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Title:Strategic SEO Planning, Technical SEO and Link Building
Description:Stone Temple Consulting offers search engine optimization and marketing services to a wide range of companies, ranging from large media conglomerates to emerging Silicon Valley startups.
Keywords:seo, search engine optimization, seo services, search engine optimization services
Strategic SEO Planning, Technical SEO and Link Building
Customer Acquisition Through SEO
Stone Temple Consulting (STC) provides a wide range of web marketing and SEO services. The three most important ones are:
Strategic SEO Planning - defining the right strategy for your business
SEO Site Evaluation (aka Technical SEO) - Make sure your site is search engine friendly
Link Building - get the links that drive search engine rankings traffic
Get the Big Picture
Before embarking on a web marketing and SEO strategy it's critical to get the big picture. There are many key questions to ask, such as:
What is the purpose of my web site?
What are we selling?
What are our customers buying?
What resources do we have to deploy content and tools on our site?
What resources do we have to implement architectural improvements to the site?
Why would someone link to this site?
What can we do to make the site a more valuable resource so more people will link to the site?
Answering these questions, and more like them, is critical to success in any web marketing strategy. STC can help you focus on the right questions, and answer them, to ensure your SEO strategy makes sense. We have the breadth of marketing and technical experience and expertise to make sure that your web marketing strategy is:
Focused to provide optimum results
Synchronized with your global business and marketing strategy
Achievable with your budget and resource constraints
The Stone Temple Consulting Approach
STC is committed to assisting its clients with the development of new traffic to their web sites from search engines. We use only "White Hat" techniques that are designed to be acceptable to search engines. Like all people looking to increase search engine traffic, you will hear of tricks and gimmicks that are designed to get you traffic. This is not what we do.
If you are trying to build a long term business, one where the business itself is an asset to be nurtured and grown, you do not want the value of that asset to be dependent on a revenue stream that can evaporate with the very next search engine algorithm update. You want to use an approach that consistently and steadily builds value over time. This is what we do.
We have spent years running our own sites and managing those of others. This experience, regular attendance and speaking at search engine industry conferences, and scores of conversations with search engine engineers, has taught us what search engines want. We can guide you through the process to certain, steady growth of your search engine related business.
SEO Resources
For more information on search engine optimization, check out our Search Engine Optimization Articles
section! Our latest articles and interviews include:
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Google's Josh Cohen, November 15, 2009
KeyRelevance's Chris Silver Smith, Sep 17, 2009
Oyster's Eyan Seidman, August 6, 2009
Google's Peter Linsley, July 12, 2009
Yahoo's Dennis Mortensen, June 15, 2009
Enquisite's Richard Zwicky, June 8, 2009
Microsoft's Dr. Scott Prevost, May 26, 2009
YouTube's Tracy Chan, Matthew Liu, May 18, 2009
Google's John Mueller, May 14, 2009
SEOmoz's Sarah Bird, May 4, 2009
Omniture's Bill Mungovan, April 6, 2009
Google's Rajat Mukherjee, March 31, 2009
Palo Alto Software's Sabrina Parsons, March 23, 2009
InfoUSA's Pankaj Mathur, March 17, 2009
Omniture's Chris Zaharias, March 2, 2009
Google's Sandra Cheng, February 16, 2009
Google's Cedric Dupont, February 4, 2009
Market Motive's Scott Milrad, January 26, 2009
AJPR's Motoko Hunt, January 12, 2009
Microsoft's Angus Norton, January 5, 2009
Alex Chudnovsky, December 29, 2008
Eric Ward, December 22, 2008
Yahoo's Larry Cornett, December 15, 2008
Google's Brett Crosby, December 1, 2008
Rand Fishkin, November 24, 2008
Hitwise's Bill Tancer, November 17, 2008
Yahoo's Dennis Mortensen - October 27, 2008
Guy Kawasaki - October 20, 2008
Rich Stokes - September 29, 2008
Bruce Clay - September 22, 2008
Microsoft's Nathan Buggia - Sept. 15, 2008
Yahoo's Frazier Miller - Sept. 8, 2008
Microsoft's Ziya Genceren - September 3, 2008
Google's Maile Ohye - August 25, 2008
EveryZing's Tom Wilde - August 11, 2008
Microsoft's Brad Goldberg - August 4, 2008
Vitrium System's Peter Nieforth - July 28, 2008
Aaron Wall - July 21, 2008
Google's Carter Maslan - July 14, 2008
Yahoo's Priyank Garg - July 7, 2008
Izea's Ted Murphy - June 30, 2008
Vanessa Fox - June 23, 2008
Google's Matt Cutts - June 16, 2008
Hitwise's Marc Johnson - June 2, 2008
Bob Massa - May 26, 2008
Yahoo's Andrew Tomkins - May 12, 2008
Google's Dick Costolo - April 28, 2008
Market Motive's John Marshall - April 21, 2008
TV Guide's Kirsten Rasanen - April 7, 2008
Did-It's Kevin Lee - March 31, 2008
Wordtracker's Ken McGaffin - March 24, 2008
Site Tuner's Tim Ash - March 10, 2008
Incisive's Matt McGowan - March 3, 2008
Avinash Kaushik - February 18, 2008
Danny Sullivan - February 11, 2008Google's Adam Lasnik - February 4, 2008
comScore's James Lamberti - January 28, 2008
Incisive's Kevin Ryan - January 21, 2008
Eurekster's Grant Ryan - January 14, 2008
Eurekster's Steven Marder - January 7, 2008
Podcasts with Search and Analytics Experts
Michael Gray - February 26, 2009
David Szetela - October 24, 2008
Debra Mastaler - October 20, 2008
Eric Papczun - April 15, 2008
Stephan Spencer - April 16, 2008
Pheedo's Bill Flitter - March 25, 2008
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Interview with Matt Cutts
Matt Cutts and Eric Enge talk about SEO and Web spam
Interview with Tim Mayer
Tim Mayer and Eric Enge talk about personalization and universal search
2007 Analytics Shoot Out Final Report Released!
The Final Report has just been released - 7 analytics packages on 4 web sites, analyzed in detail. Many new sections included in the Final Report.
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