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Title:World of Dungeons - browser based online fantasy rpg
Description:World of Dungeons is a free fantasy browser game. It is a classic role-playing game, where you can have adventures, fight monsters and duel other players while leveling your hero up to gain new skills, talents and features.
Keywords:Fantasy Browser game, Fantasy role-playing game, browser game, free browser game, online fantasy game, Browser game, MMORPG, RPG, Fantasy, role-playing game, Online game, Dungeon, hero, RPG online, Fantasy browser game, Dungeon Spiel, fantasy Online game, Fantasy game, duel, experience, high fantasy, community, magic, magical, Quest, Adventure
World of Dungeons - browser based online fantasy rpg
player name:
1 Aberon
2 Baradar
3 Caledonii
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World of Dungeons
Fantasy Browser Role Playing Game
Take on the role of a brave hero
Combine races and classes to create your own perfect hero
Explore dungeons with your group members
There are thousands of powerful and magical items to find
All this and more - free of charge.
Click here and play World of Dungeons now!
World of Dungeons is real.
This online game lives with and for and by its' players.
It is like a living organism, constantly morphing to best suit its players. This prevents the game from becoming boring.
It is like a home or a hang out for friends. You meet new friends quite often.
Together, you can submerse yourself in middle age backgrounds and carry out heroic dreams through your heroes in game. You can be strong without having to lift weights, intelligent without needing a college degree, or financially powerful without having to be an executive accountant..
Financial wealth, beauty, race, gender, age. None of this has influence here in game.
What counts is the interests and the readiness to discover. To listen, to learn, and to participate, as well as to remain steadfast.
Socializing, communication, bread and games.
Experiencing the success with others after a victory makes the time spent in planning tactics worth the while. Great assistance is offered to new players.
Active is the key word - Cooperation.
everyone here has the possibility to present themselves and be taken seriously in their group and in the forums. Duties are distributed and the the newbies of today become the Generals and Mentors of tomorrow.
World of Dungeons is human.
That is what makes this game different from the others. It changes to suit the needs of those who travel and explore its worlds.
We make this game what it is. Sometimes it may not be pretty, and can at times seem lethargic. It is not always cheerful, and can be frustrating. Sometimes things do not work as intended, but still: That is exactly what I like about this game, and I see myself reflected in it.
I am a collector by trade
The first things that interests me is the items we found during exploration...
And thats where I find this game ingenious. Loads of items, and in the higher levels there are still things that can be used. The uniques drop at just the right rates to prevent utter frustration, and it is always rewarding to see that one item you and your group have been searching for finally make its way into your treasure vault.
The second positive plus is the hero duels...
What could make you more proud than to defeat a hero two levels higher, regardless if by luck or by skill...
During group battles, tactic is the key to victory:
"What will your opponents do? How will they attempt to defeat your group in battle? Can you prevent it, or can you beat them to the punch? How can we protect ourselves? What buffs will we need? Will we win, and where will we be in the group ranks afterwards?"
These are the thoughts that cross my mind before accepting the challenge.^^
I have played other games, but the only game I continue to keep playing and enjoying is World of Dungeons due to its constructive style. It is a game that does not just depend on who you are allied to, but to those who are trying to sell you their weathered gold coin, or the hero who just defeated you in battle. You can learn from their skilling.
Great Variety
constantly throughout the game
Before finding out about World of Dungeons, I been playing another MMO for a few years - even though I have had a lot of fun with the community there, the weak, simplified gameplay had me bored many a times..
When I found World of Dungeons I was at first amazed with the huge variety of items and skills available, heck, even classes and races are still unknown in my other online addiction. Here on World of Dungeons, later on I found out I am not a very versatile player, yet I still enjoy immensely some of the dungeon descriptions, and the process of equipment upgrading for me and my groupmates, also tactical discussions, occasionally the duels, although that is where my lack of versatility is most well displayed.
Old School RPG
Hard to find online today
I like World of Dungeons because it is "old school" RPG. Not something that you can these days find on every step like World of Warcraft, Lineage, Guild wars, etc. World of Dungeons is devoted and true to basics from which it all has arisen. I miss old times of RPG. World of Dungeons has given me opportunity to remind those past days once again. I think that for great pleasure of playing are not fantatic graphics and bombastic sounds necessary. Without them what remains is pure joy of hardcore veteran player.
Challenges at every turn
The group comes first
The growth of the heroes as such is a secondary concern for me. That is after all just a matter of scale. As my characters grow stronger, the challenges they face also become more challenging, which pretty much cancels out the achievement. Except that it gives access to new dungeons so I do not have to do Keilerei pub forever.
What matters to me is the group. Without good people to fight by my side, the dungeon ventures would go stale, no matter how well designed the dungeons might be, and no matter how perfect the user interface. Further, the group also becomes a responsibility, can not let the mates down, even on a bad day. This works both ways; our encounter with a cheater was rather demoralising for us all.
The other fun part is the problem solving aspect. Working out what exactly is needed to take down the opposition in any given dungeon. For that part to meaningful, tactics must really matter. Weapons choice does matter, to an extent - where people place themselves in the marching order, whether ranged or melee is used, which hostiles are targeted first with ranged weapons. The decision making involved in that is the key to the experience.
Good paced gameplay
little investment time required
I do like what a lot of people have said. Good pacing on the gameplay and depending on the character you play, you do not have to sit online for hours on end to do well. The vacation system is very nice as well. I wish some other online games I play would have something like that.
I like that the basic classes you can play for free are still good classes, but I do not like how you virtually get to the point that if you do not have some premium players, your group is in for a long, hard and rough ride.
I like reading the dungeon descriptions and item descriptions, but there definitely is some room for improvement. I know some people are saying that the game is so easy for someone to pick up and play...but it is really not. If you have a good background in D amp;D or something, then yes it is, but for those that do not, it is and can be very confusing. It is also just not very...intriguing and newer players can lose interest fast.
I like the grouping system and set up, but it does bug me that if your group can not set up their settings for every dungeon, you will run in to some serious problems as you get in to the middle to later stages in the game.
I have some other issues and stuff with the game, but overall it is a relaxing and fun game. It can be taxing and you have to be patient to learn it, but once you do it works out really nicely.
Well paced gameplay
easy to keep an eye on
I play because the game is paced nicely, does not require and demand hours and hours and hours of slaving away during one session to be capable of doing well, and the fact that there is little player hostility, as the way the game works does not promote it. And for those that want to put the extra time in, there is something for them, as well.
Does not consume your time
no disadvantages
I like World of Dungeons because it does not require you to be on constantly to make progress. It is one of the few RPGs where you are not entirely disadvantaged because of a tight schedule, yet you can still make more progress by being active. I also like it because it is simple enough to understand but complex enough to keep you interested.
I hope I did not ramble again. I do that now and again..
perfecting our A-game
My favourite part about World of Dungeons is definitely the pacing of gameplay. It is easy to spend lots of time playing and perfecting our A-game, and even easier to sit back and spend only an hour or less a day playing.
My second favourite part would be the immediate, practically compulsory community that I got when I started playing, i.e. that I had to get into a group with at least a handful of others before I could even start playing (well, the first group I found told me to level up once alone anyways). It is a good first hump; the effort required basically levels off for some time until the mid-level game begins.
Good job on the flavour text too guys, always good to see!
Game Depth
watch your heroes grow to be famous
I like growing up my heros, taking care of them and falling in love with them just as they were my children
Also, I like reading the background stories like the belief system, funny and mystic item descriptions and of course dungeon texts.
Furthermore, I love to have fun with all those guys around in here, be it working out dungeons strategies where everybody has to be well prepared, be it simply to chat and laugh with mates who I just came to know, particularly with guys from very different countries.
And I like to help newbies with newbie questions and other stuff. Oh...of course...I particularly like to improve my English, be it by translating stuff for the wiki etc., be it just by talking to others
Planning in advance
trust and group play
I like the way that you can start planning how to build your next charactor from looking at the skills etc. under the racial/class lists, grinning with glee each time you get to a certain milestone (Like: At last! I can wear that nice item I have been holding onto for so long!), and that the reset points/grace period allow you to experiment with settings which, at the time seem a little unlikely to work, but occasionally pay off
Also, I like the way that you are pretty much forced to get on with other players, since you need to know you can trust the rest of your group, and know that they can trust you.
The rate of advancement is enough to keep it interresting (All be it frustrating when you REALLY want to get to a certain level for a certain skill ), but not so fast as to be soul-consuming, in a kind of *I pay £5 per day for this, so I am damnedwell going to enjoy it!*
I guess I also like that the games features are essentially all open to paying and non-paying members, since that way it is easier to invite friends to join in with the fun
Awesome community
great community oriented game
I love the people, the gameplay style, the pacing.
I have *never* been able to find a community where a large number of people can come to know and like you simply by reading your posts, and watching your actions. I also enjoy that the game is community oriented, as is obvious with the group system.
The style of this game requires a lot of thought, a good mind, and the ability to think waaaayyy outside the box. I love how the game forces you to learn, or to fail.
I have been playing this game for over 18 months now, ever since the end of beta testing. During that time, I have been able to sit back and enjoy the ride, improve my character, and come to be quite attached to my group mates. Did I mention that I have personally leveled up twice during my time with this game?
The huntress
Guntramus, the Golden
Tilliam Well
Ganderman, Magus Arcanum
Veridian, Magistrate
Malus Rot, Battlemage
Endigo, the tiger claw
Tar-Minyatur, with the golden voice
Kirash, King of Fools
Elohim Alera, the feared
26.06.Item Suggestion Contest
14.06.Rebirth, new Realm and new features
10.04.Design Blog: Retirement, Rebirth, Resets, ...
10.03.Festival of lanterns
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