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Title:Moonrank - Opensource Integration for Society
Description:Moonrank USA LLC specializes in social news and multimedia publishing sites. Moonrank implement right technology to minimize maintenance effort, render hassle-free content moderation and therefore improve society.
Keywords:Social CMS, Digg clone, Pligg, Pligg Templates, Pligg Modules, Moonrank, custom pligg
Moonrank - Opensource Integration for Society
Right Technology
Request a Quote
Toll Free (800) 844-6603
Leading Web Developer Team in USA
Turn your underperforming site into a full fledged social site
MOONRANK is the result of our vision that, through RIGHT technology, we can render hassle-free content moderation with minimal maintenance and maximum performance in the spreading of knowledge.More
We served
Social News,
Fashion Lifestyle,
Photo Video,
Legal News Blawgs,
Health Medicine,
Blog Friendship Network,
Deals Coupons,
Search Engines,
Corporate Intranet
What customers said
"...We managed to accomplish the project with the help and expertise of Moonrank, a team of top class developers who over-deliver. Thanks to Ray and the rest of the team for making it possible.
"... We sent that sketch to Moonrank and POOF! They delivered this website -- a complete restructuring of the code behind the curtain -- exactly as we wanted it. So they're also mind readers! ...
"..After experimenting with several green online initiatives, Travell decided to pursue his WebCoops idea. After doing some research he enlisted the help of Moonrank, a PA based social media development house. Work with Moonrank started out with an environmental spin, but quickly transitioned into a broader long tail context. Over the next year, Moonrank would help implement many of the core services provided in what RGB Daily is today..
Floreant POS
We have recently released a Java based Touch screen Point of Sale application for Restaurants and Bars. Floreant POS features food server order management, cash drawer control and extended reports. for More
Follow us
MOONRANK is recognized as one of the premier Web Development teams on the East Coast USA. We have successfully developed and branded Portals in 7 languages in 13 countries around the globe, serving over 20 million visitors per month. Our KEY PROJECTS include
Bloggers, Kirtsy, TheFindBuzz and Say It Face to Face, OverflowLegal, More..
Our team and services
MOONRANK's team of 25-35 Developers has a proven track record of more than 100
successful projects. Our experts focus exclusively on Social Network and Social Media sites, utilizing user-friendly, self-perpetuating features that make our Clients' sites stand out in the crowd. A number of our Projects include dynamic web services on cloud SAN, resulting in blazing performance and sky-rocketing traffic.
MOONRANK has created rich user interfacing with Css and Ajax, supercharged sites with Folksonomies in the form of tags and mashup opensource tools with web services. Our Portals are connected to third-party services with REST, XML and JSON based APIs. More
MOONRANK ensures the quality of our products by configuration control, revision management and progress tracking. Our process is simple and iterative to maximize adaptability. More
MOONRANK has a continuously growing client base with a large and growing number of success stories. We have supplied our technologies for both commercial and social project in Fashion, Legal, Health, Sports and Lifestyle. More - (OFL) is simply the best resource for legal content on the web, period. The site launches with over 1,000 articles in over 100 niche and irreverent legal content categories. OFL offers over 200 syndicated legal content channel options for lawyers. More
Why we are better than our competitors
Managed turn-key solution.No more need to ponder technology or track individual developers. MOONRANK offers transparent managed development. Simply share a sketch or outline of your idea, and we will create the appropriate architecture. Submit your Work Order and relax; you will receive status updates weekly, and be able to monitor progress live via our DEV server.
Rich Portfolio Satisfied clients.. Our recent history shows the MOONRANK difference. We have large list of successful projects We are always happy to provide further references.
Reduce Development Costs. Since we use opensource tools, there are no monthly overhead or licensing costs. You save development costs by providing details of your work, and hiring MOONRANK. Our Project Contract will be your complete cost, with no add-ons or hidden charges.
Ensure Performance Scalability. We specialize in Load balancing, database replication, CDN, caching and denormalization. Your site will load with blazing speed regardless of load size.
Long term support. We offer round-the-clock support for your site and also take care of any required upgrade of backend CMS.
Moonrank Site v0.4
Copyright @ 2007-2009 Moonrank USA LLC. Phone: +1 (800) 844-6603. Fax: +1 (800) 844-6603. Text/Voicemail: +1-727-MySQL-PHP




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