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Title:Yemen Observer - Real News, Real People
Description:The world's premier source on Yemen's news from front page headlines, editorials, business, culture, environment, sports, health, and other local and international Yemeni varieries.
Keywords:yemen, yemen news, yemen culture, yemen videos, yemen video, yemen tourism, yemen travel, yemen news headlines, yemen editorials, yemen business, yemen reports, yemen economy, yemen society, yemen pictures, yemen photos, photo gallery, yemen gallery, gcc, middle east, middleeast, terrorism, jihad
Yemen Observer - Real News, Real People
Yemen Today Magazine | يمن أوبزرفر النسخة العربية
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Front Page
Yemen’s flag waves over Kinbalu summit
Sabah, Malaysia- A Yemeni student climbed the tallest mountain in South Asia to raise the Yemeni flag on the top of the Kinbalu Mountain....
Abyan gunmen pull off largest bank heist in Yemen
Criminal court jails secessionists
Pirates hijack cargo ship off of Yemen’s coast
Taiz and Ibb victims of rapid water depletion
Interactive Videos
You can search for videos from Google Video / YouTube, or you can view our video selections.
Online Survey
Yemen must win
No doubt that the year 2009 was the worst in Yemen’s recent history at all levels and in all domains....
Yemen against dark forces
Join forces to fight corruption
It's hard to hide news from the public
Yemen’s unity, stability above all interests
Iran encourages Palestinian reconciliation to ignite a third Intifada
What the Lebanese majority can do best is to continue to reject proposals that come from abroad through domestic voices in the form of threats, charges, and accusation of treachery....
What women want
The past decade has proven again and again that empowering women worldwide holds the key to solving many seemingly intractable issues that have otherwise stymied policymakers....
Administration: The bitter truth
Well administrations and their intellectual leaders in all industrial nations and other developed countries in the Third World form the essential cornerstone in the prosperity, progress and continuance of these...
Studying in Yemen after Abdulmutallab
During a brief spell studying Arabic in Damascus, other students had told me how Yemen was a haven for those eager to progress quickly....
Lessons of Alvarez and Yemen
In June 1993 as I was heading back home to Yemen after some nine years of study and work at the US, a great man and a world class scientist...
Women’s rights improve across Mideast
Women in the Middle East have made notable advances over the past five years, with modest overall improvements in women’s rights, literacy, educational attainment, political participation and economic role, an...
International Women’s Day message
On International Women’s Day, let us pay tribute to all women worldwide who contribute so much to the well-being of their families, communities and nations....
Next on the agenda: absorbing Yemen’s massive donations
As the Riyadh conference came to a close on Sunday, Yemen’s donor countries departed with the hopes that they made another step forward towards the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)....
The Power of Yes
When Barack Obama chose the slogan “Yes We Can” for his presidential campaign – its simplicity caught like wildfire. There is a power of an affirmation such as this –...
Yemeni Voice : Local Opinion
No one can underestimate the role of the teachers; their contributions to the advancement of our life are indisputable.Despite teaching is substantially demanding.I t is not doubt much more rewarding....
Local News
HOMSA hosts annual charity luncheon
The Heads of Mission Spouses’ Association (HOMSA) hosted their annual womens-only charity luncheon on Thursday at the Mövenpick Hotel in Sana’a, incorporating an entertaining program, raffle, folklore dancing, shows and rich culinary treats from Egypt,...
US congressman arrived in Yemen
Japan rehabilitates Aden
British International School celebrates International Water Day
Khadija supports Yemeni youth
A race for drilling water wells
The drilling race is reaching a crescendo. Farmers throughout the country have courted the owners of drilling rigs, as farmers have desperately searched for new access to groundwater springs for irrigation purposes....
The Social Guidance Foundation organizes symposium in Marib
Tarim: Capital for Islamic culture 2010
Al-Jami al-Kabir restored
Yemen Special Olympians: Yes, I can! Be with me
News Varieties
Orphans Foundation holds first general assembly for the national industrial council
The first meeting for the general assembly of the Orphan Foundation’s Industrial Council was held in Sana’a on Thursday March 25, 2010. The council contains representatives of different social and financial firms....
Qatar airways celebrates new achievements
Mövenpick Hotel Participate earth hour
Yemen LNG launch Scholarship Program 2010
Yemenia upgrades
Business Economy
Yemeni riyal: dangerously deteriorating
The commercial and Islamic banks, as well as the money exchangers, stopped selling dollars due to a sharp price increase of the dollar versus the Yemeni Riyal, surging from YR228 from YR215 during last week....
Yemen and donors address good governance and development
Government adopts award for corporate governance
Al-Amal bank alleviates poverty in cooperation with IFAD
Three Japanese-funded projects launched in Aden
Culture Society
Hadhramaut through the Ingramses’ eyes
A Time in Hadhramaut is a historical exhibition of photographs taken by Harold and Doreen Ingrams during their stay in Hadhramaut. During their time in Hadhramaut, the Ingramses also kept diaries, the captions for this...
Internet cafes offer more to Yemen’s youth
EU Delegation and the Ministry of Education challenge gender equality
Yemeni youth on the road to living with more responsibility
Governmental school teachers have insights into mixed-ability classes
Unhealthy environment threatens Shamlan's citizens
YEMEN - The citizens of the areas of al-Khaneg and Bab al-Amri, as well as the neighboring areas east of Dhula'a, Hamdan, face a multitude of health concerns related to the pollution produced by the...
Water Expert: Sana’a basin to drain away by 2025
Large amount of agricultural products detained in Haradh
Yemen accused of responsibility for rhinoceros’s endangered status
Yemen celebrates International Ozone Day with new stage of Methyl Bromide soil fumigation alternatives
Sports, Health Lifestyle
Drug use in East and South-East Asia a growing problem
A recent report from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has presented their findings of the current patterns and trends of amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) and other recreational drugs in East and South-East...
Recap of Yemen's environmental issues in 2008
World Aids Day celebrations call for urgent steps to deal with disease
Screw Worm Fly: new threat to livestock in Yemen
Yemen: Gateway for early humans in their journey out of Africa
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