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Title:Pearls - Pearl jewelry, Pearl necklaces, Cultured pearls, Loose Pearls, Black pearls
Description:Quality Pearls at wholesale price - pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cultured, freshwater, tahitian pearls.
Keywords:pearls, pearl jewelries, pearl jewelry, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl stud earrings, pearl bracelets, pearl ring,pearl pendant, pearl necklace earring set,white pearls, black pearls, cultured pearls, akoya pearls, freshwater pearls, saltwater pearls, tahitian pearls, bridal jewelry, wedding jewelry
Pearls - Pearl jewelry, Pearl necklaces, Cultured pearls, Loose Pearls, Black pearls
Toll free: 1-866-59-pearl or 1-866-597-3275
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Dear Valued Customer,
We are currently away
for family vocation until March 24, 2011. If you make a purchase, there
may be a delay in processing your order.
We apologize for the
Featured ProductsTWO ROW 8.5 MM AAA WHITE FRESHWATER BUTTON PEARL NECKLACERegular price: US$89.99Sale price: US$24.99Special: 8.5 MM AA- WHITE FRESHWATER PEARL NECKLACERegular price: US$99.99Sale price: US$24.99Stretch 3 Row AA White Freshwater Button Pearl Bracelet (7")Regular price: US$39.99Sale price: US$9.99Special: 7 MM AAA WHITE SALTWATER CULTURED PEARL EARRINGSRegular price: US$99.99Sale price: US$14.99Special: 10.5mm AAA LUTROUS GOLDEN SOUTH SEA PEARL PENDANTRegular price: US$599.99Sale price: US$129.99Special: 7.5 MM AAA QUALITY WHITE AKOYA PEARL NECKLACERegular price: US$1,299.99Sale price: US$249.99Speical: 12X10 mm AA DROP SHAPE FRESHWATER WHITE PEARL PENDANTRegular price: US$49.99Sale price: US$6.99NEW GENUINE 7.5MM AA- FRESHWATER LAVENDER PEARL NECKLACERegular price: US$49.99Sale price: US$16.9910X7.5MM WHITE AKOYA BAROQUE PEARL NECKLACERegular price: US$169.99Sale price: US$49.99Special: 7 MM AAA+ GOLDEN AKOYA PEARL EARRINGSRegular price: US$99.99Sale price: US$19.99Special: 7 MM AAA HALF DRILLED WHITE SALTWATER AKOYA LOOSE PEARL - 1 pcsRegular price: US$59.99Sale price: US$9.99Special: 7 MM AAA WHITE FRESHWATER PEARL STUD EARRINGSRegular price: US$39.99Sale price: US$6.99Special: 10MM AAA- LUSTROUS DEEP BLACK FRESHWATER PEARL NECKLACERegular price: US$499.99Sale price: US$79.99Special: 10MM AAA- LUSTROUS FRESHWATER WHITE PEARL NECKLACERegular price: US$299.99Sale price: US$79.99Special: NEW 7.5MM AA- WHITE FRESHWATER PEARL BRACELETRegular price: US$29.99Sale price: US$8.99ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS:Win Pearl strives for bringing high quality pearls at lowest price and excellent personal care to our customers. We offer wide range of pearl jewelry products from pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl pendants, pearl bracelets, pearl rings, pearl necklace earring sets to loose pearls, wholesale pearls, and pearl jewelry accessories. Our highly trained pearl experts personally travel to pearl farms to hand pick our pearls to ensure our high quality standard of our pearl jewelry ?specifically we go to south part of China where most akoya cultured pearls produced to source our saltwater akoya cultured pearls. We go to east part of China where most freshwater pearls produced to source our freshwater pearls. We purchase all these pearls and bring the pearls back to our Canadian facilities to grade and process them by our highly trained pearl experts. We make our pearl jewelry with strict quality controls. We are not simple pearl jewelry resellers like others. We control every stage of our pearl jewelry manufacturing process from up stream pearl sourcing to down stream pearl jewelry design or stringing. We use high quality material and accessories to make our pearl jewelry such as pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, pearl earrings, pearl rings, pearl pendants and pearl necklace earring sets. From low priced freshwater pearl jewelry to luxury Tahitian pearl necklace, we always use same quality control standard.
As a Chinese immigrant, the founder and CEO of Win Pearl ?Roger Lai who came from south part of China where most saltwater cultured pearls produced can take full advantages of Chinese local language and business negotiation skills specific to local culture to negotiate the best price on the market for our customers. At the same time, we sell the pearls direct from pearl farms to consumers which eliminate all the cost of middle man. Furthermore, we are a family owned online business. Our extremely efficient business management greatly reduces overhead and administration cost. As pure online pearl jewelry business, we can fully take advantage of the power of modern technology and eliminate huge extra cost to run traditional brick and motor stores. That is why we can offer same quality pearl jewelry at a fraction price of regular retail store.
At Win Pearl, we offer freshwater pearl necklace as low as $6.99. Akoya cultured pearl necklace as low as $9.99, high quality freshwater pearl earrings as low as $4.99. No blemish akoya cultured pearl earrings as low as $9.99. Freshwater pearl bracelet as low as $4.99. Elegant silver pearl ring as low as $49.99. High quality Tahitian black pearl pendant as low as $99.99. You will not find in other online pearl jewelry store.
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