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More iPod nano hacks: method to install custom firmware
Mark Gurman | 449091
December 28, 2010 at 9:09 pm
Following yesterday #8217;s proof of concept for hacking into the new iPod nano #8217;s file system, developer Steven Troughton-Smith has figured out a way to put the device into DFU mode to install custom firmware files. The first part of the process is something anybody can do now with their sixth generation iPod nano. That is to hold down the iPod #8217;s restart buttons until you see a black screen and a double reboot.
From here, Troughton-Smith modified the popular jailbreak utility iRecovery to work with the non-iOS iPod nano. After this, he used the newly modified iRecovery application to install an extracted operating system file onto the iPod nano (video above). This file was built to boot the iPod nano into a white screen mode and that is exactly what it did.
This obviously does not sound groundbreaking but in reality it is. An encrypted firmware file was just installed on an iPod nano and functioned as intended by the installer. This discovery is a step in the right direction for custom made firmware files to be installed on the iPod nano and is the best evidence yet for a possible iPod nano #8216;jailbreak. #8217;
A hacker/developer close to 9to5mac has let us know that Troughton-Smith #8217;s discovery is a big step in the right direction, but before any custom firmware can actually be installed and used through this method an actual exploit in the iPod nano OS will be need to be found. To summarize, the method to install custom firmware on the iPod nano is present, but the jailbreak community is in need of an exploit to actually make this method useful.
Read more
iPad 2 to have USB Port?
Seth Weintraub | 4488424
December 28, 2010 at 2:49 pm
(not it)
According to the the well-hooked-up Eldar Murtazin, editor of Russian language the iPad 2 will have a regular old USB port.
Talked with colleague which working with some ODM vendors connected with Apple. He is research guy. According to his sources iPad2 will have usb port.
European regulators have been forcing manufacturers to unify on the Micro-USB so it wouldn #8217;t be surprising to see Apple play along.  Oh, and Digitimes also thinks we #8217;ll see some USB-age. Read more
iTunes approvals back in action
Seth Weintraub | 448741
December 28, 2010 at 1:07 pm
Today, Apple is letting developers know that they are back to approving (and blocking) apps from the App Store after a week holiday hiatus.
Developers are now seeing graphs on how successful they were over the Christmas holidays with some reporting significant spikes to us privately.  Camera+ wasn #8217;t shy about revealing their spike however (below).
Read more
iPad 2.0 rumors claim CDMA, UMTS, Wi-Fi flavors
Jonny Evans | 448159
December 28, 2010 at 4:11 am
iPad 2.0 activity continues to heat up with the latest report claiming Apple will offer multiple configurations of the new product, with an accent on provision of pervasive Internet access.
Apple is expected to ship over half a million iPad 2.0 units in January with mass production set to begin then, the report claims. It seems Apple will offer Wi-Fi-equipped units alongside UMTS and CDMA-savvy iPads, maximizing the always connected Internet device proposition. Read more
Apple sued over apps that provide personal data to advertisers
Mark Gurman | 4478118
December 27, 2010 at 5:42 pm
Bloomberg reports that Apple was sued on December 23rd over claims that App Store apps are proving user data to advertisers without consent. The lawsuit claims that Apple #8217;s iOS devices #8220;are encoded with identifying devices that allow advertising networks to track what applications users download, how frequently they’re used and for how long. #8221; The lawsuit also states that user information like age, gender, and political views are being sold to advertisers as well.
The lawsuit not only puts Apple up as a defendant but cites the creators of popular apps like Paper Toss, Pandora, The Weather Channel, and as defendants too. Apple of course defends themselves stating that they review each App Store app to defend its user #8217;s privacy and will remove and reject any that take users data for malicious or advertising purposes.
The filers of the lawsuit are hoping for their claims to turn into a class-action-lawsuit and say that anyone who has downloaded an App Store app to an iOS device since December 1st 2008 should be eligible for compensation. The App Store opened up on July 11th 2008 so we #8217;re unsure where this December 1st date exactly stems from.
Read more
iPad controls this $600,000 per week superyacht
Mark Gurman | 4475811
December 27, 2010 at 3:56 pm
Step a board this $600,000 per week superyacht Solemates and be prepared to control your entire trip with an iPad. An iPad lets you control the entertainment systems, climate systems, blinds and lights among other things. Our favorite feature would have to be the button to summon a crew member for another drink. The best part is that if you don #8217;t have an iPad (yet you #8217;re boarding a $600,000 per week boat) the captain will hand you one when you board.
Read more
iPod nano hacked: soon to gain apps, video, calendars, and games?
Mark Gurman | 4475316
December 27, 2010 at 3:14 pm
As reported by MacStories, developer James Whelton apparently was able to break through the sixth generation iPod nano #8217;s #8220;cache comparison #8221; system to make unofficially supported modifications. The developer proved the concept in the video above by demonstrating the ability to remove apps off the device. Although this does not seem ground breaking, the possibility of apps, video, calendars, and games on the latest iPod nano could soon become a reality.
The developer claims that he found files pertaining to games, apps, video, and calendars within the iPod nano #8217;s file system leading to the conclusion that the nano #8217;s operating system is definitely a hybrid between the old iPod nano operating system and iOS. The core is the old system while the layer on top resembles iOS. The developer says he will be posting more information about the nano #8220;jailbreak #8221; in the next few days so stay tuned.
Read more
Upcoming iPad 2 to look iPod touch sleek?
Seth Weintraub | 4474811
December 27, 2010 at 2:45 pm
According to Macotacara, the new iPad cases that have been surfacing over the past few weeks indicate that the new iPad 2 could be shaped more angular, like the current iPod touch.  That is if these cases have any merit.  But if they do, bring it Apple!
Quick! Dowload Quick Snap before Apple quickly removes it
Seth Weintraub | 4473211
December 27, 2010 at 1:22 pm
Another app that allows you to take pictures with the volume buttons squeaked through the App Store approval gauntlet last night.  Quick Snap Camera Plus ($1.99) is available probably until Apple finds out.
You #8217;ll recall last time Camera+ tried this, they got pulled right away.
Read more
Apple #8217;s iPhone numbers explode on Christmas
Seth Weintraub | 446996
December 27, 2010 at 10:03 am
Facebook welcomed an additional million iPhone owners on Christmas (Facebook for iPhone includes all iOS devices?).  In fact Apple had a pretty impressive December all together. via DF.
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