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Description:Kirtu (noun): Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality. has free Savita Bhabhi episodes and other comics.
Body: - Indian Porn Toons - Only for Adults
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Kirtu (noun): Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.
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Comics Opening This Week
Nov 1 - SB Episode 24: Part 2
Nov 2 - Uncle Shom 2: Part 3
Nov 4 - Savita in Goa 4: Part 5
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Nov 9 - Uncle Shom 2: Part 4
Nov 8 - SB Episode 24: Part 3
Nov 15 - SB Episode 24: Part 4
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Kirtu Latest Updates
Nov 10 - College Election
Nov 10 - Wii 4 Part 2
Nov 9 - US 2 Part 4
Nov 8 - SB 24: Part 3
Currently 0.00/5
Kirtu Fan Series* - College Election
Episode started 10th of November
Rajashree has it all. Looks, ambition and a healthy sex life! But the only thing that is out of her reach is becoming the president of her college student union. So when the opportunity comes up, Raj makes up her mind to do anything to make sure her dreams comes true.
But first she has to make sure that she gets her main opponent out of the race and make sure that each member of the committee supports her . How will she do that? Lesbians scenes, Group sex, and a lot more in the exciting FREE episode of Kirtu – College Election!
Currently 2.67/5
Winter in India - Issue 4 : Forbidden Love
Episode started 3rd of November
The scorned and angry Ravi goes to Gabbar Khan’s camp to give him the news that Captain Winters is leaving for Goa with just a small contingent of men and his English women. Gabbar rewards him with a night of sexual debauchery with his courtesans.
Meanwhile Captain Winters reaches Goa to find that his once shy wife Sarah has now blossomed and opened up as a woman. On the other hand, Katherine and Manu decide to make the best use of their last day together and dedicate it to Kamadeva…
Currently 3.75/5
Savita Bhabhi - Episode 24 : The Mystery of Two
Episode started 25th of October
The last story ended with Varun, unexpectedly meeting his brother, Tarun, outside Savita Bhabhi’s apartment. But what happened next?
Shobha and Varun have been fucking like rabbits in the college ever since that day; in empty classrooms, on the roof even in the boys’ toilets. But where is Varun getting all the energy to fuck Shobha thrice a day and still be ready for another session with bhabhi when he reaches home. What’s his secret??? We’re sure every guy would like to know that. So don’t miss the exciting revelation in SB – 24: The Mystery of TWO! to find out
Currently 2.91/5
Uncle Shom - Part 2
Episode started 19th of October
Ever since Sunita has joined the household, Deepa has pleasantly surprised by the change in her father's mood. But when she walks in on them one day and sees with her own eyes the reason for her father's new found happiness she is devastated.
What will happen when she confronts Sunita and her father about thier illicit affair? Will the two best friends be forever separated by this incident, or will it in a twist of fate bring them closer together....
Watch the second and final part of Uncle Shom to find out!
Currently 3.75/5
Savita Bhabhi in Goa - Part 4
Episode started 11th of October
It's time for Savita to finally leave Goa and get back to her real life. But we know our Bhabhi won't let it end without one last final blast. When all four guys she has been with in Goa meet her at the same time, Savita with the help of her new accomplice Roshni devises a plan to keep them all happy and give herself some much needed action.
What is this plan? And will it be put into operation during the costume party all of them seem to be dressed up for? Don't miss this special 40 page finale of SB in Goa!
Currently 3.50/5
Saath Kahaniya - Part 5: Rohit - All in the family
Episode started 22nd of September
Rohit has always been considered the stud of the group. But was he always like this? Or like Delisha, does he have a story to tell too? Well, looks like he does!
Rohit tells the group about his conservative first girlfriend Ganji, who gave him hell for even trying to touch her. But luckily for him, Ganji’s slutty sister had no such reservations. So when she gives Rohit an opportunity to lose his virginity, how can he say no! But what if Ganji finds out.. and more importantly what happens when the girls' mother comes home?
See Rohit’s full story in the exciting part 5 of Saath Kahaniya – All in the family.
Currently 2.83/5
Uncle Shom - Part 1
Episode started 7th of September
How far would she go to console her best friends father???
When Sunita visits her childhood friend Deepa and sees Uncle Shom completely depressed after his wife's death, she determines to do her best to help Deepa and Uncle Shom, a person she considers her own father, through these difficult times.
But when she accidentally walks in on him masturbating, and later gives him a hardon when bathing him, she has to make a big decision. Shall she allow Uncle Shom some simple pleasures and keep him happy, or is this something too wrong to continue.
What does Sunita finally do, and will she be able to do it without her best friend Deepa getting an inkling of what is going on? Read Uncle Shom to know all...
Currently 4.50/5
Savita Bhabhi in Goa - Part 3
Episode started 27th of August
When Roshni, one of the girls of the group, decides to take on Savita for the attention of the men lusting at them they almost get into a good ol catfight. The girls finally decide to settle the question of who is hotter by each trying to lure one lucky guy Karan into their trap.
So will the young and hot body of Roshni win over Karan, or will it be the sexuality and experience of Savita Bhabhi? And will Karan be able to handle both these hot women seducing him without his girlfriend finding out? Watch the third sizzling part of Savita Bhabhi in Goa to find out...
Currently 4.50/5
Savita Bhabhi - Episode 23 : Kissing Cousins
Episode started 26th of August
We all know our dear Savita Bhabhi had lost her virginity to her cousin Raj
(see episode 4 – Visiting Cousin). But we don’t know how it happened. Shobha and Varun wanted to know how it happened to, so Savita Bhabhi tells us and them the story while being fucked by both of them in a threesome.
Watch the 18 year old Savita lose her viriginity on her birthday after getting naked by the riverside to her favorite bhaiya Raj. Don’t miss this exclusively hot episode of a younger Savita Bhabhi! Download SB23 – Kissing Cousins to see more...
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