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Title: Buy pure water filters - drinking water purification South Africa
Description:Water filters & purifiers for drinking water purification for sale online in South Africa. Shopping for (H20) replacement filters. With drinking water quality under pressure in SA, a water purification system for your home is life saver. Buy direct.
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Buy pure water filters - drinking water purification South Africa
You are
here: HomeRegister LoginDiscover the joys – and benefits – of pure water filters...When you think of ‘pure’ water, you think of crystal clear spring water glinting in dappled sunlight, or beautiful fresh mountain water – both the best-tasting, safest drinking water. You think of the unspoilt goodness of everything natural. Not your normal tap water supplied by municipalities, filled with chlorine and other pollutants after undergoing drinking water purification...
Now, thanks to modern technology, it is possible to have pure water in your home, on tap.
But you know that - because you’ve been exposed to all the publicity of filter systems, reverse osmosis and so on. The new technology is also associated with high costs. But to enjoy a healthier, longer life, you need to drink the purest water available.Pure water, on tap, at low cost.Pure SA has broken the barrier of high cost home water purifiers... And you still get all the goodness you and your family need in essential trace nutrients like calcium and potassium – which are lost through other drinking water filters...
Drinking water purified through our filters is like having a gift of life. Keeping you healthily hydrated, helping you lose weight, and providing your body with all the life-sustaining elements it needs.What about reverse osmosis (RO)?
There’s been a great deal of hype about reverse osmosis purification systems. We’d like to set the record straight. Yes, you do need a reverse osmosis system – if you live in an area where the water has a severe salt problem. #160; Fortunately, an incredible 90% of South Africa’s water does not have this problem since our water comes from municipal suppliers or chlorinated wells.
So, while RO systems may look fancy, and have an unnecessaryhigh cost, the drinking water treatment of RO can be dangerous since it filters out what your body needs! In addition to removing unwanted chlorine, lime and bacteria it also removes every mineral and nutrient, leaving us with what we call ‘dead water’. Hydration is its only benefit.The truth about home water purifiers...
How do you select the best of the numerous home water purifiers on the market? This is what you need to know:What the different water filters can do – and why they are suited to South Africa? How to remove lime and the bad taste of chlorine from your water? The role of activated carbon in drinking water filters.What is GAC/KDF granular carbon filtration?How to remove bacteria and still be sure there are no germs present? You’ll find the answers to these questions – and a lot more – on our where you’ll also discover why more and more South Africans are trusting Pure SA for their drinking water purification...
Go there now to help you make one of the most important decisions of your life – for the right home water purifier could be your life saver! ~ - Directory  ~ SEO Executive ~ Visit Anoox ~Google Analytics SEO Keywords Module ~ Copy writing South AfricaCopyright 2009 by PureSA
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