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Ashley Furniture Room Planner
Ashley Furniture Room Planner
Where You Want To Be
Barry was on the phone in his office, speaking with confidence,
energy and passion.
In his office were a number of removal men working quickly moving
furniture out the door to the van parked outside. Before long the
office was bare except for some old files, a cracked picture
frame and a parched plant.
Just then a tall man in a dark suit entered the building with a
swagger. He found Barry still on the phone, standing in a corner
of the empty office. His voice echoed around the empty room as
he finished his conversation and hung up and placed the phone
back on the floor.
Barry reached into his pocket to find his keyring, he selected
the car key and reluctantly handed it over. The man in the suit
grabed it before walking outside and driving off at high speed in
the car.
John walked in to see Barry just as all of this was happening. He
was surprised at how relaxed and confident Barry was given the
circumstances. You see, Barry had just lost his business and the
removal men had arrived to repossess his furniture while the car
leasing company had taken back the Rolls Royce because the
payments had fallen into arrears.
John was here for the same reason - to collect an unpaid debt.
Although it was clear now that there was little chance of getting
any money. So John and Barry did a deal. If Barry would teach him
how he could be so cool in the face of pressure than the debt
would be regarded as paid.
This is what Barry said to him:
**The big secret in life is to train your mind to think only
about what you want to happen and to keep your thoughts off of
what you do not want. Despite the fact that I have just lost my
business, my car, and my office I just got off the phone, before
it gets disconnected, after negotiating what could be one of my
biggest deals ever.
Always keep your mind picturing what you really want and THINK
ABOUT WHERE YOU WANT TO BE and not where you are. Stress is what
happens when you put your attention on the wrong things.**
And now over to you. Most people live life in a trance without
noticing the thoughts that are flying around inside their heads
all day long. Spend more time each day spotting what you think
about, you will likely find that you often run through all the
things that could go wrong as well as seeing situations working
out as being only o.k.
Next, review a recent event where the pressure was on and you
froze. How did you manage to put yourself in such an
unresourceful state. What thoughts were going through your mind.
More than likely you created big pictures in your mind of things
going wrong.
Get into the habit of expecting things to work out and you will
find yourself picturing life running more smoothly. You will then
feel more confident, people will respond to you differently and
you will get better results. Before long you will see that it is
a self fulfilling prophecy.
Expect more, do more and get more whether that be money, love,
happiness or peace of mind. Expect the best.
Peter Murphy
Publisher of the Abolish Shyness newsletter
This article courtesy of
You may freely reprint this article on your website or in your newsletter provided this courtesy notice and the author name and URL remain intact.
Faux Painting
Faux and Decorative Painting
Sponge painting
Sponge painting is great because it is easy, fast, requires little paint and materials, and did I mention it was easy? It can be used on walls, furniture, and accessories, and can give instant facelift to dull objects.
Don rsquo;t let anyone convince you that you have to go buy an expensive sea sponge to do this. I rsquo;ve used plastic grocery bags, cloth diapers, even old clothing hellip;(Ok, now it rsquo;s called ragging, same technique, more subtle look.) But you can use a plain old kitchen sponge, and here rsquo;s the secret hellip;.tear away all the hard edges of the sponge, even tear chunks from the center to give it an irregular appearance.
Now choose your paint, and sponge! Remember to sponge sparingly at first, you can always add more later. Also, dab the paint off on your plate first, you only need a little paint on the sponge, or it will be too gloppy. Practice first on a paper bag, and remember to change the direction of your hand occasionally, the idea is not to get a pattern going.
Try combining sponge painting with stenciling or decorative painting, tape off a border and use it just there, you can even sponge paint over glassware with the new glass paints available at your craft store.
There is a very simple technique to marbleizing that is popular in the home decorating world today, and you won rsquo;t believe how easy it is until you try it.
Simply choose two to four colors of paint within the same color scheme, one light, one medium, one dark.
Using a regular paintbrush, dip the brush into all the colors. Now simply pounce the paintbrush over the surface to get a mottled effect. It might help to keep a picture of a piece of marble nearby to refer to. Use the different colors to add shading, or tone down an area you think is too bright.
When finished with the surface, take a small artists liner brush, dip it into either the lightest or darkest color you used, (thin with a little water, if necessary) and paint veins by dragging the brush over the surface, wiggling it as you go. Don rsquo;t go overboard on the veining. Remember also to bring the veins over the edges for a realistic finish.
I think sealing it with a gloss clearcoat or polyurethane gives the most authentic look of polished marble.
Crackling is very popular as aged finishes have become so much a part of showcasing warmth and history in our homes. It can be done without purchasing expensive crackling kits.
Crackled finishes are a simple chemical reaction. All you need are two colors of latex paint, one a base coat that will peek through, and one a top coat, that you will see the most of, and household glue. That rsquo;s right, direct from your kid rsquo;s art box.
Sand and prime your piece if necessary, then paint with your base coat. Remember, this will be the color the will just peek through, so it rsquo;s best if it contrasts with the top coat. Let dry.
Now mix household glue with equal parts water, and brush onto your base coat. This can be done easiest with a foam brush. Allow the glue to dry until just tacky, about 30 minutes.
Now for the reaction part. Brush on your top coat directly over the glue coat. Don rsquo;t brush over any one area more than once, you will ruin the crackle effect in that area. You should start seeing the crackling take place within a minute or so. The size of the crackles has a lot to do with your technique in applying the top coat, so experiment a little first. Long, smooth strokes tend to produce larger more dramatic cracks than short strokes, and
if you really want a subtle effect, try sponging or ragging on the final coat. Allow to dry overnight.
If you wish to further antique your work, simply dab or brush it with some wood stain, then wipe off. Repeat until you get the look desired.
You can seal with polyurethane or clearcoat, or coat it with common furniture wax.
Kathleen WIlson is the editor of a free ezine and newsletter called The Budget Decorator, dedicated to the "budget impaired" home decorator. Visit her at for more free ideas and projects, and for info on her workshop.
This article courtesy of
You may freely reprint this article on your website or in your newsletter provided this courtesy notice and the author name and URL remain intact.
The New Ergonomics: Good Health Through Inconvenience
You spend your day at a computer workstation or executive desk. The furniture item fills up the corner of the room, holds your computer, fax/phone/copier, scanner, filing basket and a year's worth of office supplies. There's enough space left over to spread out a picnic lunch if you are so inclined. You settle comfortably into a big executive type chair on casters and get ready to call a few colleagues in for a meeting. As you wait, you talk into a telephone receiver that you're squeezing in place by crunching your shoulder up towards your ear.
That scene is SO nineties, workplace experts tell us. The trend of the new century is towards office furnishings and office equipment that encourage mobility. Get rid of all that big, expensive office furniture before it kills you, they say. Replace it with a smaller "just big enough" desk and equipment that encourages you to move around as you do your job.
In other words, get rid of all that "convenience." Force yourself into healthy action by making your environment inconvenient.
In the first years of this new century, the health hazards associated with a desk job have moved beyond conditions like repetitive strain disorder and carpal tunnel syndrome. Not that we can forget about those conditions, but there's more to worry about now.
e-thrombosis is a newly-recognized condition that afflicts people who sit still for extended lengths of time. And, sitting still for extended periods of time in the workplace is usually associated with computer use.
E-thrombosis (medical terminology is Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT) is similar to the condition suffered by long distance air travelers. It's no laughing matter. E-thrombosis can be life threatening. A blood clot forms in the legs due to long hours of inactivity. The clot can break off and move into the lungs with sometimes fatal results.
Although only one case has been diagnosed at this time, researchers believe that e-thrombosis may have contributed to many cases of pulmonary embolisms, but gone unnoticed.
Sitting still for hours on end leaves us vulnerable to this and possibly other health hazards. And, according to physiotherapists, working out at the end of the day isn't the solution. By that time, the damage has been done and the workout could do more damage.
Prevention is not difficult. All that is required is that you move about regularly throughout the day.
Get a desk that rsquo;s just-big-enough, or an e-work station with movable modules. Put that fax machine in one corner of the room and the copier in another. Provide yourself with articulated arm rests for computer use. Get both an adjustable chair and a fitness stool. Switch back and forth between the two, and at intervals throughout the day, sit on a fitness ball instead of the chair or stool. Sitting on the ball forces good posture and strengthens core muscles.
Have room so you can pace about as you think. Get a phone with a wireless headset that allows you to pace during phone conversations. Have standup work surfaces so you can sort papers, read reports or talk to colleagues while standing. Look into foot switches that allow you to transfer some of the computer tasks to your feet instead of your hands.
Walking around only five to ten minutes each hour is all that it takes.
In short, get moving! It's good for you.
================================================ How to Write Business Plans, Business Proposals, JV Contracts, Human Resource Package, More! No-cost ebook "Beginners Guide to Ecommerce". Business Writing by Nightcats Multimedia Productions
June Campbell has been a self employed writer since 1996.Her work has appeared in numberous print and electronic publications. Visit her business resource web site at
This article courtesy of
You may freely reprint this article on your website or in your newsletter provided this courtesy notice and the author name and URL remain intact.
Make Room For Happiness
Close your eyes and visualize this. (Ok, bad idea...since you can't read with your eyes closed). So instead, just clear your thoughts for a minute and get this picture in your head.
I've been painting my den. All the furniture is crowded together in the middle of the room. I expertly (yeah right) organized the space where we could get to the couch to watch TV...except of course anything we need, which is always seems to be clear across the room. It's jumbled, and crowded, and out-of-sync. Nothing's easy, nothing's within reach, and I spend way more time doing simple things than I normally would.
Sound familiar? That's a very accurate description of Everyday life for many people. A crowded up, jumbled up, not-in-sync quadrant of time and space.
Not a pretty picture. Now imagine that you wanted to ADD something to that space. Maybe you really really wanted a new couch, or new TV, or even just a new rug. It would only crowd things that much more. It would only make you more uncomfortable, and out of sync.
As a Life Coach, people come to me every day wanting to ADD something to their lives...starting a new business, finding a relationship, writing a book. But their lives are like my den...crowded and "unfunctionable". Adding something would only make them more uncomfortable than they already are.
If you want something new and different in your life, you must first make ROOM. Make room for happiness by moving OUT the old.
Where do you start to begin to make room for happiness?
1. Time. How do you spend your time? Is it wasted time, or refreshing time? Are you consciously spending time, or just letting it happen?
2. Environment. What no longer is working for you in your environment? Are there unfinished projects that were important at one time, but no longer intrigue you? When you look around, does your environment make you feel good?
3. Relationships. What relationships are no longer effective to your happiness? Do the people in your life support you? Are you are proud to introduce them to others?
4. Thinking. Do you talk to yourself like your best friend? Or do you talk to yourself like someone who you despise? Pay attention to how you treat your mind.
5. Work. Do you feel fulfilled and happy about your work? Or do you dread going to work, and just count the minutes until Fridays?
Once you have made the ROOM for success, adding what you really want will give you pleasure and fulfillment. If you try to add it on top of what you already have, it will become just another source of aggravation. First, you must set up your life to support success.
Just as in my den, as I begin to rearrange the sofa and chairs, the rest of the room became easier and easier. So it will be with your you change one part, each will be easier and easier.
Kathy Gates, Professional Life Coach, can help you restructure your life so that it's easier, more fun, and a more genuine expression of who you are. She is the author of an Ebook and several Email Coaching Programs available at, call 480.998.5843
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You may freely reprint this article on your website or in your newsletter provided this courtesy notice and the author name and URL remain intact.
How To Make Your (Home) Office Reflect You
If you're reading this, then you are spending quite a bit of time in a room or corner of your home you call "my home office". The "feel" of this area is so important to your creativity - not to mention your sanity! Below are some questions your office has been meaning to ask you! Use these questions to get your home office into tip-top shape and make it a room in which you really enjoy spending your time.
Do I smell great to you?
Think about buying some candles, incense, essential oils or an aromatherapy lamp. Don't forget to open the windows every now and again, too!
How private am I?
If you don't have any privacy, find a way to create some. Even if your office is a corner area, there ARE ways to make it private.
How do I feel?
Cozy, open, bright, warm, full... whatever feels good to you, make your office feel that way, too.
Where are your personal items?
Many years ago, it was not "professional" to have family pictures on your desk. Now that you own your office, you can do what you like!
How is my wall treatment?
If your office needs repainting or new wallpaper, set aside the money and time to get it done. Consider hanging pictures or posters you enjoy.
Is my desk arranged to promote your brilliance and creativity?
If you can sit at your desk and see out the window or into the rest of the house, do it!
How do my windows look?
Clean curtains, shades, and windows add to the feel of any room, including your office.
Have you cleaned out my files and desk in the past year?
Make room for "the new" by cleaning out "the old". Throw away paperwork when you know you'll find current information on the Internet or at the library.
Where is my supply cabinet or closet?
The closer these items are to your office, the fewer the number of items on your "to complete" list.
Am I organized to your liking?
If not, visit for a list of organizing, Feng Shui, and clutter control books.
 Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved. Maria Marsala, Business Life Coach-Consultant. Maria works with individuals as they design, start and grow their businesses or careers around what they love to do. Visit to subscribe to "Growing You and Your Business" a free weekly online newsletter.
This article courtesy of
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copy; 2009 All rights reserved.
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