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Loan Based Tips amp; Other Info
Developing a Budget that is Successful
October 26th, 2009
In general there is no way to overcome major financial problems without going to a budget. Even if you do not like the idea of budgeting, a good budget is like a trail boss who knows the entire forest like the back of his hand. Your budget will also prove to be the guide to your future financial success
There are five items I am sure will provide you with a basic skeleton of a working budget for you to flesh out and call your own.
1 - Teamwork - The relationship that you have with your spouse is one of the most important of all human relationships in your life. If you are married, then you need to treat your situation as if you and your spouse are one entity, which means that all of the most important decisions in your life need to be made together. Teamwork, then, is a vitally important part of developing a successful budget for your relationship or your family.
2 - Truth - It is important that you learn and comprehend what your true income actually is. Most people are not really aware of what their true income is. So what is a true income? Your true income is the actual dollar amount that the entire family is bringing in every month. These are the net dollars that remain after taxes and other withholdings have been paid. This is a reliable amount of money, and it is a for-sure amount of income that is not going to be dependent on things like bonuses, overtime or simple wishful thinking. The only way that you are going to have an accurate working budget is to know what your actual spendable dollars are.
3 - Monthly Budget - You need to make sure that you are doing your budget every single month. Prepare your budget brand new with every new month. You do not have to reinvent the wheel every single month because your budget format will already be in place, but you are going to want to prepare a brand new budget every single month because it will force you to rethink and review your spending habits on a regular basis and it will encourage communication within the family.
4 - Commit to Paper - Get your paper down on paper for the best possible results. Everything you do should be put down on paper because this makes it definitive. If your family budget is going to have any kind of an impact at all, then you are going to need to get it down on paper sooner rather than later.
5 - Prioritize - If you want your budget to have the biggest impact on your family, you need to be willing to prepare your budget based on where dollars need to go first and foremost.
Photo Credits: ThrasherDave
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Track Your Money with Excel
October 23rd, 2009
Many people utilize the software program known as Excel to set up their budget as well as to manage it. This is a really easy way for you to get started and it is definitely going to be able to put you on the proper track for creating a financial life that is more organized and more successful. Some people unfortunately do not even understand how to use Excel. As soon as you open up a spreadsheet and begin to take a closer look, however, you should be able to get a good feel for how you can get started.
Here are some basics that will help you get started with setting up a budget in Excel:
1 - Open up a brand new blank spreadsheet. There are an infinite number of little rows and columns that are broken down into blocks. These blocks are capable of being customized and they will make it possible for you to more efficiently organize all of the details of your budget.
2 - Give names to all of your columns. For a basic budget you are going to need an expenses column and an income column. You can definitely add more columns as you need do depending on how complex you want for your budget to be.
3 - Now give names to all of your rows. As you move down, each row is going to represent a value for a particular expense or income. So your expense column may have rows like rent, utility bills, student loans, car loan, and entertainment and so on.
4 - Now at the bottom of every row you should have a final number. The income column #8217;s final row is going to represent how much money you are earning in total every single month. In the expenses column, the final number is going to be the total of every expense that you have to pay. At this point, you should be able to determine quite easily whether or not you are earning more money than you spend or if it is the other way around.
It may sound a little time consuming to use Excel to plan out your budget, but there are a lot of unique tips and tricks that make Excel a good platform for this kind of planning work. Throwing together a really quick budget is easy, and then you can grow your budget and make it more unique and make it work better for you as you go, and as you learn more about using Excel. Excel works well as a budget planning software, and it makes it easy to keep track of a lot of information all at once. If you #8217;re looking to create your own budget on the computer, Excel is a good way to get the ball rolling.
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