools Blog
All You Wanted to Know About Jewellery
Wedding Rings of White Gold May Not Always Remain White
October 18th, 2010
Many couples love the look of a white gold wedding band and find that this option is many times more affordable than other metals available at the jewellery store. White gold makes beautiful weddings rings that have a contemporary style that many couples want.
Unfortunately many couples find out the hard way that the quality of the gold used is essential for a wedding ring that will look as good as the day you bought it after several years of marriage. Low quality white gold will begin to have a yellow appearance as soon as the rhodium coating begins to wear off.
A wedding ring made with a higher quality white gold will have a whiter appearance before the rhodium coating is even ever applied. This will result in a ring that will still appear white once the rhodium, which is there to add shimmer to the jewellery, wears off.
For this reason couples who are shopping for a set of white gold wedding bands need to make sure they are doing business with a jeweller who only carries the best jewellery available. Reputable shops will not only carry rings made of better materials but they will also do more to help their customers get the rings they are dreaming of using on their special day.
If you #8217;re looking for Celtic wedding rings, with Trinity knots or Claddagh designs, you #8217;ll find a great selection at this store.
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3 Stone Diamond Rings – Why They Are So Popular
July 20th, 2010
Diamond rings have been around for quite some time and are the standard for engagement rings as well as anniversary rings for those couples that have been together a long time. But 3 stone diamond rings despite their amazing popularity have not been around very long and are only a recent new design from the De Beers Company.
Many men are choosing the three stone diamond design when they are shopping at their jewellers for the engagement ring they will propose with. These gorgeous rings use three stones that are either identical in size of the middle stone may be slightly larger.
The stones can be mounted in just about any type of band to suit the particular tastes of the couple to finish out the look. But many are choosing silver or even more exotic materials such as titanium for the band and accompany this with a matching wedding band for him and her.
The three stones are more than just a pretty way to decorate the engagement ring since each has its own meaning. Also called the Trinity Rings for this reason the 3 stones represent the past, present and future love the couple shares for one another.
Many couples of Irish heritage are choosing  Celtic engagement rings with a Trinity knot motif. The connection between the Trinity of the 3 diamonds and the significance of the Trinity knot, coupling to create an even deeper meaning for them.
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Tags: 3 stone diamond ring, diamond engagement ring, diamond rings, engagement ring, weddding band Posted in Diamonds | 1 Comment #187;
Tango Dancing in Ireland
March 4th, 2010
Visiting Ireland!  Want to continue your Tango dancing?  Well take a look at and you will find a calender with a list of all the tango events in Ireland, including Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Belfast, Waterford, Tipperary.
The calender seperates the events by milonga, classes, workshop, Practica and  special events.  Take a look at the blog posts to see what has been happening in many tango events throughout Ireland.
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Tags: belfast, classes, cork, dublin, galway, ireland, limerick, milonga, Practica special events, tango, tipperary, waterford, workshop Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments #187;
Diamonds Rings Online – Buying Tips For Shoppers
November 20th, 2009
The internet has changed the way that just about everyone does there shopping now. For some items buying them online is a matter of convenience while for others it is the best way to get a real deal. For those looking for a diamond ring online it can be an excellent way to get a deal on an exceptional ring for a great price.
Shopping for diamond rings online can be even more overwhelming than at an jewellery store but the rewards can be much greater with a gorgeous, unique ring. To start have a good idea of what type of diamond ring you are looking such as a solitaire, eternity rings, or even three stone diamond rings.
Once the rings are narrowed down to a specific style take time to compare each and everyone online. Compare carats on the diamonds, band materials, and make sure there are lots of pictures of the ring being considered. Also do not feel shy about asking questions regarding the product; quality websites will answer them quickly to help make a shopping decision.
Most importantly make sure the site you are shopping at offers a guarantee on their product and has a return policy in place. Being stuck with a substandard ring that is not what you are looking for is not what anyone wants to end up with.
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Tags: diamond rings, diamond rings online, eternity rings, three stone diamond rings Posted in Diamonds | 6 Comments #187;
The Marquise Engagement Ring – Practical Yet Still Elegant
November 20th, 2009
Many young couples are looking for engagement rings that are affordable on a set budget yet still very appealing to the eye and elegant. For many of these jewellery shoppers a marquise engagement ring is just what they are looking for.
The marquis cut has a very long history since it was first designed for a mistress of Louis XIV with her sultry lips as being the prime inspiration for the look. This shape gives this diamond ring the deception of having a larger stone than is actually mounted in the setting.
Not only does the marquis diamond give a larger appearance for an eye-catching engagement ring but it also has a multifaceted cut. This cut will play with the sun to give the diamond a dazzle that makes it even more appealing to those who want a gorgeous diamond for their ring.
A marquis diamond is a beautiful to the eye and shoppers should look for ones that are proportioned correctly. For the best overall appearance a bow-tie affect should be achieved with a stone that is just as wide as it is long. When combined with some accent stones of other precious gems couples can get a unique, elegant ring that looks great without spending a fortune.
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Tags: diamond engagement rings, diamond ring, engagement rings, marquise engagement ring Posted in Engagements | 1 Comment #187;
Pave Diamond Rings For A Unique Diamond Look
October 30th, 2009
For those who want a diamond ring that is more than just a shiny band with a nice stone setting with maybe a few accents a pave diamond ring may be the ideal choice. Pave diamond rings are chocked full of gorgeous diamonds and come in a variety of designs that are truly eye-catching.
Just as the name implies this style of ring is literally paved with diamonds meaning that no part of the band is visible in some styles. Diamonds are placed closely together creating a sort of cobblestone road, which completely encircles the finger. This look is popular not only for engagement rings but rings for giving her on a special occasion.
Pave diamond rings come in full or half pave designs with the stones either completely or partially covering the band. These rings can also feature a diamond setting ideal for engagement rings or can be simple bands of diamonds perfect for wedding rings or anniversary presents.
A pave diamond ring may come across as more expensive due to the amount of diamonds that go into creating them. But in reality since many small diamonds are used as opposed to one large one the cost can actually be a little less than a traditional diamond ring on a metal band.
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Tags: diamond rings, engagement rings, pave diamond rings, wedding rings Posted in Diamonds | 1 Comment #187;
Weddings Rings Designed By The Couple
October 30th, 2009
Couples who are getting married today have so many possibilities in front of them when it comes to their choice in wedding rings. Not only do these couples have more materials to choose from besides the classic gold and silver but jewellers are capable of doing so much more as well.
One choice that is becoming more popular with couples is to design their own wedding bands. For some this means customizing a band they find at the store with a engraving inside, while for others it will be creating the ring completely.
For the couples that do choose to have their own wedding band design the possibilities are endless for the outcome. With so many materials available today to use as the band and so many diamonds and gemstones to inlay the rings are sure to be a unique symbol of the love shared between the two.
Of course couples do need to remember that this option in wedding rings is not as affordable and most often cannot be done quickly. Time is needed to actually make the rings and couples should choose carefully the artesian they hire to do the work.
If done right these wedding bands will be worn everyday for the rest of their lives to show just how much the couple loves one another.
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Tags: wedding bands, wedding ring design, weddings rings Posted in Weddings | No Comments #187;
Men’s Wedding Rings Are Getting More Stylish
October 30th, 2009
It seems like ever since couples have been purchasing wedding rings together every man wanted just a plain gold band. For men jewellery was considered feminine and only a simple wedding band was the piece they would wear besides a wristwatch.
Times have changed though and more guys are wanting a ring that not only shows that they are happily married to the girl of their dreams but also stylish as well. Jewellery manufacturers have noticed this trend and now offer a large variety of wedding rings for men.
Now men have a choice between not only gold and silver wedding rings but those made out of more exotic metals as well. Popular choices include platinum and titanium due to the fact these metals are more resistant to scratches and damage than the softer gold rings.
Men are also opting for engraved rings as well as those with diamond settings as well. Though not as large and showy as the stones on the ladies wedding ring the addition of gems and diamonds actually look great on a man while adding value to their ring.
For couples shopping for wedding rings there is now so much more to choose from. While this can make the decision harder the long term benefits of getting just the right wedding ring for him and her are worth the extra shopping.
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Tags: gold rings, mens wedding rings, silver wedding rings, wedding band, wedding rings Posted in Weddings | No Comments #187;
Diamond Eternity Rings Are the Perfect Anniversary Gift
October 6th, 2009
Diamonds are a girls best friend so the old saying goes and a look around any jewellery store will only confirm this. Just about every jeweller has a huge assortment of diamond rings to choose from when the guy who is shopping for an anniversary gift for his wife.
One very popular choice for not only anniversaries but also even engagements, holidays and more is the diamond eternity ring. These rings feature not one or two diamonds in a setting but rather a complete band of diamonds all the way around the band.
The diamond eternity ring is an extremely versatile piece of jewellery for any woman to have in her collection. These rings can be worn on the wedding ring finger where it can replace the wedding band or it can be worn only on special occasions. Just as these rings are versatile gifts that women love to receive they can also be versatile in how they are worn.
These diamond rings are not only beautiful pieces of jewellery but also a gift that any woman would love to receive for any occasion. So whether shopping for an engagement ring, an anniversary gift, or just something to say I love you eternity rings are always a sure purchase.
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Tags: diamond engagement ring, diamond eternity ring, diamond rings, engagement ring, weddding band Posted in Diamonds | 2 Comments #187;
Titanium Wedding Rings – Why Are They So Popular Now?
October 5th, 2009
Traditionally when a couple shopped for their wedding rings usually gold or silver bands were the options available. Now there are more choices in materials and one of the most popular right now is titanium. This material is relatively new in the jewellery business but it has been used extensively prior to this in the aviation and manufacturing industries.
Titanium has a lot of positive properties that make it an excellent choice for a wedding band for men as well as women. Not only is titanium stronger than gold ounce for ounce but also it is also less susceptible to scratching and wear. This will ensure that years later your wedding ring still looks its best.
Titanium is also a great option for those who have reactions to other metals used in making jewellery. Titanium has special properties that do not cause skin reactions, which can occur in the other materials making it a popular choice for rings as well as earrings.
Those looking to buy a set of wedding rings will also notice that titanium is more affordable than precious metals such as gold. While titanium may be a more affordable option do not confuse it with cheap. With its excellent properties combined with more versatility in design this is a beautiful material for your wedding ring.
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Tags: gold rings, titanium ring, titanium wedding ring, wedding bands, wedding rings Posted in Weddings | No Comments #187;
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