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模拟搜索引擎蜘蛛抓取 is everything LED. Find loose LEDs, LED Flexible Ribbon, LED Modules, LED light bars,LED controls, LED fixtures, LED light bulbs, LED strips, UV LED flashlights .
Description:TheLEDLight.Com stocks a variety of low voltage LED lighting products such as under cabinet lighting, LED bulbs, LED fixtures, flexible LED strips, LEDs by the piece, LED drivers, LED dimmers and power supplies, RGB color changing LED lights, Channel Letter LED Modules, led floodlights, led emergency lighting and lanterns, UV-Ultra Violet LED flashlights, LED desk lamps, LED bed reading lights, led Traffic Batons for crowd and vehicle control, LED motion sensing lights, led booklights, and many other LED products. TLLC is a full LED product line store.
Keywords:white and colored LEDs, 3mm, 5mm and Luxeon LEDs, LED light bulbs and fixtures, flashlights, LED lanterns, LED Safety Products, LED clusters and arrays, LED headlamps, LED Landscape and Outdoor lights, Ultra-Violet and InfraRed LED flashlights, Solar Powered LED lights, commercial and industrial LED lighting, LED controls and switches, LED flashlight replacement bulbs,
Body: is everything LED. Find loose LEDs, LED Flexible Ribbon, LED Modules, LED light bars,LED controls, LED fixtures, LED light bulbs, LED strips, UV LED flashlights .
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Remember quot;the quot; in the name ... all LED sites are *not* the same!
At you'll find everything made with LEDs. Find everything from loose leds and led drivers to finished LED fixtures, LED Light Bulbs, LED Landscape Lighting, RGB Color Changing LED Lights, LED Strips and Ribbons, LEDs for Indoor and Outdoor Signage, LED flashlights, LED security products, LED traffic safety products, LED and low voltage controls, and complete LED Solar Power Stations.
Use our quick find menu or browse our line up below
Loose LEDs and LED Drivers
LED Gifts and Gadgets
LED Flashlights, LED Lanterns
LED Desk Lamps, LED Task Lights
LED Traffic Control Equipment
Solar Power Stations, Solar Fans
Commercial LED Lighting
AC-DC Transformers, Dimmers, Lighting Controls
Prewired Single LEDs
LED Landscape Lights, Waterproof LED Lights
Complete LED Fixtures
RGB Color Changing LED Lights and Controllers
Bare LED Strips
Finished Linear LED Light Bars
LED Fluorescent Replacement Bulbs
12 Volt LED Light Bulbs
90-240 VAC LED Light Bulbs

What IS... a compilation of definitions for LED words and terms as used on this website, written in layman's terms.
LED Light Bulbs
90-240 VAC LED Light Bulbs. Our LED Light bulbs are dual voltage; in many sizes: LED medium base, LED candelabra base, LED PAR20, LED PAR30, LED PAR38, LED RGB Color Changing, LED GU10.
12 VDC-VAC LED Light Bulbs
12 VDC-VAC LED Light Bulbs - MR16 and medium screw base bulbs for 12 VDC-VAC.
LED Fluorescent Replacement Bulbs
LED T-8 Fluorescent Tube Replacements - These LED bulbs are truly quot;direct replacements quot; and work without any fuss.
Finished Linear LED Light Bars
12 inch Under-Cabinet Light Strips/Cove Lighting/Task Lighting. Easy installation.
49 inch Display Case/Refrigerator Lighting/Under Cabinet Lights/Task Lighting. Easy installation.

Waterproof Rigid Bar in white LED only

Xtreme Linear Light for under cabinet lighting, for overhead lighting, fluorescent lamp replacement. Made in the USA.
LED Plant Grow Lights are included in this line. Made in the USA.
Available in white, amber, blue green and red LED, The Piranha LED Light Bar is a bright, fully enclosed in acrylic LED light. They use high powered smd/surface mount LEDs called Piranhas
Bare LED Strips
12" Rigid white and colored LED Strips for any application requiring a length of LED lighting.
Directional, Flexible LED Strips in white and in colored LED. We have 14 quot; lengths made with 5mm LEDs and also flexible ribbon light made with SMD LEDs
LED Light Modules and other LED lighting solutions for cove lighting, architectural lighting and accent lighting applications
16 foot reels of LED Ribbon Flex Strip in white and colored LEDs. Waterproof and non-waterproof LED strips available. RGB color changing flexible LED strips are now in stock
RGB Systems and Color Changing Light Bars
See all of our RGB Color Changing LED products here
12 quot; RGB High Flux SMD LED Color Changing Strips with your choice of controller. These LED strips are rigid.
Flexible RGB color changing LED Ribbon light. Available in 3' to 16' pieces.
RGB modules for channel letter leds, cove lighting and accent lighting applications
RGB LED Color Changing Wallwashers
RGB Color Changing In-Ground Lights for indoor or outdoor use.
RGB Color Controllers
Remote Controlled 7 Color Changing LED bulb, standard household screw in base LED bulb
What does RGB mean?
LED Light Fixtures
12v DC LED Fixtures Listing of completely finished LED fixtures, ready for connection to a power supply that is plugged in or hardwired.
120-240VAC LED Fixtures connect directly to your AC power.
Battery operated LED Fixtures require no wiring.
LED Landscape Lighting; LED Waterproof and Water resistant lighting
Landscaping and Outdoor LED Lighting In-Ground LED fixtures in white and colors, LED Tri-Clusters and LED MicroStars, LED floodlights, waterproof LED strips. b
Prewired Single LEDs
Single LEDs Single LED Products that have a resistor built in and ready for connection to a 12vdc power source.
LED Lighting Controls
See all of our low voltage and LED Lighting Controls here
AC-DC Transformers
Voltage Regulators
RGB Color Controllers
Miscellaneous Controls voltage doublers, charge controllers, motion sensors, heated clothing temperature control
Installation Accessories wire, quick splices, strippers, silicone
LED Lighting for Commercial Applications
If you don't see what you're looking for, please email us for help. Many of our LED products can be adapted for commercial use.
Floodlights and Spotlights - Excellent light projection. Use to accent buildings, signs, trees or walls. Made in the USA.
LED Power Out Retrofit Kit: Replaces 6V wedge base incandescent bulbs in exit signs and emergency power out lights.
LED Wallpack Lights - Vandal resistant fixtures. Made in the USA
PL560 Project Floodlight has approx 500W of light at a 60 degree view angle. For permanent or portable installation.
Channel Letter LED Modules - Versatile, flexible LED modules suitable for sign backlighting, channel letter backlighting, and many other applications. Now also available in a RGB color changing version!
Motion Sensing Security Lights are powered with batteries or solar. Batteries are recharged with solar panels or are replaceable. Perfect emergency/security light combination for blackout/brownout prone areas. Made in the USA.
Solar Power
Solar Power - Combined with low power consumption LED's, solar power is tomorrow's technology, today. Made in the USA.
Solar Power Stations which can be installed permanently, semi-permanently or be portable. Use for lighting sheds, barns, garages, as a portable emergency light, or for night security lighting. Made in the USA.
Solar Attic Vent Fans now in stock in various different forms to suit your particular needs. Energy saving! Made in the USA.
LED Traffic Control Equipment
See all of our LED Traffic Safety Products here
LED Traffic Batons Available in two lengths and several LED colors, LED traffic directing batons are perfect for valet parking and emergency personnel
Flare Alerts - A LED alternative to smoky, dangerous road flares.
Xenon Strobes with LED modules and traffic cone adaptors. Made in the USA.
LED Task Lights
The Night Reader Lamp with flexible neck for reading in bed or work stations
Flashlights - LED Headlamps - LED Lanterns
Standard LED Flashlights, key chain lights, hand held LED flashlights from Streamlight, PALight and others. See the ITP C6 here at incredible savings.
ProFormance Flashlights for the professional users. Crime scene Flashlights, UV LED Flashlights, 660 nM Red LED Flashlights and IR LED Flashlights.
Rechargeable LED Flashlights
LED Headlamps for hands free operation. LED Helmet mounted lights also available.
LED Flashlight Bulbs - Turn your ordinary flashlight into a LED Flashlight with a LED flashlight replacement bulb
Flashlight Accessories
Rechargeable Batteries, Lithium Battery, Holsters and Clips/Lanyards.
LED Lanterns / LED Emergency Lights. Emergency back-up lights, LED table/camping lanterns, LED tent lights
Personal LED Safety Products. Xenon Strobes now available with LED module retrofits and several new accessories. Made in the USA.
LED Gifts and Gadgets Fun,
Functional, Practical LED Lights you've been looking for.
LED Book lights, LED Lights with USB fittings great for the car or RV, LED desk lamps, LED task lights and LED work lights. See all of them here.
LED Grow Lights - Grow exotic plants, tomatoes, herbs and seeds, in the dead of Winter with our LED Grow Lights
Lightwedge LED Book lights: Original Book light, Night Vision and Paperback LED models
Wherever LED Light; a micro LED in white and Night Vision Red with USB adaptor
LED Task Lights
The LED Work Light - perfect for the shop.
Loose LEDs and LED Drivers for the Do-It-Yourselfer or Project Developer. See our LED technical help/how-to section 19 below. We are not able to provide engineering assistance for most DIY projects. See 19 below for information about engineering assistance for larger projects.
See all of our Loose LEDs, also called Discrete LEDs and Drivers here.
Luxeon Emitters, Stars and Stars w/Optics I watt, 3 watt and 5 watt models are stocked.
Luxeon Rebel SMD Emitter with Lambertian Lens.
The Cree XLamp reg; 7090-XRE Emitter is a versatile LED available in white, warm white and colors.
The Endor Star Light Modules made from 1 or 3 white Rebel LEDs, or in RedGreenBlue format.b
The K2 Star Light Modules made from 1 Luxeon K2 Emitter.b
3mm and 5mm diameter LEDs All LED colors including RGB and UV LEDs and 3/5mm LED Drivers.
LED Reflectors for 5mm LEDs
LED Drivers. - for 3mm and 5mm LEDs, and for all High Flux, High Power .05 watt and up LEDs such as those listed below.
Moon Series Light Modules with Nichia Jupiter and Rigel LEDs

For the Bargain Hunters and Frequent Visitors
Stay up to Date! As we add new products, or consider new products we'd like your feedback on, we'll list them here. Bookmark this page for sure!
Basement Repaired, returned, errors, scratch and dent, overstocks, great values at reduced prices.
Information and Resources
Technical Information Get the Facts! Color spectrum graphs, LED types, which resistor to use, LED information and technical how-to. We are not able to provide more specific 'how to' information for most DIY projects. If you have a larger project and are willing to invest in engineering retainer fees, please email us for help. Often, one of our factories is willing to take on an engineering project if substantial quantity is involved and if you are willing to pay the engineering costs for your prototype.
When installing fixtures, arrays, strips, clusters or any LED product which have a total of 6 or more standard 5mm LEDs, always use a Regulated Transformer, and a dimmer even if you will not use the dimming function. The dimmer contains a PWM/pulse width modulation component which will allow maximum life of the LEDs. See What Is... for the definition of PWM. Both components activate your Warranty for 1 year. And, if you install more than 6 fixtures with 12 or more LEDs on one circuit, follow this wiring diagram.
Unsolicited Testimonials from our happy and satisfied customers! These are unsolicited feedback we receive from customers who get to "experience the LED Light", the product line and our
support and service.
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