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Title:PokeJungle Network – Prepare for Pokemon Black and White!
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PokeJungle Network #8211; Prepare for Pokemon Black and White!
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larr; Older posts
8/14 Pokemon Sunday (UPD)
Posted on August 14, 2010 by pokejungle
UPD: Pokemon news coverage:
Pokemon cardboard boxes were confirmed to have the different packaging, while the plastic box will have the previously released boxart.
Went through the 7 pokemon revealed in CoroCoro #8230; no new footage
Rotation battle footage, previously released
Went over Dento being a gym leader, but also appears in the anime
Also mentioned Aloe and Team Plasma #8230; only in passing
Talked about #8220;Poke Shifter #8221; and showed moving over 6 pokemon from a pokemon box from DPPtHGSS
G-Gear was showed off with the new #8216;Poll #8217; feature I mentioned earlier
High Link mentioned with multiplayer features
Dream World was shown off, same footage/information
Pokemon Musical was shown off #8230; registration desk shown w/ new appeal footage.  Gear is adorable :3  See screenshots
Rotation battles explained, same screenshots we #8217;ve seen
Through in a screenshot from the brief #8216;Best Wishes #8217; anime promo
lt;3 pokejungle
Posted in Black/White, Games, Japan 「日本」, Pokemon Sunday 「 ポケモン サンデー」
Tagged black, pokemon sunday, white
Pokemon Sunday Stream (ENDED)
Posted on August 14, 2010 by pokejungle
As usual, here is the Pokemon Sunday stream!  News will also be brought to you as-it-happens in another post.  This is simply provided to those who like to watch it :3  Set to air in about 30minutes of me posting this but game information probably won #8217;t start for about an hour and fifteen minutes from now.
Remember that on today #8217;s episode they will #8220;officially #8221; reveal Gigaiasu, Mamambou, and Kurumiru.  :3  Hopefully we #8217;ll get at least a tiny bit of unknown information in today #8217;s episode.
lt;3 pokejungle
ps- Make sure to visit the CHAT while you #8217;re waiting for it to air #8230; or while watching it :3
Posted in Black/White, Games, Japan 「日本」, Pokemon Sunday 「 ポケモン サンデー」
Tagged black, pokemon sunday, white
Kanto Starter Promotion
Posted on August 13, 2010 by pokejungle
Guess I #8217;ll report this :B  A new booklet is coming out which features interviews from people who work at Game Freak (such as the Director and Producer) and those who purchase it will receive a code to get one of the Kanto starters in the Dream World!  Frankly I would love to get a bulbasaur!  These starters will have different abilities than they normally would, just like the eeveelutions.
lt;3 pokejungle
ps- Which would you choose?
pps- Pokemon Peer just hit #9 on Amazon #8217;s #8216;Top Selling Books #8217; (in Japan) and it won #8217;t even be released for about a month!
Posted in Black/White, Games, Japan 「日本」, Nintendo
Tagged black, kanto, white
Next month #8217;s CoroCoro notice
Posted on August 12, 2010 by Kriffix
Hey PokéJunglers, your local translator Kriffix here making his first post as an admin!
Just to let you guys know, contrary to what was previously reported, next month #8217;s CoroCoro #8217;s freebie booklet is in fact called the #8220;Black Document #8221; and is set to be released on September 15th (although it will no doubt leak before this). It will be the third booklet in the series that CoroCoro is releasing and will hopefully offer more than last time #8217;s #8220;Advanced Document #8221; (also called the #8220;Master Document #8221;).
August #8217;s Issue (released July) came with the #8220;Beginner Document #8221;
September #8217;s Issue (released August) came with the somewhat lacklustre #8220;Advanced Document #8221;
And as mentioned, October #8217;s Issue (to be released September) will have the #8220;Black Document #8221;
Not being familiar with CoroCoro #8217;s tendency of naming their Issues the month after release was what caused the confusion up until now. Of course all on my part. Sorry guys, I live and learn!
So what do you guys think? Are we going to see some new Pokémon next month? Or simply some elaborating on ones we #8217;ve previously seen?
The Pokémon Black and White Manga begins with next month #8217;s issue too, this teaser picture is all we have to go by for the time being though!
Take care PokéJunglers!
Posted in Black/White, CoroCoro 「コロコロ」, Games, Japan 「日本」
Black and White Tidbits (UPD1)
Posted on August 11, 2010 by pokejungle
Image #8230; unrelated.  I just thought Mamambou #8217;s pose was interesting ;D  Yahoo! Kids website revealed some *very* minor details so I thought I #8217;d share them with you.  Translated the information from blue skY.
Swanna learns #8220;Brave Bird #8221; (not sky attack, video confirmed this.  Thanks guys lt;3)
Shikijika learns energy ball which we had already confirmed from a promotional video
Munna learns psywave and yawn (one of which we already had confirmed)
Koromori #8217;s signature move #8220;Heart Stamp #8221; may be a psychic type move.
And that #8217;s all for tonight  Super exhausted so Imma head to bed verrrrry early tonight.  As in 11PM.
lt;3 pokejungle
ps- What new poll should I put up?!  Give me ideas :]
Posted in Black/White, Games, Japan 「日本」, Site
Tagged black, tidbits, white
Official Pokemon Site Update (UPD2)
Posted on August 11, 2010 by pokejungle
The new information we got in CoroCoro has now been added to the official Japanese website for Black/White.  If you wanna see some clear screenshots head on over to the site. Very little new information, but some confirmation on a few things:
Moguryuu #8217;s abilities BOTH activate when sandstorm is active #8216;Sand Scatter #8217; raising speed and #8216;Sand Power #8217; raising the base attack for ground, rock, steel type moves.
Kurumiru #8217;s #8216;Bug Resistance #8217; attack hits two opponents and lowers Sp Def.
It appears that #8216;C-Gear #8217; has a feature that allows for you to participate in polls similar to the channel available on the Wii
They have also added a new video feature Global Link information which has not been previously seen.  Here #8217;s a quick summary:
Items you get in the dream world can be transferred over, the video showed a number of berries and Fresh Water being obtainable.
The Dream World also features short maps that you can traverse by clicking arrows (forwards/backwards/right/left) and encounter items/pokemon.
Your berry garden needs to be watered and I can #8217;t help but be reminded of FarmVille.
Interior of your house can be decorated.
You can add your friends and visit their houses over the internet and your pokemon can #8220;hang out #8221;.
#8216;Global Battle Union #8217; is the name of the site portion which houses Rankings.  They are updated continuously as you battle people and will show the results of your battle.
GBU battle video shows off Desukan and Doryuuzu again in a single battle against each other.  Been waiting to see their animations :3
You can also add your friends to communicate with them through mail and access #8216;Fun Menu #8217; which seems to have various stats or information about your friends on it.
UPD2: A small amount of official information has come out from the Pokemon Daisuki Club.
Video was put up showing Vaporeon with #8216;Hydration #8217; ability (cures status ailments during Rain) in which Munna put it to sleep with Hypnosis and it woke back up.  The animation for vaporeon slowed while it had the sleep condition! Cool 8D
Glaceon #8217;s ability is #8216;Ice Body #8217; (heals 1/16 of your pokemon #8217;s max HP while it is hailing)
PGL is where you will download new C-Gear skins and Pokemon Musical songs
You can create your own profile.  Things displayed include playtime on B/W, badges earned, time spend in Dream World, and Friend List
You can gradually expand the area you have for planting berries
The house appearance is customizable as well as your yard #8230; not just the furniture inside.
lt;3 pokejungle
Posted in Black/White, Games, Japan 「日本」
Tagged black, white
Wakoishi, Plant Pokemon = Fake
Posted on August 10, 2010 by pokejungle
A user in the comment section of my site has identified screenshots that he faked.  I have to admit, Wakoishi was by far the best.  The only thing we really had to doubt about it was the cave setting.  The plant-creature is also fake so I #8217;m sure MANY of you will breath a sigh of relief.  The emonga screenshot was also faked.
Another day, another fake.  Doesn #8217;t it always seem to be that way these days?  At least I can bust this rumor first for you :p
lt;3 pokejungle
ps- Anyone glad that those two were fake?
Posted in Black/White, Fake, Games
Tagged black, fake, troll, white
New Black and White Demo Details! [UPD2: Pics Added]
Posted on August 10, 2010 by pokejungle
spmb has now updated with details of someone #8217;s personal experience with the BW Demo.  I have translated the details below for you all~ (Don #8217;t bother watching the video it is almost all text and if you can #8217;t read Japanese it won #8217;t do you much good)
Demo takes place in and around Sekka City
When you start the demo you get one of the starters, Shikijika, and Zoroa
Which starter you get and what season you play during is random
Mijumaru has a high attack stat (they speculate that it #8217;s final evolution is indeed Water/Fighting)
Shell Blade: Physical / Base power: 75 / Accuracy: 95 / Slight chance to lower defense
Pokabu has high attack and HP but low defense
Nitro Charge: Physical / Base power: 50 / Accuracy: 100 / Chance to raise your speed
Grass Mixer: Special / Base power: 65 / Accuracy: 90 / Chance to lower opponent #8217;s accuracy [Very similar to the attack 'Octazooka']
Shikijika knows the attacks: Leech Seed, Take Down, Scary Face, and Double Kick
Zoroa #8216;s ability Illusion is confirmed to only affect appearance, does not emulate type or attacks.  It knew the attacks Fury Swipe and Faint Attack
Darumakka is confirmed as being in the demo and is Hihidaruma #8217;s prevo.  *It doesn #8217;t seem to have arms or legs shown at all times.  First image.
Basurao has a rectangular jaw with the top half of its body being green and the bottom half being grey.  Writer compared it to Carvanha.  Second image.
Tabunne is the 3rd image and is the normal type we heard about yesterday.
Nice to know a little more about the demo that we #8217;re getting leaks from!  Wish that it could #8217;ve confirmed the existence of Wakoishi/plant pokemon though #8230;  that #8217;s all for tonight though
UPD2: Frankly I believe that the Tabunne screenshot COULD be fake because the pokemon we saw back in early July matches the description that people have been talking about much better: link.  Just had to say that after this Wakoishi/Plant fiasco.
lt;3 pokejungle
ps- Anyone else wish they would #8217;ve said what Tsutaaja #8217;s highest stat was?  =[
Posted in Black/White, Games, Japan 「日本」
Tagged black, demo, white
If you had to make a team #8230;
Posted on August 9, 2010 by pokejungle
Using ONLY 5th gen pokemon that have currently been revealed #8230; what 6 pokemon would make the cut?  I #8217;m curious to see if we get some similar comments :]  For the purpose of this you can #8217;t include hypothetical evolutions, such as the starter #8217;s evolved form.  Just pretend that all these pokemon have equally good base stats =p  Here #8217;s mine:
To be honest I have a pretty favorable opinion of most pokemon in this generation :s  I might have to buy both games just so that I can go through the game with more pokemon.  Now it #8217;s your turn :]  Comment!
lt;3 pokejungle
ps- I #8217;m tired gt; lt;;  Gonna sleep early tonight~
Posted in Fun Stuff, Opinions
Tagged black, fun, white
Full Corocoro Scans!! (UPD 6)
Posted on August 9, 2010 by ozymandis
Finally!!! The full scans!!!!! Ozymandis here yet again! These images were found on 2ch as usual.
We get some really clear Sugimori art of the pokemon! We #8217;ve seen all of them except for the Miruhoggu one.
So, here #8217;s some new info/confirmation! Translations curtosy of Kriffix and myself!
Swana #8217;s new move is called Gale and the moves accuracy changes with the weather
Kurumiru has a new attack called Bug Resistance, which hits two Pokemon at once
Moguryuu has a new attack called Drill Liner
Seasons do affect what Pokemon you see in the wild
Victini is in the basement of the lighthouse on Liberty Garden Island. Apparently, you are investigating an incident on the island and meet Victini in the process. It #8217;ll reappear if you K.O. it accidentally. To access this area, you need the Liberty Ticket; its distribution will take place from September 18th to October 18th via Wi-Fi.
Konokota Town is  where your adventure starts
When you first meet Team Plasma, they are giving a speech in Karakusa Town. They are trying to liberate a pokemon by stealing it.
The Goods Case is where you eep all things needed for the Pokemon Musical
The Music Hall Is where Pokemon Musicals take place
You recieve gifts from the audience
You gain acess to the PokeShifter after you beat the main storyline
You can trade items through the global link (like the following two) To do this, you put the item in a Pokabu Shot (?? i don #8217;t think i translated that right #8230;)
The Pokedex and the C Gear have different backgrounds you can get (like the #8220;Hearts #8221; theme that we saw in the Ohasuta video)
You can get new songs to use in the Pokemon Musical
You acess the high link using Derupower (it #8217;s like currency) using the Hyle Tree (the tornado like thing)
Berries do NOT grow in the Isshu Region, they only appear in the Dream World
Wild Double Battles occur in dark green grass
All the Eevee evos from the Dream World have alternate abilities. For example, Vaporean has the ability Hydration instead of it #8217;s usual Water Absorb
Depending on the season some previously blocked off or impossible to go places are made accessible. (e.g heavy snow fall creating a path)
Victini #8217;s Pokedex entry: It stores endless amont of energy in it #8217;s body and once a Pokemon touches it  #8221;shares #8221; the energy.
The Battle Subway is very similar to the Battle Tower. You battle 7 trainers and when you defeat all of them you get battle points which you can use to get prizes. It also changes the Pokemon #8217;s level to level 50 and has the option of single or double battles
The Rotation Battle is all about strategy. It all depends on trying to determine what Attack and Pokemon your oponet will use.
The Miracle Shooter as been shown in an earlier photo back in june. You get points with each turn, and when you have a certain number of points you may use an item. For example to use a revive you must get 11 points
The anime page has confirmed that Brock will be leaving Ash and it will be Dent and Iris that will joining on his adventures in Isshu.
ALL  the boxart will have the legendaries #8217; tails iluminated and with the opposite color infringing. (So this isn #8217;t a special edition thing, so I #8217;m assuming it #8217;s holographic or something. Allthough not entirley sure because it doesn #8217;t literally say #8220;it #8217;s holographic #8221;)
TM #8217;s no londer dissapear with one use ( DD)
you have to collect 8 badges like in the previous games
The thing at the top left of the left page next to Aloe is a GYM BADGE and it is actually Dento #8217;s
Dento is the first gym leader and resides in Sunyou City
Aloe is the second gym leader and resides in Shippou City
Makomo (Professor Araragi #8217;s friend) also lives in Sunyou City
The #8220;puzzle #8221; in both of these Gyms are quizes. Dento #8217;s quizes are about Pokemon type compadibility (such as #8220;fire vs. water. who would win? #8221;) You have to step on tiles to submit your answer. Aloe #8217;s quiz is not Pokemon related at all and is more about food.
Aloe is indeed a cook and Dento is a waiter
Shippou city is a very old traditional city with a museum, which is apparently connected to the Gym. It also has railroad tracks that are over 100 years old.
For those wondering, Dento is saying #8220;Welcome. This is Sunyou City #8217;s Gym. #8221;
 New Abilities:
Shikijika-Herbivorous: Attack power raises when attacked by grass type moves.
Gigaiasu-Sturdy: Stops ALL moves from knocking it out in one hit if it has max hp. (allthough not new it is different from the last Gen! not just  1-hit-KO moves like before!)
Also, next month there will be a #8220;Advanced Document #8221; that comes with Corocoro. This month #8217;s document was actually mistranslated and is actually called the #8220;Origin Document #8221; which is why it seemed it didn #8217;t live up to the Mater Document name.
This should be all the pages #8230;.So this should be all of the info. It actually was alot of info! I think we can all stop complaining about how it didn #8217;t live up to it #8217;s mistranslated #8220;Master Document #8221; name. xD
UPD: For some reason the pictures didn #8217;t upload so I put them back up. Serebii did post a Victini Pokedex entry translation but it #8217;s very similar to mine so I #8217;m not going to change it. Posted new info from the new pictures.(Pokemon Musicals and High Link) And changed some translations.
UPD 2: added Battle Subway, Rotation Battle and Miracle Shooter info.
UPD 3: added pages containing the Rotating Battle Dream World and Pokedex/C Gear themes. Also the anime page as well.
UPD 4: added pages that show the new cover designs. If you look closley, you can see Dent #8217;s battle sprite in the bottom right of the first page!!
UPD 5: went over everything and noticed I missed a bit of info. :/ So I added everything I missed.
UPD 6: added the Dento and Aloe page and added it #8217;s info.
Also for people who are wondering what the Manaphy thing is about at the bottom of the page, it #8217;s just a reminder of sorts about the Japanese Wi-Fi event starting August 14th.
I think that #8217;s it! Hopefully I didn #8217;t miss anything! If anything more pops up I #8217;ll update this post.
Peace and love,
P.S. I #8217;m really sorry how messy the update looks!! DX my computer is not co-operating with the editing system. TT A TT
P.S.S. I #8217;ll be going to bed soon, as it is National Day here, it #8217;s late and I am tired out from everything. So if I miss something I apologize a thousand times! But Paul should wake up at about the same time i fall asleep so we should be covered.
Posted in 2ch, Anime, Black/White, CoroCoro 「コロコロ」, Games, Japan 「日本」, Uncategorized
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