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Title:Spanked Girls
Description:Girls spanked. Corporal punishments. Spanked school girls
Spanked Girls
Spanked Girls
Girls spanked. Corporal punishments. Spanked school girls
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Lesbian spanked girl: skinny teen spanked by MILF blond
Posted on September 11, 2009
How about lesbian spanked girls? I think it is a good idea to post a link to nice and strict girl-on-girl spanking gallery. Well: here it is Calstar Spanking presents a spanking picture set about nice teen spanked by blonde MILF mentor lady. Enjoy the punishment and visit the mother site for more of that exiting stuff.
The punishment goes in the office, where naughty girl has been invited for a detention. But it seems that words do not affect this skinny bitch and something more powerful is needed: the spanking will work fine!
I love when older woman uses their power to dominate young spanked girls by using her power. This gallery is a great example of this situation: a blonde MILF lady spanks and whips slutty teen in her office. Check out those painful red marks appears on a bubble butt! Those are to stay for a long period of time to remind that silly spanked girl about the punishment she received!
Wanna see more pictures? Looking forward to see the movie of this scene? It is very easy to do: just visit Calstar Spanking site and enjoy this and hundreds of other whipping stories where spanked girls posing for your viewing pleasure:
Pictures of spanked girl being undressed and handcuffed
Posted on September 3, 2009
I guess you #8217;d always had a fantasy about taking forced control over a young and beautiful teenager, ripping her panties off and spanking her bubble butt the cruelest way you could imagine? Well. Today your dreams come true in the gallery from Girls Boarding School site, where nice young lady is being handcuffed and spanked in her bedroom. This spanked girl is worth a thousand words!
Here she is - spanked girl is standing in her bedroom and having only a white blouse on. Other girl #8217;s clothes have been ripped off and she is nude and exposed. Spanking master puts a pair of leather cuffs on teen #8217;s arms and chains them together behind the back. The teen became a helpless handcuffed slave.
The spanking itself takes a lot of effort: starting wit bare hand slapping and ending with painful wooden paddle whipping. Girl #8217;s skin turns into red color after about a minute of intense punishment. Having her hands restrained the only thing spanked girl can do is cry and beg her master to stop.
Check out redhead spanked girl lies in her bed, with her arms and legs cuffed. Helpless and exposed, this young bitch can be not only spanked, but also fucked by her punisher! Check out the rest of the story to see what happened next! Visit Girls Boarding School site for amazing images of sexy teens humiliated with naked spanking. Enter the huge spanking movies collection by clicking the banner below. Have fun with these spanked girls!
Lap dance ends up a painful punishment for a spanked girl
Posted on August 20, 2009
A lot of people are spicing up their sexual life with erotic whipping. Spanked girls are one of the most exiting things in the world to watch. Here is a great gallery from Bad Females site that shows blonde girl undressed and spanked by her boyfriend.
Here she is - wearing sexy black lingerie and teasing her boyfriend. Blonde babe does erotic dancing right in front of his face, but not letting him touch or kiss her. Finally, after a few minutes the boy is out of his patience and he decides to punish the slutty girlfriend. He is going to made a spanked girl out of his girlfriend!
Boy grabs the blonde bitch and rips off her lingerie. He bends he body over his laps and performs a nice and spectacular OTK spanking punishment. Just look at that young spanked girl twists and shakes her slim body, as painful hand slaps brings in intense pain to her butt. You should definitely take a look at the video of this scene to hear her screams and shouts.
And how about that moment, when spanked girl is getting her black panties ripped off and being whipped with a high heel shoe? It is simply amazing. The passion of this scene is enormous! It #8217;s a pity that I can #8217;t describe the whole story in such a small post, but you can see it all by visiting Bad Females site. See the complete story in picture gallery and watch a full-length video of girl spanked and fucked by her boyfriend. Don #8217;t waste a second - click the banner and enjoy young female bodies spanked and whipped!
Curly wife becomes one of the spanked girls
Posted on August 13, 2009
I always enjoys a hot wife at my spanking girls blog. Here is one for your pleasure: curly babe spanked by her husband. This picture gallery presented by Calstar Spanking.
A naughty wife is getting a whipping punishment. She is undressed and bent over the table. Girl #8217;s panties are pulled down and the only thing is left on is a pair of black stockings. Wife looks sexy in this position: I guess she is one of the hottest spanked girls I #8217;ve seen for the last couple of months! Check out her exposed butt! It desired a good punishment.
A few spanking techniques are used during the scene: bare hand slapping, leather belt and wooden stick whipping. The most exiting moment of the story starts when husband uses a portable mirror to show the wife her own ass spanked and whipped to red color. Oh I like that!
Check out the movie of the scene described. Watch hi-resolution video encoded with bitrate of 1500 kbps. I bet you #8217;ve never seen anything like that before. And do not forget about a huge picture galleries come along with the movies! Enter wonderful world of spanked girls by clicking the banner below. Watch females punished with spanking:
Wet spanked girl posing in the shower
Posted on August 6, 2009
Do you like wet spanked girls? I hope you do, because today is the day when a perfect nude babe is getting spanked in the shower! Amazing gallery presented by Girls Boarding School.
Watch her: naked teen is standing in the bath and receiving a hardcore ass spanking punishment. Heavy leather stripes are used to whip sensual skin. Check out those red marks on girl #8217;s butt. Oh this is painful! This spanked girl will remember this punishment for a long time!
The girl takes punishment silently. The only sounds we hear is occasional screams come from her throat as the leather belt slaps the wet butt.
I love the pictures of this girl standing, but most of all I like the photo of her on her knees. Teen looks so submissive on that image that my dick is getting hard. I want to spend some time with that girl with a whip in my hand!
Access the movie of this scene by visiting Girls Boarding School. A complete picture set is also available at the site, so don #8217;t waste any time and click the banner below. Enter the amazing place, full of young nude girls being spanked and whipped!
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