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Title:Welcome! - Rate Your Music
Description:Rate Your Music is an online community of people who love music. Catalog, rate, tag, and review your music. List and review the concerts you've attended, and track upcoming shows. When you rate your music, the site's musicsocial recommender can recommend similar music and users with similar music taste.
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Welcome! - Rate Your Music
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Welcome to Rate Your Music.
Reviews [+]
On Phenomena and ExistencesRational Diet(2010)
A rational and well-balanced dietNot many bands manage to astonish me with how they progress and evolve from album to album; littleopportunity do I get to hear bands that while keeping their core sound and style, are able to bringsomething new into their palate, produce an updated aural image of themselves. Rational Diet is one such group. I #39;ve read that this band #39;s music poses a challenge to some listeners, a barrier of disharmonic noiseand orchestral chaos. I for one hear magical harmony, mysterious and eerie ambiance and highlycalculated and intricate composition, arrangements and stellar musicianship. The production is alsoof high quality and brings forth all the small details and intricacies that can easily get lost insuch a rich and layered album. Rational Diet #39;s music has a diverse range of sounds. From ominous and disharmonic sounding sectionsto more rock-oriented segments, from slow and relatively calm to a chaotic-like frenzy-drivenrhythmic bit. Their music is such that it #39;s eerie, sharp and in-your-face one minute and then itgradually morphs into a softer-edged sound with a more harmonic nature. This album presents avariety of these sounds, much like a diverse and well-balanced diet. Each of the 14 compositions onthe album presents varied and distinct pace, mood and approach, all unified by the band #39;s sound andplaying. This array of templates is at times applied in one song (Sleep Is A Teasing Man, andPasscaglia In Beautiful And Furious Worlds are two examples). Moreover, the instruments themselves are wisely used to achieve this effect, as the violin isusually the lead #34;offensive #34; and abrasive sounding instrument while the piano and organ serve theopposite end and the rest serve both #34;camps #34; as needed. This group does a wonderful job of composingmodern classical music and presenting it in a rock-like setup. Some of the pieces on the album, poems of sorts, show an interesting development for the band; A ManWent To Sleep, Sleep Is Teasing A Man and In Five Steps are such songs. These have a more intimateand exposed feeling to them in the sung parts, though they also contain the instrumental frenzy thatcharacterizes the group. The other tracks are prime example of this group #39;s playing prowess and arrangements skills. Take forinstance Bet On A Marked Card. Rational Diet takes a theme, layer it with all their instrumentallineup, add a second thematic section to which the melody shifts, play it fast and furious and theresult is a bombastic musical punch to the face. What I find most admirable here is the writing foreach instrument and adding it all up to fit together and achieving harmony between them and oneeffective sounding musical short piece. Another feat I appreciate is that they write mostly shortand succinct pieces and don #39;t linger on unnecessarily. I would however, like to hear how they wouldtackle a longer composition, how would they construct and arrange it (they had longer pieces inearlier albums but I #39;d like to hear what they would write now). A feature I find wonderful in their music and in this album in particular is the interplay betweenthe instruments. Take for instance, track 10, Private Secrets of Machine; hear how the violin andpiano interact, pose each other a phrase and the other answers or counteracts it. All the while, thedrums provide a propulsive beat, maintaining suspense and tension, aided by the bassoon and guitar.Some would probably say that at some point, the violin and piano lines become just random babblings,aimless meanderings; however, I hear carefully composed opposing streaks of melodies. These maysound disjointed at first, but upon repeated listening will reveal their #34;intention #34; and projectedmelodic paths unveiling their magic. I must say a good word about the production, which provides a clear and crisp sound in which I #39;mable to hear all the instruments, even those whose volume is such that they tend to be at the backof the mix and both low and high ends are heard well in this recording. On Phenomena And Existences is a dense, odd and intense listening experience. This is an album thatrequires full attention to grasp all of its richness as well as small intricacies. I find it to be awonderful step forward in the band #39;s output, a great follow-up to their previous release, At Work.
avestin (220 reviews)
Saudades do Brazil, La Muse Ménagère, L #39;Album de Madame Bovary [Alexandre Tharaud, Madeleine Milhaud]Darius Milhaud(1995)
Milhaud #39;s piano music reflects the composer #39;s eclecticism. There #39;s a good dose of Ravel and another one of Stravinsky. The music can #39;t be called epigonal - Milhaud is much too well-versed a composer. But to call this music essential would be exaggerated. Perhaps Milhaud was just a wee bit too prolific - over 400 compositions - to spend too much time on one project. Or the music came too easily to Milhaud. There aren #39;t any long, complex structures here, only short sentences, most of which last less than two minutes. The three piano works on this CD are charming, anyway. L #39;Album de Madame Bovary was inspired by Jean Renoir #39;s film, Madame Bovary. The narrated parts, chosen and performed here by Milhaud #39;s widow, Madeleine Milhaud, are quotations (in English) from Flaubert #39;s book. La Muse Ménagère consists of 15 short pieces with titles also narrated (again in English) by Madeleine Milhaud. Her involvement in the production gives this CD an unusual touch of authenticity. Saudades do Brasil is the best known composition of this set. It features Milhaud #39;s trademark, bi-tonality, as well as his impressions of Brazil. The style recalls the Brazilian composer, Heitor Villa-Lobos.With some reservation as regards the quality of the music, this CD may be recommended, anyway - at $8, one doesn #39;t risk much. Besides, the CD certainly contains music charming enough to give away as a present without having to fear a reputation of bad taste.
yofriend (2441 reviews)
I #39;m surprised by the fuss made over this debut full-length release from UK minimal techno act Emptyset. It is very much in the deep, vacuumous amp; spacey style of minimalists such as Sleeparchive amp; many of the M_nus label artists. However I find the production to be a bit lacking for this style of music. The bass is not well EQed at times amp; there is an over-reliance on white noise amp; distortion. Also there are far too many moments that feel empty amp; overly bleepy. Emptyset hint at some real substance on tracks like #34;Beyond #34; amp; #34;Completely Gone #34; where they concentrate on real melodic or percussive hooks however the overly distorted amp; druggy tracks leave me disappointed. This is not terrible but it hasn #39;t fulfilled the promise it shows in parts. There is far better releases around in this style.
opaline (131 reviews)
Hail to the ThiefRadiohead(2003)
I #39;ve rated Hail to the Thief the same as Amnesiac though I #39;ll concede Hail to the Thief is the better album. At first, I strongly disliked this album but after giving it more attention my impression has improved considerably even though I #39;ve deemed it merely #34;good #34;. Radiohead is considered by many to be the band that is always at the forefront of the modern music scene but I don #39;t see much innovation on this album by Radiohead standards. The album starts off promising with #34;2+2=5 #34; but with #34;Sit Down. Stand Up #34; the frantic electronic instrumentation towards the end detracts from what had been up until that point, a good song. While the use of electronics and sythesizers on Radiohead #39;s previous two albums and subsequent album are more ambient and soothing, these same componenets have a rougher, grating sound that stands out from, rather than compliments both the vocal and conventional guitar and drum parts. Another complaint I have is that while there are some standout tracks, they tend to get lost amongst other tracks that could have been cut from the album to make it more manageable than its current near hour length. Overall, there is still a good amount to be enjoyed though Hail to the Thief is a selection that is largely inferior to Radiohead #39;s classic trilogy of albums and the subsequent In Rainbows and is an album I #39;d only recommend after listening to the four aforementioned works first. Favorites: #34;2+2=5 #34; #34;Go to Sleep #34;
Hawkeyes89 (158 reviews)
Mutilation Makes Identification DifficultBrutal Juice(1995)
Bands like this littered the scene back in the mid-90s. Vaguely metal with a touch of weird, cashing in on the post-Nirvana major label gravy train. Most of #39;em sucked and Brutal Juice are, unfortunately, no exception. BJ come off like a slightly more frenetic Soundgarden, or a less arty Faith No More. They remind my most of French Canadian funk-metalers GrimSkunk, who were most notable for including a #34;free smokeable hemp product #34; in their CD packaging. Never heard of Grimskunk you say? Aaaaaanyyyywayyyy....This is a turgid, boring mess of a CD. The most frustrating thing about it is how this band finds one groove and sticks to it for the entire running time. I was expecting something innovative or crazy, a lost classic buried in the last great corporate record label tumult - the kind of expense account mania that is lost to history forever - when everyone was signing anyone and everything that smelled of flannel. This is not the second coming of Butthole Surfers or Flipper or Monster Magnet or The Flaming Lips (though they ape all of them). This is a badly dated historical footnote. One of the greatest album titles of all time, mind...
RustyJames (494 reviews)
Letters In The DeepCadillac Sky(2010)
I had never heard the music of Cadillac Sky before this release, though I had seen their name thrown around a few different bluegrass/folk blogs and on the Merlefest lineups. Seemed like the name of a boring local folk band that wouldn #39;t really be worth listening to.The reason I finally checked them out with this album is because Dan Auerbach produced it and while I do love The Black Keys, the few production and engineering credits he has are generally pretty good. Though most new-traditional bluegrass bands suffer in the studio from production that is too glossy, Auerbach stripped Cadillac Sky down in a studio, set up the microphones and hit record. The band has been known for putting on an excellent live show and Auerbach wanted to capture that in the studio.What results is an album that is definitely not bluegrass, it #39;s not quite folk, it #39;s not quite country. It #39;s a mixture of all of these, plus some jazz rhythms and rock crescendos that give the band a feeling that isn #39;t far off from much of The Avett Brothers work. Musically, the album is almost always interesting, and while the live feeling makes it seem a bit more dynamic, there are still moments that are a little out of place. The singing can be hit or miss, none of the vocalists are as strong as the best bands out there, but they #39;re not entirely terrible. Some songs range from a Chris Thile type whine, others have a less drunk Ryan Adams feel. Chris Thile comes up as a reference point again if we look at the music. With the few interludes, the slower tracks mixed with the more fun tracks, this does sound a lot like early Nickel Creek and with your first few listens, the earnestness can be a little much like some of that band #39;s work. Some lyrics are outright bad, some are pretty excellent for the genre.The album is a real mixed bag. It #39;s definitely not for everyone, and it #39;s hardly for me, but my appreciation for it is growing. I #39;ll give it some more listens before I make my final final decision, but overall - it #39;s a pleasant enough album.
noiiiiise (133 reviews)
Latest Ratings
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Oct 17Blatant plug for a new local band
Wigan #39;s preposterously named The Maladies of Bellafontaine: embedOct 15RYM Classic Punk Music Project
Attention glue sniffers, time is drawing near for completed submissions to the RYM Classic Punk Music Project. With a firm deadline of November 15, it is time to either polish up or dirty down your tracks. See this thread for further details. Oi!Oct 05Norman Wisdom (4 February 1915 – 4 October 2010)
embedComic, actor, singer, and Lee Evans impersonator Norman Wisdom has died at a nursing home on the Isle of Man, aged 95.
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S #39;il n #39;y avait pas toi
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Makin #39; Sound
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No Name No Color
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It #39;s What I #39;m Thinking (Part One: Photographing Snowflakes)
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As I Go Under
(October 20)
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