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Online Surveys Best Online Survey
If I can make good money Every Month for
My Opinions, So Can YOU!
Let me show you how...
As a special guest, you're just a couple of clicks away from increasing your income.
Scroll down and fill in your information below to get started!
Welcome message from Us gt;
From: Linda Roberts, Wednesday 7.31am "Special Offer Vanishes This Friday..."
I will show you how to sign up with literally hundreds of companies and give your honest opinion in exchange for large checks sent straight to your house. Just Sit In Front Of Your Computer, Work Only When You Want, And Get Paid For Your Opinion!
Online Companies will pay YOU from $5 to $125 for Each Survey!
Get paid to participate in online focus groups $50 to $150 per hour!
Get paid to try new products - keep the products and get paid too!
Get paid to preview movie trailers $4 to $25 per hour!
Get paid $5 to $95 per hour to take surveys offline!
Get paid to travel! Earn $100's each month just for traveling!
You get paid to drive your car $1000 to $3000 per month!
Shop and Eat and get paid from $10 to $40 per hour!
Take telephone surveys get paid from $25 to $75 per hour!
Preview new movie trailers and get paid $10 to $25 per hour.
Travel! Earn $100's each month just for traveling!
Drive your car $1000 to $3000 per month!
Ok, By Now You're Asking Yourself, How Does This Work?
So Just Let Me Enlighten You With Some Information Most Survey Sites Do Not Like To Share
Online Surveys Are Smoking Hot!
Like me, I'm sure you see the advantages of BEING YOUR OWN BOSS. This is a perfect opportunity for stay at home moms, students, or someone that just doesn't have time for a commute to a dead end, part time job. OR, for anyone who wants to sit in their pyjamas and work at home!!
Now you can get started making great money filling out online surveys too. You will receive instant access and can be working by tomorrow! You will have access to 700+ companies that will pay you to sit at home and give your opinion!
That is the GREAT thing about working from home! You decide WHEN you want to work, HOW much you want work, Making YOU the boss! It does not matter if you're looking to make a few extra car, loan, or home payments. Participating in consumer surveys for companies online is by FAR the easiest and funnest money you can make.
What Our Current Members Say:
"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make extra money from home. This $600 extra cash this month, from my part time efforts, has allowed me to enjoy fun activities with my children."
Jackie Colbert, Washington, US
"I've searched high and low for a way to make money from home. Stuffing envelopes became sooo boring so I decided to give this survey list a try. This was perfect for me, I started making money within hours of signing up."
Mike Penders, London, UK
"This is an excellent survey list! We made back the money it cost to join in the very first day."
Jeremy amp; Carrie Kennedy, Florida, US
How Do I Get Started?
We Have Broken It Down Into 3 Simple Steps:
Step 1: Sign Up For Our Exclusive Membership Today
Signing up is easy. We charge a small one-time fee to get you in the system so you can start taking surveys and start making money.
We provide over 500 online companies for you to choose from. Most of these companies are large reputable companies just waiting to put money in your pocket in exchange for your opinion. These companies do not accept unlimited people, so the sooner you get in, the better chance you have of maximizing your income.
Step 2: Start Taking Surveys And Start Making Money
Most of the companies that we connect you with just send you the paid surveys through e-mail or provide you the survey online on their website so you can quickly fill out the survey and get paid for it. You can start immediately after you sign up.
If you are not pleased with the companies we connect you with, which are only the best, we will give you the full price of the membership you paid for back to you.
Step 3: Get Paid for Your Efforts
Once you complete your online paid survey assignments, you get paid via mailed check, wire/bank transfer or PayPal account.
Let me show you How Much Money
YOU Can Make Taking Surveys
This is just an example of the money you can make taking online surveys:
If you took 2 surveys a day @ $25 per survey = $350 Per Week , $1,400 Per Month, $18,200 Per Year
If you took 5 surveys a day @ $25 per survey = $875 Per Week , $3,500 Per Month, $45,500 Per Year
Frequently Asked Questions
Over the years I've been doing this, certain questions come up often, so I compiled a list of questions which you might have too. Click on the questions to see the answers below. Click on the questions below for the answers.
Why is there a fee to join? gt; charges a one time only registration fee because we only want serious job applicants filling out our surveys.
If we allowed access to the surveys for free we would have "curiosity" applicants filling out survey applications that were not really serious about the surveys, and taking up applications intended for serious job applicants.In the past we offered the program for free and found many surveys were not being completed and this pay could have gone to another, more reliable and serious survey taker.
We want to weed out the "just curious" applicants from the "serious and reliable" survey employees. Since a survey taker can easily make the application fee back in only about an hour online, we don't really see it as a fee, but a way to show you are serious about being an online survey taker.
Can I really get paid just for taking surveys online? gt;
Yes, this is very real way to make money taking surveys online in the comfort of your own home. There are over 7 million companies that actively survey consumers to find the best way to promote their products.
These companies are willing to pay you to give your opinion. Your opinion allows them to get in touch with consumers and their views, habits, and opinions. These companies are willing to pay you for your time. So you can make money taking surveys!
What is the difference between a survey amp; a focus group? Can I participate in both? gt;
A survey is normally a page or two of questions. Surveys can range from 10 to 30 questions. They are normally short and take little time to fill out, so this is an easy way to make money taking surveys. Focus groups on the other hand are normally longer forms that can sometimes follow you for a few days about a particular subject.
They might ask you a series of questions, receive your response and then ask you another series of questions. Because of this they pay much more. You can participate in surveys, focus groups or both depending on the time you have available.
How do I know the companies will really pay me? What guarantee do I have that I will be paid? gt;
All the companies on our list have been thoroughly researched. If a company was to not pay a survey taker we would be the first to know. Any company that would do that would be quickly removed from our list.
In the many years we have been offering surveys we have never heard of a company that did not pay a survey or focus group participate. The companies we list are very reputable marketing companies that have a high standard of business.
Can I do this from any computer? Do I need to download anything? gt;
There is nothing to download. You do not need any special computer or operating system. You simply log in and find surveys. This can be done from any computer, at any time. Make money taking surveys today!
I really love the free bonuses. How will I receive them? Do I need to do anything special? gt;
All our free bonuses are available in our members area. You just log in after registration and redeem the free bonuses. You can log in anytime as many times as you wish and redeem the free bonuses.
Can I trust these companies with my personal information and email address? I don't want to receive Spam after I sign up! gt;
All the companies on our list have strict privacy polices. The only persons with access to your information will be the survey companies themselves. They are not allowed to share your information with anyone. This also means they can not sell or share your email address with any third party. You do not have to worry about getting Spam mail just because you sign up to take surveys.
How many surveys can I take? How much income can I earn? gt;
The amount of surveys taken, and income earned will depend on how much time and effort you put into the surveys. Average monthly income will depend on each individual, and their effort put forth.
A person who checks their email often and responds to surveys invitations quickly, or logs into the members area to see what new surveys are available often will obviously make more than someone who only logs in once a week. Income is solely dependent on an individual's effort and attention to survey offers.
How am I paid and how often? Am I sent a check by postal mail? gt;
The company you will be doing the survey for will pay you by company check sent by postal mail. Some companies will allow you to be paid by PayPal online. PayPal is an online payment center which you can us only if you choose.
No, you do not have to accept PayPal for pay-checks . You can specify you only want payment sent postal mail by company check. Most pay-checks are sent twice monthly... some will pay once a month.
Does it matter where I live? Are the surveys open to everyone - even world wide? gt;
Most paid survey opportunities require that you are at least 18 years of age, but other than that there are no specific requirements. Some companies will only accept survey takers in the USA, but most are looking for Survey takers from all over the world. Inside the Members area, we have listed which companies are US only and which are International.
This makes it easy to know which to apply to depending on where you live. We are the only company we know of that lists this information. We care about our customers and don't want you to waste your time. Time is money!
Can I participate in the same surveys as others? Are there enough surveys to go around?? Will surveys ever "run out"? gt;
Yes, hundreds of people can, and will take the same survey. There are hundreds if not thousands of surveys available every day. Most surveys will require a very large amount of participates so there are always plenty of surveys to go around.
How do I know this is not some Scam? How do I know this is a legitimate employment offer? gt;
We have been in business for two and a half years and going stronger than ever! In fact, there are many, many, more surveys and survey offers available today then when we first opened our business.
The need for survey takers keeps rising and we need to fill the employment opportunities. If this was not a legitimate employment offer we would have been out of business long ago.
We assure you this is a legitimate employment offer.
About the registration fee and credit card processing.
Is the registration fee one time only? Are there any other fees after the one time registration? gt;
The registration fee is normally $79 but is $39 today (with the coupon) and yes, this is a one time only fee. There are no reoccurring fees . There are NO other fees or anything to sign up for or purchase after registration.
Can't you just take the registration fee out of my first paycheck? I'll pay after I do my first survey. gt;
As much as we would like to do that we just can't. The survey paychecks are sent directly by the company that conducts the survey for the specific product or company. Paychecks for the surveys are not sent directly from our office so there is no way for us to deduct the registration fee.
I want to sign up! Is it safe to give my credit card information online? gt;
YES! No matter what rumors you have heard it is MUCH safer to give your credit card information online than anywhere else. Unlike going to a restaurant or giving your credit card to the store clerk where strangers see your credit card number, authorization number and expiration date, no one from will see your credit card information.
Want Proof Of My Profits?
How About Just A Few Checks I Got In One Week?
Not Too Shabby From Just Working At Home.
Let's have a look again at How Much Money
YOU Can Make Taking Surveys
This is just an example of the money you can make taking online surveys:
If you took 2 surveys a day @ $25 per survey = $350 Per Week , $1,400 Per Month, $18,200 Per Year
If you took 5 surveys a day @ $25 per survey = $875 Per Week , $3,500 Per Month, $45,500 Per Year
And That Is Not All!
Order Today and We Will Include 5 FREE eBook Bonuses!
FREE Bonus #1:
Get Paid To DRIVE - Normally $29.95
Did you know that you can get paid to DRIVE? Driving is something that most of you do everyday, so why not take advantage of it? There are thousands of people making up to $3,000 a month just to drive. Find out how inside.
FREE Bonus #2:
Get Paid To Read E-Mails - Normally $19.95
Learn how to get paid to read e-mails. Details inside.
FREE Bonus #3:
Get Paid To Pass Out Free Samples - Normally $24.95
Learn $10 - $40 an hour to pass out free samples. This is more than most jobs pay and is a fantastic way to make extra money on your spare time and meet new people.
FREE Bonus #4:
Get Paid To Shop And Eat - Normally $39.95
The ladies love this one! Did you know you can get paid anywhere from $24 - $75 an hour to shop and eat. Not to mention free gas, free food (actually you are getting paid to eat the food), and you get to keep whatever you decide to buy (with price limitations of course). This is one of our most questioned bonuses by the ladies.
Why would someone pay you to shop or eat? It's all about customer service! How does being a mystery shopper sounds? Well companies are obviously paying good money to make sure their customer service is giving great service and that their products are the best!
FREE Bonus #5:
The $10,000 Auction (E-Bay Success) - Normally $49.95
E-Bay is one of the largest auction websites in the world. There are thousands of people making a full-time living from their house by placing auctions on e-bay. This FREE e-book shows how the author made almost $10,000 with just ONE auction on e-bay. This FREE e-book will also tell you how to be successful on e-bay.
That Is Almost $175 Worth Of Bonuses For FREE
We Reserve The Right To Remove These Bonuses To Those Who Do NOT Order today
So What Are You Waiting For? Heck, We Are Even Going To Throw In Free Form Filling Software That
Will Save You LOADS Of Time. Not To Mention Another UNSEEN Bonus In The Members Area!
My sincerest wish is for you to succeed online. I hope you can see the tremendous value in making money taking online surveys. If you were hesitating for any reason, I want you to be assured, and will do everything in my power to help you.
But the first step is up to you. It is important to us that our members succeed. So we want to let you all know in advance that you must ACT in order to achieve success.
Satisfaction Guarantee: When you sign up, I am confident that you will be glad you did. If it doesn't work out for you within 90 days from signing up, I will give you your money back, simple as that.
Hear My Guarantee gt;
Warm Regards,
Linda Roberts
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