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Title:Welcome to the world of Super-Hair.
Description:Top celebrity hairstyles of today and modern times -- with pictures, polls, tips and more.
Keywords:hair, hairstyles, beauty, celebrities, fashion, stars, women, hairspray, curls, bangs, haircuts, super-hair, hair fan, World Cup, long hair, sideparts, pageboy, waves, Chloe, short hair, color, colour, pageant, precision, Lori Loughlin, AAA Cup, hair pressure, Misikko, flat iron, Paul Mitchell, Kate Gosselin, Plus Eight, Erin Gray, makeover, Ayesha Faines, Jacksonville, herald, Debra Messing, Lauren Storm, Wake Forest, Cheyenne Woods, Suzy Kolber, Project 2010, Michelle Bachmann, Minnesota, House, Congress, Alex Witt, MSNBC, Oman, Denise Ellison, Australia, Elle MacPherson
Welcome to the world of Super-Hair.
Super-Hair.Net our tenth year of celebrating the world's most beautiful, longest-lasting hairstyles.
I have very, very thick hair.... Ive seen people come through the book line with thin hair and it just wont work. -- Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin quoted in the Boston Herald, 28 May 09
WELCOME, HAIR FANS! One deadline has passed, but another door is now open for offering your choices of the world's greatest hairstyles. Send us your suggestions, and invite your friends to join the fun!
What is Super-Hair? - Defining what this site is all about.
Super-Hair Wars A- Vote for your favorites, as top styles battle head-to-head. Congratulations to actress Lauren Storm, our latest undefeated champion! (Updated 6/19/9)
If you flat iron your hair in the morning and are pressed for time, the new Tourmaline flat iron may be just what you're looking for. Wet-to-dry technology allows you to flat iron wet hair, eliminating the need for a hair dryer. This may be the best flat iron yet, and it ships for free from Misikko!
AAA Cup 2009 - Final Round! This year's international tournament has focused on the best hairstyles on three continents. Now Australia and Oman's best cuts compete for the Cup! (Updated 6/18/9)
OTHER SUPER-HAIR CUPS: Super-Hair World Cup EuroCup Cup of the Americas
Top Ten Tressesa - New #1! Our current ratings of the world's best, updated twice a month. Poker star Vanessa Rousso is a member of our Top Ten. (Updated 6/16/9)
Project 20/10 - Countdown Coming Soon!We plan to list the 20 greatest hairstyles of our first ten years, from 20 to 1. Will you agree or disagree? (Updated 6/15/9)
Super-Hair City League - Not even an admission about extensions prevented this reporter from winning the hair race in Jacksonville. Next up: a visit to a "Triad." (Updated 6/15/9)
Super-Hair Q amp;Aa - Ayesha Faines admits there's another style she'd love to wear her hair on television, but cannot. Learn about her changing cuts, as we search for secrets of tress success. (Updated 6/15/9)
The Hair Fan's Hall of Fame - Open for Nominations! Who should join Lori Loughlin in your hall of the greatest hairstyles of our time? The doors are open now for the Class of 2009. (Updated 6/15/9)
Cutting-Edge Hair News - A Hair Fan reports MSNBC anchor Alex Witt has made a serious cut in her long hair. Is this a half-Witted approach? (Results updated 6/14/9)
Cutting Edge Hair News
Alex Witt's hair is better....
Current Results
Let Your Hair Down - Speak your "hair piece" about style topics at our free moderated message board. One current topic was inspired by the hair of sports reporter Suzy Kolber. (Latest posts 6/13/9)
Hair Pressure - Can "big hair" display big-time hold in a race against the clock? Hall of Fame member Debra Messing isn't afraid to give it a try. See the drama that can happen when Super-Hair faces ultimate challenges. (Updated 6/12/9)
The Hot Lista - Brief reviews of women with great styles. U.S. political wonks will recognize this woman, but does her style meet our Super-Hair standard? (Updated 6/9/9)
Hair Attachments - Links to other interesting web sites relating to hair, organized by category for easy reference. (Updated 6/5/9)
The Super-Hair Herald - Our free monthly e-mail newsletter, with updates on the
site and extras we never post here. Click on this link, and let us know if you want to subscribe!
BMOC: Best Manes on Campusa - Seeking top styles at colleges and universities. Our current season concludes with an aspiring golfer, who has a familiar name. (Updated 5/20/9)
The 9th Annual Crown Awards - Your votes decided who had the best hair of the year. Review nine years of champion cuts!
Hair Headlines - FONT Leeza Gibbons has great thickness in her hair. But how many individual hairs does she have? Learn the answer, and check other articles on a wide range of
Super-Hair-related topics.
The Fallen - FONT Which heads of hair are not Super-Hair? We keep track, and
post styles which have dropped to defeat -- such as this drop in a science-fiction drama.
The Ultimate 50 - FONTOur countdown of the greatest celebrity
Super-Hair of the 70's, 80's and 90's. Our 2008 updates on all undefeated styles concluded with the Ultimate of Ultimates.
Style Profile - Add a set of bangs to a head of long locks, and the result can be nothing short of Super-Hair. Watch how women have done it over four decades, and learn how to have a variety of other Super-Styles.
The Super-Hair Store - Items for developing great hair, and showing how much you love
it. Consider a sponsor's collection of styling tools.
Hair WatchA - In-depth studies of great hair in daily action. Review how several women have fared in our "cross hairs."
Word of Warning - Keep your head, as you admire these hairstyles.
Search for Super-Hair - Hunt down your favorite celebrity or style, from our
collection of hundreds of great cuts!
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