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Title:Spa Marketing, Salon Marketing, Beauty Salon Marketing, Massage Marketing, Spa Business
Description:Unique Spa Marketing Ideas, click or dial 1.800.689.1519 for Truly Unique Spa Marketing & Salon Marketing. We've got the Best Social Media & Direct Response Marketing Strategies Guaranteed! Pre-made templates, flyers, ads, client sales letters and internet marketing campaigns!
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Spa Marketing, Salon Marketing, Beauty Salon Marketing, Massage Marketing, Spa Business
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Your Marketing Bombed – Now What?
Day Spa amp; Salon Marketing amp; Advertising #8211; Strategies
If it hasn #8217;t happened to you yet #8211; it will. I promise.
You spend days researching a promotion for your day spa or salon… coming up with a convincing argument why your promo is better than all your competitors #8230; including stellar testimonials from existing clients #8230; and giving the prospective client an offer he/she can #8217;t refuse.
You work long hours with some graphic designer to create a look that makes your advertisement EXPLODE. You #8217;re thrilled with your results and you can #8217;t wait to get it out there to start generating new clients.
The finalized marketing piece finally arrives. You get printed samples in the mail. Promotion looks AWESOME! Now you have to wait 3 weeks or more to get the results.
In the meantime, you #8217;re envisioning how you #8217;re going to spend your new found money from the clients you #8217;ve generated. New car? Dream vacation? Hey #8211; maybe even pay down your mortgage!
Then you sit and wait #8230; but the phone (or email) doesn #8217;t ring:
#8220;Your promotional sales didn #8217;t beat the last one you did. #8221; Or even worse #8230;
#8220;Your promotion absolutely bombed. You haven #8217;t seen a lack of response this low in over 15 years! #8221;
Now, the negative tape starts going off in your head:
#8220;You suck. #8221; You #8217;re a fraud. Nobody will visit our day spa or salon EVER again. Get that Wal-Mart application and fill it out PRONTO. You can #8217;t make it in the Spa amp; Salon industry. #8221;
Sound familiar?
I #8217;m not making this stuff up. That #8217;s how I still feel EVERY time my marketing fails. Fortunately I don #8217;t experience it too often #8211; but when I do #8211; my day #8230; week #8230; sometimes month is ruined!
How do I pull myself out of my rut and get my butt back in the game?
Well, I learned a few valuable lessons through the past decades doing this marketing stuff that helps me #8211; and I think it can help you too. So listen up #8230;
#1: Get the facts! I #8217;ve got an over-imaginative mind. If I hear #8220;your marketing didn #8217;t work #8221; – I immediately assume it sucked to high heaven! When the reality is that I may have lost by just a few less phone calls.
So, don #8217;t settle for generalities. Look for specifics. Did the promotion lose by 10% #8230; 15% #8230; or 20%? Did you have alternate ads amp; marketing you created? If so, how did they stack up?
Getting these specifics can help you decide which way to go. If your lack of marketing results was a lost by a slim margin – then there #8217;s a chance you could improve the results with a stronger headline.
Sit down and write a new promotion #8230; #8220;if you are willing to retest? #8221; Your goal is to turn your promotion and marketing into a winner #8211; so you need another shot. Nickel and diming your graphic designer or some marketing rep at this point will put you out of the game!
Here #8217;s a little insight from my years of working as a marketing director: If a promotion loses #8211; your day spa or salon doesn #8217;t necessarily lose money. Here #8217;s why:
Let #8217;s say your promotion generated very little response. You #8217;re not a winner – but you #8217;re not a loser either. You should be able to recoup your losses on the new clients you generated for the business. This is where #8220;lifetime value of a client #8221; kicks in! This is a HUGE source of income that is ALWAYS overlooked by the business owner. So, if your promotion brought in new clients #8211; with some proper customer service, up-sells and retention of that client #8230; you are making money off those new clients in the long term!
#2: Perform a #8220;post-mortem #8221; of your promotion. It may not be the price, services or the offer #8211; it could be you picked a bad theme or layout. Sometimes graphic designers give you a theme and direction they think is the best way to go #8211; but when the promo or marketing idea doesn #8217;t work #8211; YOU failed! Not fair, but it #8217;s a reality.
Sometimes you just picked a dud designer that has NO clue about marketing or a promotion that didn #8217;t resonate with your market. It happens. It sucks. Oh, well, you move on.
Here #8217;s a suggestion if your designer gives you a theme or direction for your promotion: If you don #8217;t buy into the theme – walk away from the promotion.
Remember, YOUR butt #8217;s on the line to deliver new clients to the business. If you don #8217;t think you can make it work #8211; it #8217;s better to pass and come up with as better promotion.
If you tell your graphic designer you #8217;re not #8220;feelin #8221; the look and layout – then try to come up with an alternative idea to save the marketing piece.
I #8217;ve said NO THANKS to a graphic designer #8217;s idea several times #8211; and I #8217;ve been happy with my decision every time.
You have to believe in the direction you are going #8230; don #8217;t just rely on the opinions and ideas of advertising salespeople, especially graphic designers. You #8217;ll be glad you passed.
You #8217;ve got a lot of money invested in these promotions and the marketing of your business #8211; and you want the best marketing person for the job. If it #8217;s not you #8211; then it shouldn #8217;t be you! Find someone who can get better RESULTS!
#3: Remember: Dan Kennedy sucks too! After I #8217;ve had my little pity party about my marketing losing, I need to get my head back in the game. And the best way I do that is to think about my direct response marketing hero Dan Kennedy. And then I say, #8220;If a master at marketing like Dan isn #8217;t always batting a thousand #8211; why the heck do I think I #8217;m immune to failure?
The point is EVERYBODY experiences defeat with their marketing. And the way to become known as a STAR promoter of your salon or day spa is to have FEWER failures than the competitors!
That #8217;s how Dan #8230; Seth Godin #8230; and other marketing marvels developed their stellar reputations. It #8217;s not that they didn #8217;t lose #8211; they just had more SUCCESSES!
So seek some help if needed #8230; and don #8217;t give up!
Dedicated To Multiplying Your Revenues,
~John Uhrig
Monochrome Marketing Solutions
Results-Based Marketing
Questions? Comments? Opinions? Ideas?
Phone: 1.800.689.1519
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20. Jul, 2010
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9 Highly Effective Spa Marketing and Salon Marketing Tips
Spa amp; Salon Marketing amp; Advertising – Strategies
Here are 9 low-cost but highly effective spa and salon marketing tips to help you boost your sales and profits fast.
Tip 1:
Look for some low-cost ways you can strengthen the perceived value of your spa products or treatments. You can easily do this by adding in other treatments and products by packaging your offers. Then test raising your price. Don #8217;t be surprised if both your sales and your profit margin go up!
Tip 2:
Try to limit your customer #8217;s decision making to either #8220;Yes. I #8217;ll buy. #8221; or #8220;No. I won #8217;t buy. #8221; Don #8217;t risk losing them by including #8220;which one #8221; decisions. The more options you offer the client, the more likely some customers will procrastinate and never make the decision #8230; causing you to lose a sale needlessly.
Tip 3:
You can demonstrate a low cost for your salon products or hair services by breaking down the price to its lowest time increment. For example, #8220;Enjoy all of this for less than 90 cents a day #8221; (for something priced at $325 a year like your salon membership program).
Tip 4:
Add an unanticipated bonus to every sales transaction just before completing the sale. It prevents customers from developing any last minute hesitation #8230; and changing their minds about buying.
Tip 5:
Print your best small ad on a postcard and mail it to prospects in your local targeted area. Postcards are dog cheap and easy to use. Most recipients who ignore other types of advertising will read a brief ad when it #8217;s delivered to them via a postcard.
Tip 6:
Prospects who ask questions are typically close to buying. Take advantage of this. Don #8217;t just answer their question. Include a reason for them to buy your spa treatments as part of your answer. Then ask for the sale #8230; or tell them exactly what to do to place their order. i.e. #8220;We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex or cash, which would you prefer? #8221;
Tip 7:
Collect testimonials from your clients and use them in all your spa marketing efforts. Testimonials provide grounds that your spa products or treatments deliver the results you promise. For maximum impact, use only testimonials that describe specific results the customer enjoyed.
Tip 8:
Include #8220;benefit rich #8221; headlines on all your salon marketing material including your website! Many visitors arrive at a web page then immediately click away #8230; unless something instantly catches their attention and keeps them from leaving. A headline accomplishes this!
Tip 9:
Continually test and evaluate everything you use or do to promote your spa business and salon. Allocate 80 percent of your spa marketing budget to proven promotions. Use the other 20 percent for testing new variations. Most salon businesses using this system continue growing #8211; even in highly competitive markets.
Bonus Tip:
Handle client complaints quickly and with a positive attitude. Strive to preserve your relationship with them instead of your immediate profit from the transaction. They will reward you with repeat sales and referrals #8230; instead of punishing you by telling everybody they know about their unhappy experience using your day spa or salon and causing you to lose future clients.
Each of these spa marketing and salon marketing tips provides a simple, low-cost way for you to boost your sales and profits quickly. All you have to do is take ACTION!
Dedicated To Multiplying Your Revenues,
~John Uhrig
Monochrome Marketing Solutions
Results-Based Marketing
Questions? Comments? Opinions? Ideas?
Phone: 1.800.689.1519
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19. Jul, 2010
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6 Marketing Tips For Your Spa Business
Spa amp; Salon Marketing amp; Advertising #8211; Strategies
The following Six Marketing Tips are based on highly effective #8211; but often overlooked marketing tactics. How many are you using? How many should you be using?
** 1: When developing marketing pieces express any numerical claims in your piece as odd numbers with fractions or decimals. I.e., #8220;Oasis Day Spa clients save 18.7 percent #8221; sounds more believable than #8220;Oasis Day Spa clients save 20 percent #8221; #8230; even if 20 percent is the truthful number.
** 2: Your existing clients are prospects too. Stay in continual contact with them. Find or develop other offers, products or services you can present them. Also, think in terms of referrals #8230; what incentives could you offer to entice referrals? It #8217;s easier to make a sale to an existing or past client than to someone who never bought from you before.
** 3: Advertising copy produces the biggest response and is much more believable when each reader can believe the message was written specifically for him or her. As you write any sales message or marketing piece, picture yourself writing to one person or a close friend instead of a large group of people. This will help you write in a less formal and more personal style. The more personal your message the more believable it becomes and the better it converts to sales.
** 4: When putting together your marketing pieces #8230; always, always include an offer. This does not always have to be a discount on services. Although, to create an absolutely mouth-watering offer, merge a special discount price and a set of valuable bonuses in the same offer.
** 5: Most sales are not made on the first contact but rather over the series of contacts. Develop a method to capture and save the names and contact information of prospects who don #8217;t buy from you. Follow up periodically. A little nurturing and education will eventually convert many of them into buyers.
** 6: Set yourself apart from your competition by offering a select benefit your competitors cannot copy #8230; or one they #8217;re not willing or able to copy. Make a bold claim! The next step is to ALWAYS fulfill on that claim.
Simple but highly effective marketing tactics. Take action now to apply those you #8217;ve maybe overlooked. You #8217;ll be surprised how much business they produce for you.
Dedicated To Multiplying Your Revenues,
~John Uhrig
Monochrome Marketing Solutions
Results-Based Marketing
Questions? Comments? Opinions? Ideas?
Phone: 1.800.689.1519
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16. Jul, 2010
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Take The Right Lane #8230;
Here #8217;s a short story about how you can save time and move forward faster in your personal and business life.
During the day I often make a trip to and from Vancouver.
On the way back to home, I take the #1 highway going East.
Prior to Surrey there is a bridge called the Port Mann.
The Port Mann Bridge is a steel tied arch bridge that spans the Fraser River connecting Coquitlam to Surrey in BC near Vancouver.
And once on the East side of the bridge it seems like everyone travelling east wants to merge into the left lane to get on the faster part of the highway going up the hill into Surrey. Especially during morning and afternoon rush hours.
Because of this commuter trait, the left lane of the #1 is backed up.
The line must stretch for 2 kms.
Car after car, truck after truck, barely moving forward.
People waiting ever so patiently in line.
Waiting for their time.
Any one of these people could avoid the line.
The right lane is moving freely, uncluttered and flowing.
It #8217;s the lane less traveled by folks exiting on exit 44.
I bypass the kms of waiting cars.
And I slip in to the front of the line.
And now that you know what to do, you should try it too.
As a business owner I hope you’re not going to wait in no lines.
Especially when you decide you want your business to be great.
Like me, take the right lane and move to the front.
You #8217;ll want to visit the link below for more business tips.
And you won #8217;t have to wait a second more.
You can access this resource now at this link below.
Go Here!
To your business success…
~John Uhrig
P.S. When you find yourself stuck, take right lane.
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13. Jul, 2010
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