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Title:United International College - UIC
Description:United International College (UIC), situated in Zhuhai and jointly founded by Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University, is the first full-scale cooperation in higher education between the Mainland and Hong Kong.
Keywords:United International College, UIC
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United International College - UIC
United International College(UIC)
Campus amp; Facilities
General Information
New Students' Orientation
Map amp; Traffic
Download Service
Academic Calendar
Timetable for semester 1 of 2010-2011
Contact Us
UIC Portal
UIC Portal
College Diary
About UIC
College Administration
UIC Council
UIC Organizational Structure
Executive Vice-President
Top Executives
Quality Assurance
General Introduction
Quality Education and Process
Mission and Vision
Senate Its Standing Committees
Committees under Administration
Educational Philosophy
Whole Person Education
WPE Homepage
High Table Dinner
Integrated Education on Contemporary and Traditional China
Voluntary Service Development Centre
Environment amp; Development Center
Experiential Development Program Center
Emotional Intelligence Development Center
Four-Point Education
Global Outlook
Collaborative Partners
HKBU Study Programs
Research Postgraduate Students
HKBU MBA Programme
Mentor Caring Program
Smoke-Free Campus
Academic Divisions
Humanities and Social Sciences Division
Business and Management Division
Science and Technology Divsion
English Language Center
Chinese Language Center
Research Center
Institute of Statistices and Computationnal Intelligence
The Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies
Regional Economics Development Research Institute
The Research Institute of Chinese Culture
Teaching Faculties
Administrative Units
Academic Registry
Research Office
International Development Office
Learning Resources Centre
Information Technology Services Centre
Media Public Relations Office
Student Affairs Office
Finance Office
Human Resources Office
Medical and Health Education Office
Integrated Services Office
Purchasing Office
Secretariat Office
For External
For Internal
International Exchange
International Development
Pre-University Programme
Chinese Language and Culture Program
Calendar amp; Timetable
Timetable for semester 1 of 2010-2011
Timetable of all WPE modules 2010-11 (Semester 1)
12-18-00:21UIC to the Silk Road: Documentary Premiere
12-14-18:15Free statistics workshop in Semester 2, 2010-11
12-13-09:46Announcement on Instructions for CET 4 6 (Dec 18, 2010)
12-09-15:44Distribution of Admission Card for CET 4 6(Dec 18, 2010)
12-09-01:30Online Textbook Ordering for Required Subjects (Semester II of Academic Year 2010-2011)
12-02-19:09Briefing Session for 2011 HKBU Summer Program
11-27-01:17Term-End Teaching Learning Evaluation
11-26-10:32HKBU Postgraduate Programmes Interview Preperation
11-25-19:31HKBEA Internship Programme in UIC
11-23-14:56Thanksgiving Culture Journey
11-20-00:30The 35th High Table Dinner Agenda and Seating Plan
11-19-01:29HKBU Postgraduate Programmes Information Day cum Opening Ceremony
11-18-08:00The 4th UIC Sports Day
11-17-02:07Cycling tour to Qi’ao Island
11-16-19:28The 35th High Table Dinner—Name List and Training Session
More ..College News
Victory in HKICPA Council Election
The deputy president of BEA Guangzhou Branch gave a lecture in UIC
Middle School Principles Discussed Educational Innovation at UIC
HKBU JIRS Delegation and Official of Zhuhai Production Research Department Visited UIC
Dr. Baojun Xu Selected as Regional Editor of International Academic Journal
How did they get admissions to further study programmes?
----Sharing on Further Study was Held
More than 20 UIC students won subsidization to exchange in U.S.A
Thanksgiving Day Celebrated at SHCV
The 4th MPCC-UIC Presidential Lecture Series was held in UIC
I would definitely choose UIC if I were 50 years younger
Prof. Xu Jialu officiated the opening ceremony of UIC LRC
777 UIC Graduates Received HKBU Bachelor’s Degrees
HKBU Alumni Celebrated their Golden Anniversary Reunion at UIC
Applied Economics Student Won Second Prize in Provincial English Speaking Contest
American Consul General gave a Lecture on the U.S, China and Educational Innovation
On UIC’s Future Development
An Interview with President Ng Ching-Fai
Beijing Normal University  Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai Campus
Hong Kong Baptist University   DCDC CG Animation Effects
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