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Title:Volunteer Abroad | EIL Intercultural Learning
Description:Irish volunteers needed work in 18 countries across the world! EIL is an Irish not for profit organisation which supports local projects worldwide.
Keywords:volunteer abroad, volunteering, voluntary work, welfare, teaching, environment
Volunteer Abroad | EIL Intercultural Learning
EIL Intercultural Learning
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Image Gallery
Volunteers can facilitate art and craft workshop such as in Barra de Potosi, a fishing village in Mexico.
Ber and Sarah – UCC students on an Public Health internship in Jaipur, India – with the staff of the Family Planning Association of India.
The staff from Kinderland school in Ibadan, Nigeria with Laura McGrath, a volunteer from Dublin.
Micheal Martin, Minister for Foreign Affairs, visits EIL staff and volunteers at the Cork international volunteering fair.
Carla, Juanita and Maria from Isla del Viejo, Mexico. Volunteers can support a local community ecotourism project and organise educational activities with local children.
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Home » Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad
Explore the world and make a difference!
EIL Intercultural Learning is an Irish not for profit organisation supporting local projects across the world. Our Volunteer Abroad programme involves living, working and making a difference in a local community while learning about a new culture and gaining a new perspective on global and development issues. We offer flexible and varied voluntary work opportunities:
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Projects: Teaching (e.g. schools, community organisations), Welfare (e.g. orphanages), environment and conservation (e.g. national parks), Health (e.g. community hospitals), Building, Sports (e.g. coaching football) and many more!
Volunteer in 18 countries across four regions of the world:
Africa (Ghana, Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa)
Asia (China,
Turkey and
Central and South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru)
Pacific (New Zealand)
Volunteer from 2 weeks to 11 months
Start dates all year round
Individual, group and intern volunteering programmes
Supportive Environment throughout your experience

Featured Programme
Volunteer Abroad: New Zealand
Experience the vibrant culture of New Zealand - an exciting mixture of
traditions and ethnicities from around the world mixed in with the local Maori culture. You will have the opportunity to learn about the
Maori while working alongside Kiwi and international counterparts on a
range of conservation and social projects, such as restoring bird
habitats and reversing the rapidly declining coastal forests or helping
young people from a disadvantaged background.
Click here to learn more
Volunteer Abroad: Nigeria
Nigeria is the heart of West Africa and the most populous country on the
continent. It is made up of an incredible diversity of cultures, with
over 450 ethnic dialects. Volunteering in Nigeria is a challenging but
rewarding opportunity for those who want a genuine experience of modern
Africa. Safety is a key factor - only projects in safe locations have
been chosen. Participants work alongside their local counterparts on a
range of vital projects, gaining hands-on experience and an
understanding of life in Nigeria.
Click here to learn more
Volunteer Abroad: Internships in India
Targeted towards students and graduates interested in gaining hands on
work experience in areas related to international development, education
or social work, an internship in India offers a broad range of
meaningful work experience placements.
Click here to learn more
Volunteer Abroad: South Africa
Often referred to as ‘the world in one country’, South Africa is a land
of extraordinary beauty, magnificent wildlife and rich cultural
diversity. It is also a country where the extremes of modern development
and poverty live side by side.
Volunteering in South Africa gives participants a first hand experience
of a new nation working towards a vision of unity and prosperity. Many
serious problems such as poverty, AIDS and inequality need to be tackled
if this vision is to be realised, and this is where volunteers can make
a real contribution. There are many important volunteer projects
available, mostly near the beautiful city of Cape Town.
Click here to learn more
Volunteer Abroad: China
China is a huge country with the world's largest population. It is a
land rich in culture, traditions, and technological advances dating back
more than 40 centuries. An early producer of paper, gunpowder and silk,
China has brought its modern economy forward in leaps and bounds and
now has the world's fastest-growing economy. The country also faces many
challenges such as the economic disparity between urban China and the
rural hinterlands. Volunteers are needed to work on teaching, welfare
and sport development projects.
Click here to learn more
Volunteer Abroad: Thailand
Whether it is the excitement and energy of Bangkok or the beautiful
beaches and islands dotted around the coast, Thailand has long held a
draw for travelers to South East Asia. Thailand is renowned for its
Buddhist traditions, friendly people and delicious national cuisine.
Whilst economic growth over the last two decades has been impressive,
huge disparities remain, and the benefits of economic progress have not
been shared by all in Thailand. Volunteers can work with ethnic minority
groups, refugees or with people with special needs.
Click here to learn more
Volunteer Abroad: Volunteer with a group in Mexico
What better way to spend a few weeks this summer than by getting on a
plane and travelling to South Africa to volunteer on a local community
project while discovering the beautiful Cape Town area? By volunteering
in South Africa your group can help a township community while
experiencing the warmth and hospitality of local people, the richness of
their culture and learn more about the challenges they are facing.
Click here to learn more
Volunteer Abroad: Chile
Almost isolated from the rest of the world by it's natural barriers,
this long, thin country is the jewel at the end of the South American
continent. In recent years, Chile has experienced an economic boom that
has resulted in improved socioeconomic stability compared to other
countries in the region. Unfortunately, this economic growth has not
been well balanced and has created a wider gap between rich and poor.
Volunteers are invited to work with local organisations on a variety of
Click here to learn more
Volunteer Abroad: Argentina
Argentina has long held a romantic draw for travelers, with its vibrant
culture, cosmopolitan cities and stunning scenery. The economic collapse
of 2001 has left the country in financial ruin, but has not affected
the hospitality of its people. The country is currently recovering from
the economic crisis but poverty and social problems are still very much a
reality in Argentina. Volunteers work in some of the most interesting
and attractive locations in the country in schools and community-based
Click here to learn more
Volunteer Abroad: Nepal
The Himalayan kingdom of Nepal is renowned for its breathtaking scenery,
rich cultural heritage and its friendly people. With the vast majority
of its population relying on small-scale agriculture, Nepal is also a
country facing significant development challenges. Volunteers work in a
range of village-based projects with local people. Safety is a key
factor - only projects in safe locations have been chosen. Participants
experience the traditional way of life, the culture and the beauty of
Nepal, while engaging in an exchange of ideas and work practices in
these struggling communities.
Click here to learn more
News and Events
Memorias de Ayer - In Ireland 2 months on
Hi Everyone,
El Regreso - Back to Ireland!
Hi everybody! I'm back from Argentina about 3 weeks now and I'm already finding it hard to believe that I was really there! It turns out coming home is almost as hard as leaving in the first place. I'll tell you all a bit about my last few days in Chilecito, the journey home and what its like to be home!
A close-up perspective on Aids in Nigeria
On September 24th, 2010 The Clare Champion covered Emily Price's
story in the article "A close-up perspective on Aids in Nigeria". Emily is one of the
winners of EIL Travel Awards 2010 who traveled to Nigeria as part of EIL’s Global Awareness
10 weeks in South Africa
"Being a History teacher I have always had
an interest in South Africa and have studied quite extensively on the history
of the Apartheid era. I thought that this would prepare me for my time in South
Africa but it didn’t " Thomas Broderick spent last summer volunteering in South Africa, read his story.
My Nigerian Experience
One of the greatest and most unexpected
pleasures that I have derived from my Nigerian experience has been annihilating
the misguided myths that people have about the country. At the beginning of
June when I told people that I was going to spend two months working on a
HIV/AIDS project in Nigeria the reaction was often one of misguided admiration,
why would I want to go to such a place? Jokes were made about my alleged
saintly nature, concerns were raised about my safety. One rather direct friend
said: “God, that sounds horrible”.
Last Blog
Hi all! I came back home more than three weeks ago but it still feels that I’ve been dreaming. I could never imagine that I will miss Ghana, new friends and African way of living so much... Actually, I’ve experienced cultural shock coming back to Ireland. I don’t even know why but something has changed... maybe the environment has changed or I have changed... I think it is a bit of both! It is still very hard to stick back to routine and I still live by Ghanaian time, e.g.
My time in Nigeria (2)
Brona volunteered with EIL in Nepal (2008) and Vietnam (2009). She is now just back from Nigeria where she volunteered for 2 months and she shares with us her experience.Different perspectives
My time in Nigeria (1)
Brona volunteered with EIL in Nepal (2008) and Vietnam (2009). She is now just back from Nigeria where she volunteered for 2 months and she shares with us her experience.
Reflections on my Travel Award experience
I've been back on home turf nearly three weeks now and have well and truely slotted back into my life here; albeit with a new sense of self, a fresh perspective on situations and circumstances, and a whirlwind of memories of Guatemala accompanying me as I go. My first few days back in Ireland were filled with mixed feelings. It was lovely to see friends and family again, to be in familiar surroundings where I know how most things work and to be able to communicate in my native tongue and articulate whatever I wanted to say without the challenge of a foreign langauge.
Post by Catherine Anderson - Volunteer Guatemala
We pray for childrenwho love to laugh and be tickled,who stomp in puddles wearing new wellies,who enjoy a sweet from grandma's special jar,who sit on father's knee and listen to a story.
We pray for thosewho stare blankly at a confused world,who never play 'pirates' or 'donkey' or 'count potatoes',who never skip or have fun...too captured by the hurt and pain around them.
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