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Title:China Factory: Plastic Vials, Oral Syringes, Sharps Containers, Medicine Bottles, Boston Rounds, White Packers, Dropper Bottles, Prescription Vials
Description:Manufacturer and exporter of prescription vials, oral syringes, boston rounds, white packers, sharps containers, dropper, bottles, jars and bags for pharmaceutical packaging in China.
Keywords:vials,boston rounds,white packers,sharps containers, dropper bottles,vials with dual purpose caps,urine test vials,faeces test vials,lip test vials,oral syringes,oral dispensers,prescription vials,vials,plastic vials,child-resistant caps,vial,china,push turn caps,blood test vials,liquid ovals,ovals,urine test vials,lip test vials,faeces test vials,ointment jar,paper medicine bags,pharmacutical packing,child resistant caps,liquid oval bottles,plastic pharmaceutical packing,pharmaceutical packing
China Factory: Plastic Vials, Oral Syringes, Sharps Containers, Medicine Bottles, Boston Rounds, White Packers, Dropper Bottles, Prescription Vials
Manufacturer amp; exporter of plastic vials and caps, bottle, syringes, containers and jars from Ningbo, China
Option for child-resistant caps, custom logo caps and lock snap caps
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Quality Plastic Vials, Optional for Child-Resistant Caps
Suncity offers all kinds of vials, including standard vials, injection vials, prescription medicine vials, screw neck vials and custom made vials.
One kinds of plastic vials is available in convenient sizes and with two caps options, one is child-resistant caps, the other is snap cap ...
gt; gt; More Info of Plastic Vials
aBoston Rounds Bottles
Round bottles, general called medicine bottles, commonly referred to as boston rounds are a basic round shaped medicine bottle. The shape of the round bottles make it a good choice to add fine mist sprayers, lotion pumps, dropper top or disc top caps. The plastic boston round bottles are available in a wide range of sizes, color and LDPE amp; HDPE materials.
The round bottles (known as boston rounds ) have a wide variety of common uses.
gt; gt; Detailed LDPE Boston Rounds amp; HDPE Boston Rounds span p
Oral Dispensers (Oral Syringes)
Oral dispenser is designed for safe oral liquid delivery. The oral dispensers set includes one needleless syringe and one adaptor. With the adaptor and needleless syringe, we can prevent people who deliver the liquid from hurting by the needles. The oral syringe, also called oral dispenser is ...
gt; gt; More Info of Oral Dispensers (Oral Syringes)
Liquid Oval Bottles
These plastic oval bottles are offered with amber and red color. We have two designs for the ovals' body shape ......
Measuring Cups
30 ml and 60 ml size, with graduations are suitable for dispensing both liquid and dry medications .....
Plastic White Packers
HDPE white packers amp; natural plastic packers available,
One cap / one vial system eliminates duplicate inventories of caps and medicine vials. ......
Plastic Vials with Dual
Purpose Caps
With big demands, plastic pharmaceutical vials with dual purpose caps is the most popular ......
Universal Containers
Plastic Lip Test Vials
Fecal Diagnostic Kits
Urine Test Vials
Sharps Containers
also called sharps disposal container or medical sharps container.
Our plastic sharps containers are designed for collecting the used disposable syringes, insulin syringes and other used medical supplies. These sharps containers are safety containers which can not be opened and stop infection after they are closed.
Amber, yellow, orange, red and customerized color available for the body of the sharps containers.
gt; Detailed Sharps Containers
China Suncity Plastic Vials (Prescription Vials) Factory
We specialized in plastic pharmaceutical packaging. Knowing medicine plastic vials ( prescription vials or pharmaceutical vials) and plastic medicine bottels in 1998, we started to open molds for all these items and put into production from 2001.
Our products, such as prescription vials, sterile vials, blood vials, sample vials, pill vials, insulin vials, urine test vials, faeces test vials, facility vials, reversible vials, snap vials, prscription bottles, snap safe vials, amber vials, liquid bottles and oval bottles, as well as polystyrene bottles and vials, PET vials and PET bottles, medicine droppers, plastic liquid droppers, eye dropper bottles, boston rounds bottles, bottle cap, white packers and sharps containers are well-known in U.S.A. and Canada market ......
Plastic Vials (Prescription Vials ) With Child-Resistant Caps - A Revolution in Design
The findings of this study indicate that all consumers regardless of whether they have young children of their own or not, should always take care to obtain their prescriptions in child-resistant packaging, such as plastic vials (prescription vials ), medicine bottles ......
Sharps Containers Should Consider Safety Features
The medical sharps container should be designed so that it is easily and safely determined when the container needs to be emptied; this avoids overfilling and reduces the risk of injury ......
Prescription Packaging Raw Materials
Plastic resins, paper amp; paperboard, glass, aluminum foil, others.
These materials are available for almost all of prescription packaging such as boston rounds, white packers, dropper bottles, liquid bottles, plastic prescription vials, facility vials, reversible vials, snap vials, prescription bottles, snap safe vials, amber vials, liquid bottles and oval bottles.
PET Vials amp; PET Bottles
PET round vials and bottles are made of bio grade polyester. With push and turn safety cap or screw cap.
Polystyrene Bottles amp; Vials
Also called polystyrene bottles, PS bottles, polystyrene vials, PS vials.
The round vials is made of bio grade polystyrene. For packaging for the medicine pills, healthcare pills.
Any customerized color available, e.g clear, amber, green etc. With push and turn safety cap or screw cap.
Plastic Liquid Dropper Bottles
Our liquid dropper bottles are amber plastic with a plastic pipette.
Other name is liquid droppers, medicine droppers ...
Vials With Non-lock Snap Caps
Vials With Child-resistant Caps
Vials With Dual Purpose Caps
Urine Test Vials
Universal Containers
Lip Test Vials
Fecal Diagnostic Kits
Liquid Oval Bottles
Boston Rounds
Bottle With Flip Top Cap
White Plastic Packers
PET Vials amp; PET Bottles
Polystyrene Bottles and Vials
Ointment Jar
Plastic Medicine Bags
Dropper Bottles
Measuring Cups
Specimen Cups
Measuring Spoons
Oral Dispensers / Oral Syringes
Dental Syringes
Nappy Sacks amp; Nappy Bags
Sharps Containers
Container Seal
Temper Evident Cap
Plastic Flasks
Volumetric Flasks
Pill Cutters
Eye Droppers
Pill Storage Box
Oral Spray Bottles
Nasal Spray Bottles
Quick Search for Products
Container Seals
Model type:security container seals, Pull tight plastic seals
Material: made with plastic.
Customization: ential number is hot stamped ...
Non-lock Snap Cap Vials
The light PP vials with snap top caps are available in a variety of sizes from 6 dram to 60 dram. These prescription vials (usually also called plastic vials) could possibly be used to those family without children.
Copyright copy; Suncity Plastic Vials amp; Bottles 2005 - 2006, All Rights Reserved
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