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Title: - OS X tips and tricks!
Body: - OS X tips and tricks!
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Mute system volume based on scheduled events
Fri, Oct 2 2009 at 7:30AM PDT #8226; Submitted by
Andrew J Freyer
There are many events that I attend that require a laptop for notes (classes, meetings, lectures, etc.), but I do not always remember to mute system volume. It's certainly rude, but at worst embarrassing, if the computer starts making interrupting sounds during a presentation. So, I have iCal do the remembering for me:Open Script Editor and type in this single line: set volume 0.Save the script somewhere.Open iCal, select the desired "mute" event (or create a new one), and create a new alarm set to run the script you just saved.Even with iCal closed, the reminder will execute the script before the event. I use this for all my work meetings, classes, and lectures where I use my laptop. I set the alarm for 15 minutes before the event, so even if I'm late, the second I open my laptop, the volume is muted. [robg adds: An alternative version, gleaned from this previous hint, would be to use set volume with output muted instead of setting the volume to zero. By muting the volume, you can just press the Mute button on the keyboard when the event is over to restore your system to its previously-set volume level (instead of having to increase the volume from zero).]
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Refresh a Finder window to force it to update
Fri, Oct 2 2009 at 7:30AM PDT #8226; Submitted by
For a year or more, I've been having trouble with application icons frequently not copying when I copy a file from one folder to another in the Finder. I would get a generic icon on the copied file, and have to copy and paste the icon from the original to the copy. The problem persisted after I upgraded to Snow Leopard. I concluded that it was an incurable Finder bug -- no amount of system maintenance would fix it.Then I found a little free app, Refresh Finder, that solved the problem (there are a few other apps that do the same thing). Rather than restarting the Finder, these apps just refresh the window, and the icons appear as they should on recently-copied files.As it happens, this window refresh issue has been around for a long time; other manifestations include files moved or copied or downloaded to a folder not showing up. I guess I was just being dense, but I didn't connect the two (mis)behaviors. But they are, it seems, one and the same problem. Anyway, you can drag and drop the Refresh Finder app to the Finder's tool bar to have it handy in every window; just click on it whenever either of these window refresh problems occurs. For me, it is a simple and welcome solution to a vexing problem.[robg adds: Macworld's Dan Frakes covered Refresh Finder as a Macworld Gems entry a couple years back. As Dan explains in his article, Refresh Finder is a front end to a relatively simple AppleScript:codetell application Finder" tell front window update every item with necessity end tellend tellcodeIf you're running Snow Leopard, create a new Service in Automator, set it to work in Finder (receives no input), and then add the Run AppleScript action to your Service. Save your Service, and you can then (using the Keyboard Shortcuts tab of the Keyboard System Preferences panel) assign it a keyboard shortcut. Now you can refresh a Finder window via the keyboard.]
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Index only certain directories in Spotlight
Fri, Oct 2 2009 at 7:30AM PDT #8226; Submitted by
Since (apparently) later versions of 10.5, Spotlight has a file called VolumeConfig.plist which you can edit to index only certain directories. For example, I wanted to index only my Mail folder and my Documents folder because those don't usually have radical changes, and they're the only places I ever need search (especially Mail). To accomplish this, I first disabled Spotlight indexing on my hard disk:
codesudo mdutil -i off /code
Then, with root permissions, I opened /.Spotlight-V100/Store-V1/VolumeConfig.plist and edited it. I changed partialPath to Users/myusername/Library/Mail (note the lack of a leading slash), and policySearch to 3.
You can also copy the whole block describing the index (it has a long UUID string for its key, and then the dictionary that goes with it describes partialPath and policySearch), and change the UUID (use uuidgen in Terminal) to add additional paths that you want indexed. When you're done, save changes to the file, then restart mds:
codesudo launchctl stop
Now that you've set up the new indexes, you should be able to control them using mdutil:
codemdutil -sv ~/Library/Mailcode
Use caution however, as you may undo your work if you run mdutil -i on /.
[robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Use iTunes Home Sharing to help merge music collections
Fri, Oct 2 2009 at 7:30AM PDT #8226; Submitted by
I happen to have come into possession of a lot of extra music. Adding it all to iTunes would have mucked up my library with music I don't want, as well as adding many duplicates.
So I created a temp user account (or use another computer on the network) and imported the music into a new iTunes library. I set up Home Sharing for that library. Keeping that account open, the share shows up in iTunes on my regular account. From there, I can browse the music as if it's in my library, exclude all the duplicates, and import the music I want with one click. When finished exploring, delete the entire temp library.
You could also use Genius on the temp library to generate playlists you're more likely to enjoy, and only go through those playlists.
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10.6: Sign and encrypt emails in Mail via thawte
Fri, Oct 2 2009 at 7:30AM PDT #8226; Submitted by
With the release of Snow Leopard, GPGMail is no longer functional. GPGMail has been a commonly-used application for encrypting and signing emails. After some research, I found the developer of the application has stated he will not be releasing an update to make the application compatible with in Snow Leopard. This is because the application was using an undocumented/unsupported feature in, and Apple has discontinued the protocols that where being used by GPGMail.
This left me to look into new methods of signing and securing emails with out spending money on a commercial application like PGP. The following provides directions for using thawte to achieve email encryption and signing. By default, thawte stores your private keys on their system, which is all fine and good, but personally, I do not want anyone having copies of my private keys --that is, after all, why they are called private keys. The downfall of my method, of course, is that you want to make sure you do not lose your key pair!
Note: These directions require use of the command line. If you are not comfortable with the command line, then do not attempt this process.
[robg adds: Read on for the solution; in researching this hint, I found this email discussion stating that someone's working on a Python port of GPGMail, and that beta testing may open soon, for those interested.]
read more (918 words) Post a comment #8226;
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10.6: Get an HP print server working with Snow Leopard
Fri, Oct 2 2009 at 7:30AM PDT #8226; Submitted by
Snow Leopard doesn't support AppleTalk, but has IP print protocols built-in. So an HP print server (or a networkable printer) should work, right? Tunrs out it's not as easy as it sounds -- not because of Snow Leopard, but because of a few vital details which HP's help desk and tech forums don't mention.
The following relates to an HP JetDirect EX Plus print server (J2591A), but can be adapted for most hardware. First, do a Cold Reset of the print server. This step should never be omitted, as it resets to factory defaults and makes the server reachable on a network to change its details (more on that later).
Doing a Cold Reset on most HP products is not as simple as turning the power off then on again. For the JetDirect, remove all cables (including power). Then plug power in while holding the Test button down for 10 seconds, then unplug power holding the Test button down for another 10 seconds. Then reconnect all cables and power up again. Sounds weird, but this is the only way it will work.
Next, find the IP address of the print server. After the JetDirect has been going for at least two minutes, just press the Test button once and it will print out its configuration pages. The IP address will usually be, with no subnet mask or network server specified. Now change your Mac's IP address to the same range as the JetDirect, so that your Mac can connect (System Preferences 




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