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Title: RedHot
Red Hot Videos
Red Hot NewsTumblr blogger osmium recollects Red Hot #8217;s genre defining 1993 album No Alternative:
The No Alternative compilation album came out in 1993, at the seachange when commercial radio stations had started changing formats to “alternative radio.” A generation of outcasts had spent their teenage years in the basement, watching 120 Minutes. In a fittingly ironic twist of fate, their tastes would be abruptly marketed to the mainstream and within a year Nirvana would be the most popular frat-party band in America.
If you wanted to cut down the tree of 90s Alternative and count the rings, you couldn’t do any better than No Alternative, an excellent record.  Soundgarden, Matthew Sweet, Sarah McLaughlin, Pavement, and Uncle Tupelo—you can see five different directions there, clearly, but the time was the same, the air was the same, and the idea was the same.
I wish I could remember the statement on the back of the record: “There is no alternative” it said, at once meaning there was no alternative to AIDS research (the purpose of the record), but also there was no such thing as alternative music. This mass marketing campaign that was about to happen—it was a only a pale shadow of reality, which was that good pop music alway exists, and always has, and always will. It didn’t start in 1993.
09/13/10Red Hot donates $25,000 to A Loving Spoonful.
Our seventh grant from the proceeds of Dark Was The Night went to the organization A Loving Spoonful in the amount of $25,000 on behalf of a recommendation by the New Pornographers.A Loving Spoonful’s mandate is: #8216;No One Living with HIV/AIDS should live with Hunger.’ Since its inception in 1989 they have served almost 1.75 million meals to Vancouver residents affected by the disease.These meals, which a staff Dietician has tailored to meet the needs of each recipient, are nutritious and free of charge, and are distributed by volunteer drivers who donate their own cars, gas and time.The $25,000 ALS received will go towards purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables, bread and dairy products for their clients.
pp08/12/10Red Hot donates $42,500 to Citta on behalf of David Byrne.
Red Hot has a long-lived (but not immutable) relationship with the wonderful Talking Heads songwriter and front man David Byrne. Since it #8217;s inception, David contributed to Red Hot, first with a song called #8220;Don #8217;t Fence Me In #8221; from Red Hot + Blue. Today he #8217;s just as relevant having collaborated with rising stars the Dirty Projectors on the song #8220;Knotty Pine #8221; from Dark Was The Night.David recommended Citta for our sixth grant from the Dark Was The Night proceeds in the amount of $42,500.Citta -– which derives its name from the Sanskrit word for “compassionate mind” –- is devoted to building institutions around the world to improve health, education and economic well-being.Its latest initiative –- HEED –- (Health, Education, amp; Economic Development) #8212; is in Juanga, Orissa, in eastern India, one of the poorest areas of the country. Goals and objectives include: (1) development of HIV awareness and outreach campaigns; and (2) development of a regional HIV voluntary counseling and testing program.
Citta also currently has programs running in India, Nepal, and Mexico.
pp08/09/10Red Hot donates $300,000 to Partners In Health on behalf of Arcade Fire.
Our fifth grant goes to Partners In Health in the amount of $300,000 from the Dark Was The Night proceeds on behalf of the recommendation by Arcade Fire. It #8217;s with great pleasure we #8217;re able to announce this donation to Partners In Health on the week of the release of the band #8217;s new album The Suburbs. Everything has been going well for Arcade Fire who deserve the world due to their years of charitable work. Arcade Fire #8217;s connection to Partners In Health was due in part because of their work in Régine Chassagne family #8217;s origin of Haiti. After the earthquake it was clear that this would be a place of focus for much of the Dark Was The Night revenue.Partners In Health was ranked as one of the top three charities for saving lives reliably and cost-effectively by Its HIV Equity Initiative is now a global model for the delivery of community-based treatment for complex diseases within the context of comprehensive primary care. Zanmi Lasante (“Partners In Health” in Haitian Kreyol) is PIH’s flagship project.On January 19, 2010, only days after the devastating earthquake that killed over 200,000 and injured or displaced three-quarters of a million more, Red Hot wired $150,000 in relief  funds.In May, that same year, Red Hot once again came to the rescue, granting an additional $150,000 in support of PIH’s efforts to deliver care in Saint-Marc, Haiti – an area with twice the HIV/AIDS rate as the rest of the country.
pp08/03/10Red Hot donates $25,000 to Casey House.
Our fourth grant from the proceeds of Dark Was The Night goes to Casey House in the amount of $25,000 on behalf of the recommendation by Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene.Casey House  –- located in Toronto, Ontario and the first freestanding HIV/AIDS hospice in Canada, began as a 13-bed residential hospice funded by Ontario #8217;s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Its Home Hospice Program now offers a full complement of services, helping its clients secure affordable housing; obtain medical assessments and care; and achieve a basic level of comfort many of us take for granted by providing its patients with eye glasses, socks, toothbrushes and other basic necessities.Money donated from Red Hot went in part to help 124 HIV positive mothers access Casey House’s Child Care Fund over 500 times, allowing them to tend to their medical and emotional needs and stay with their children.
pp07/29/10Arcade Fire's Win Butler Praises Bono for engaging with Bush.
(NME) Arcade Fire #8217;s Win Butler has praised U2 #8217;s Bono for #8220;engaging #8221; with George W. Bush over AIDS relief in Africa.
Butler, whose band are appealing to fans to donate to the Haiti Kanpe charity, said that although Bono often got stick from musicians and fans he believed he was having a positive effect.The Irish rocker described the then-US president as #8220;bold #8221; in 2003 for increasing the US #8217; Emergency Plan for Aids Relief budget in Africa and the Caribbean. #8220;As much as people slag Bono, I will forever give him credit for engaging with George W Bush when he was president, #8221; he said in this week #8217;s exclusive NME cover story interview. #8220;Even though it was a deeply unpopular move, even in his own band. The HIV medications in Africa, every aspect of the US foreign policy – it was a hell of a lot more than any president before had done. #8221;Click here to read the full story at NME.
p07/28/10Red Hot donates $25,000 to Out Youth.
We are so happy to finally alerting all the people that made Dark Was The Night possible (you the fans) to where all the proceeds are going. Not only do we get to give these organizations much needed funding but it also allow you guys to discover them and perhaps lend a hand yourself, especially if you live near one.Our third grant goes to Out Youth in the amount of $25,000 on behalf of the recommendation by Iron amp; Wine.Out Youth was founded in 1990 by students in the School of Social Work at The University of Texas at Austin as a local support group for queer youth in crisis. Twice a month a tester/counselor from the Health amp; Human Service Department of Austin visits Out Youth to provide STI testing and counseling. These efforts decrease HIV infection rates among Austin’s youth as well as cultivate new leaders in the fight against HIV/STIs by arming them with the facts they need to provide leadership for their peers.Stay tuned for more grant announcements in the following weeks! 
pp07/28/10TUDO BEM! Red Hot readies follow up to Dark Was The Night.
The Red Hot Organization is embarking once again on a musical journey to Brazil. 1996 #8217;s Red Hot + Rio began the relationship between the organization and the rich musical history of Brazil and this time around Red Hot is curating the magical sounds of the late 60 #8217;s, early 70 #8217;s Tropicália movement. The new project #8212; tentatively titled Tudo Bem! Red Hot + Rio 2 #8212; is being produced with E1 Entertainment and will feature original collaborations between some of the most innovative Brazilian and international artists.2011, Tudo Bem! Red Hot + Rio 2 #8217;s projected release, will mark the 15th anniversary of the Red Hot + Rio compilation. Be sure to follow us on twitter and facebook to stay up to date on the developments of our second installment from Brazil!
p07/27/10Red Hot donates $50,000 to Camp Amerikids.
We are happy to announce our second grant of $50,000 to Camp Amerikids on behalf of the recommendation by The National #8217;s Bryce Dessner.Camp Amerikids provides a traditional camp experience for those youth who are infected with or affected by HIV / AIDS. Red Hot grants funded food, nutritional supplements, infirmary supplies, property amp; equipment rental, creative workshop supplies, insurance, administration amp; transportation for the children to and from camp, cultural / educational activities in NYC and week-end skill building retreats.Camp Amerikids also offers year-round “Leader-in-Training” activities to former campers.In 2010, Red Hot learned that Camp Amerikids was on the verge of closing down due to a lack of funds. So in July 2010, Red Hot wired an additional $25,000 to the camp. Thanks in part to this grant, Camp AmeriKids has been able to continue its year round support services, and will welcome 250 campers to its program this summer!Executive director, Gaby Moss, wrote us: #8220;Because of organizations like Red Hot, we can continue to bring strength and joy into the lives of the children we serve. Coming to a place where they can feel welcomed, safe and supported is invaluable.  As one of our youngest campers said on the first day of camp last year #8216;I’m so happy to be home again. #8217; #8221;
p07/27/10Arcade Fire New Album 'The Suburbs' Live Streaming MSG Concert.
(RTTNews) Arcade Fire is planning to broadcast the second of two concerts at New York #8217;s Madison Square Garden live on YouTube and Vevo.The broadcast will take place on August 5 and is expected to start at 10 PM Eastern Time. The Arcade Fire are only one among a handful of bands set to stream their concerts live over the Internet as part of American Express  #8221;Unstaged #8221; concert series.Arcade Fire, meanwhile, is preparing for the August 3 release of their third studio album, The Suburbs.Of course Arcade Fire not only contributed to Red Hot #8217;s latest album, Dark Was The Night, but they #8217;ve also been busy with some other worthy causes concerning Haiti.p07/26/10
TwitterFacebook copy; 2010 The Red Hot Organization




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